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  1. airmail

    Final X - Lincoln

    I see your point, but like JB said, everyone in the US is gunning for him, while he's prepping for the best in the world. He's still on another level IMO. The lion gets nipped at every now and again.. He's brought Team USA to the point it is today.
  2. airmail


    If Gilman wins, I'll 100% support him at Worlds, but I'll also 100% try to not watch his post match interview after his win over Fix at Final X... This is one weight where I feel like Fix has the better style to medal for us, but Gilman's style can also throw guys for a loop INITIALLY... which he did in his silver medal run. Pulling for Daton in this one.
  3. airmail

    Kyven Gadson

    If memory serves, Cormier went up to Hwt one tourney, maybe the Dave Schultz, and beat our top heavies at the time. I think it may be a different dynamic at HWT at this point in time for Kyven, and I believe he's in a better spot to catch Snyder than he is to win the HWT spot. He can beat Kyle. I'm rooting for Snyder as I love the Sadulaev rivalry, but I'm not counting Kyven out as most seem to be...
  4. airmail

    Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)

    How about Aqua Man. What is Dan Gable's nickname? I think his name is badass enough, kinda like 'Dan Gable'..... but maybe trade the 'J' for 'Lions'. Other than that, with that last name, everything else will sound dirty. 2nd edit: Even "Lions Den Cox" sounds like a nasty male strip club. So no nickname ideas from me.. Go J'den!!
  5. airmail

    Final X Rutgers live thread

    Thanks all for the updates, much appreciated while at the inlaws get together & couldn't watch!! Now back home with a cold one in front of the screen.
  6. airmail

    Bo Nickal Is An....

    Roll to your stomach instantly after being pinned by Bo. Then he'll politely take off your ankle bands for you & everso gently place them on the line Nolf style, giving you all the time you need to think about what just happened.
  7. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    GUT Wrench, Gut Wrench, Gut Wrench!!! TF!! Bronze for Colon! Awesome!
  8. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    3-0 Joe, 2:00 into it
  9. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    Here we go, 2-0 Colon.
  10. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    Hell yeah!!!! Awesome!
  11. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    NICE!! I wanna thank you all for keeping up with updates!! All day little league football yesterday, sunday school this morning, it's been killing me smalls!!! Now at the computer soaking it in, go Dake!! USA!
  12. These may have been on here and I missed em, but first time I've seen these matches. Parts of both are almost hard to watch, very brutal. Koll about passes out in match one at 3:25, and I've never seen such a painful leglace at the end. Then at 4:50 in the second, the keylock.
  13. airmail

    Daniel Cormier

    I was there & watched. Was ridiculous how they morphed it into a WWE circus afterward. Everything aside about Jones, he handled himself with absolute class after he beat Cormier the 2nd time, said respectful things about Daniel. Stipe Miocic deserved a helluva lot more respect than what he was shown. Good for Cormier on his upcoming payday, but I'll be enjoying the next fight from the comfort of my local watering hole, where I can get Bacardi & Cokes spilled on me by people I know anyway.
  14. airmail

    Penn state line up

    I'm sure no one really cares, but any truth to the rumor that Bo Pipher is transferring to a D2 school?
  15. airmail

    Our Men’s FS world team

    I know you all know this, but picking our guy's world placings is 180 degree different than picking something like the NCAA's. I think that with the exception of Snyder, you could flip a coin at each weight. Then again, Snyder could get caught early on by Salas minus the comeback.. I thought Gilman was a definite no medal last year. Someone I think has no shot will medal this year, hopefully multiple. That said, the standard set by Burroughs (which led to the team title last year) & other leaders on the team, I believe we're back to back World Champs this year.