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  1. Hard to say without seeing anything, but I put a bit of stock into his win over Salas, he's the real deal. (put an ultimate b!tch slap on Sadulaev before getting whipped in '14) He's explosive. As far as Cuban wrestlers go, he's not quite up there yet, he's Burroughs age.
  2. I dislike the current fall protocall. May as well get a notary in there too as a third party to make sure it's really official... But seriously, the main reason I dislike it is there's been a few instances where a guy is almost unconscious flat on his back & the official has to take the time to pause & look at the chairman to get confirmation that it's actually a fall. From the international rules: The fall observed by the referee will be valid if confirmed by the mat chairman. If the referee does not indicate the fall, and if the fall is valid, it may be announced with the consent of the judge and mat chairman. Consequently, to be observed and recognised, the fall must be clearly maintained. The two shoulders of the wrestler in question must be simultaneously touching the mat during the short period of stoppage specified in the first paragraph, even in the case of a standing rear body lock and lift. In all cases, the referee will strike the mat only after he has obtained confirmation from the judge or, failing this, from the mat chairman. The referee will then blow his whistle in order to end the bout. It will not be possible to request any challenge in case of a fall, being understood that the fall must be validated by the mat chairman following the judge or the referee’s decision.
  3. Exactly. It’s quite possible that some of the same individuals who think what RBY did was dirty/Illegal had no problem with this in ‘10.
  4. I was thinking this exact thing. Both great matches.
  5. Possibly ignorant question, but are the matches posted anywhere? I'm only seeing audio & text posts on Flo.
  6. Check out Community Colleges for sure. There's been a lot of good foreign guys work their way through JC's with much success. Best of luck to you.
  7. I would sleep better at night if I knew more kids were doing the same thing...
  8. Incorrect. Might be a few more weeks before we see Alirez return from injury sustained in Lewallen match.
  9. I'm guessing most of us on the International Forum have always appreciated and RESPECTED your input and point of view, whether we agree with it or not. Don't pigeonhole us all like that. Way out of line with that comment.
  10. She's pretty slick! Maybe Ali needs to watch some 1990 Broncos/Chiefs highlights before the next go.
  11. Mensah-Stock made me more of a fan of womens wrestling after watching her at worlds last year. Great position/mat awareness/explosiveness. Semi's match was quick over who I think was last years World Silver at 72kg, Gold in '13 from UKR. Poor gal layed there with what looked like a badly dinged rib for like 30 seconds before anyone came over to check her out. First watching Regan's semi's match, I thought she'd walk through the tall drink of water from Nigeria. Thought wrong, didn't know she was a 3X world medalist, also didn't know Daniel Igali was the coach/director for the Nigerian team. Really interesting story, bigger sport within Africa than I realized.
  12. That's too bad. Here's what I gathered: -He feels like he's more or less a lock for the #1 seed at Oly's anyway so wrestling here isn't worth the risk - (in reference to the Dake matchup) "Were you looking forward to it?" The few seconds of shoulder shrugging after the question really say "No, not one bit" - as a professional he doesn't have time to try and wrestle everyone that those on social media want to see him wrestle I'm in no spot to agree or disagree with what he said, but it seems like the decision to not wrestle in Rome was made in his mind quite a while back.
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