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  1. This is the matchup of the whole Trials, as far as I am concerned. I am a Penn State guy; but I like both of these guys. Having said that, I don't think anyone in the world is hotter that David Taylor right now.
  2. This is funny because the only point Collica scored was on two stalling calls against Retherford. The difference in the match is that Retherford escaped, Collica did not.
  3. I am sure several who saw both will believe Jimmy got Kesselled.
  4. I agree with this take in terms of information. Prospects today have video available, which is used both to learn new skills/new technique, and scout opponents. That technology has only been available to wrestling, on a wide scale, the last few years. I'll also agree with the comments about year-round competition, and specialization in one sport making competitors better. I am not sure this is great for the athlete, however.
  5. I see that this topic has morphed into a discussion of the validity of redshirts, age of high school wrestlers, etc. I am addressing the original topic: everyone realizes that Dan Gable celebrated his 68th birthday last week, right? Maintaining the intensity required to successfully (read winning championships) coach a D1 college wrestling team is extremely difficult at 38. I would be skeptical of Dan Gable's (or anyone's) ability to maintain the required level of intensity and effort at 68... I did not read this whole thread, so, if someone brought this up already, I apologize for being redundant...
  6. 1. Suriano Penn State 2. Kolodzik Princeton
  7. I think this was completely Hall's decision. My understanding is that he is going to spend his time gaining international experience as a member of the Junior World team, while he is still eligible for that level. I don't think he's going to be sitting around, "bored".
  8. I hardly ever agree with Scribe, but I agree in this case. I think Metcalf would make an excellent head coach.
  9. Retherford is a 2-time PA state Champ and a Cadet world Champ; His record in college is 66-3. He has wins over guys named Dziewa, Dardanes, Collica, Mecate, Dutton, Stieber, Tsirtsis, Clagon, Sorenson. His losses in college are to Stieber (2) and Mitchell Port. These were the #1 and #2 seeds at nationals in 2014. I'm not sure, but I think your perspective might be skewed. Not sure what he has to do to impress you.
  10. I actually think this is a pretty fair assessment of the situation. It is really early (2016 ended 4 days ago) but optimism reigns for everybody at this point. I think that Penn State is going to be more balanced next year than they were this year. The bottom 4 weights scored a total of 4.5 points for Penn State in 2016. Being optimistic, I would like to think that 2017 might be the year that Penn State approaches Minnesota's 2001 accomplishment of 10 All Americans. I admit that it is very optimistic, and might be unrealistic. The point is that Penn State won this year because their top 5 were incredible. Next year they might not need 5 finalists, if they get 8, 9 or 10 AA's.
  11. It is a really hard situation, when you add in the coaching situation at Northwestern as well. All of the injuries, late coaching transition, AND this situation with Tsirtsis. I'm not sure that many seasoned coaches would handle this situation well; really tough for a young interim coach who took over at preseason practice...
  12. I was just combining responses...comparing Retherford's three lossses to Sorenson's 6; and answering TBar's question; which I think he knew the answer to...
  13. In comparison, Zain Retherfod has 3 losses in his career: 2 by identical 7-3 scores to Logan Stieber, one in SV 3-1 to Mitchell Port.
  14. Anyone think AJ Schopp can pull a Quentin Wright, and win a championship out of the 9 seed?
  15. Using accumulated scores is sort of a weak argument, considering one of last year's two matches was an 8-2 Cox win. I believe Cox took Mac down twice and turned him once in that match. The two other matches were 2-0 last year...neither guy getting a takedown, Cox getting an escape and riding time...; and 2-1 this year, trading escapes, with Cox winning on riding time... Although Cox is 3-0 against McIntosh; I would not conclude that Cox has been dominant against him. One takedown for Mac changes those results.
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