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  1. I see what you mean, looking at Russia's list: Rank Name Score Finishes #1 Buvaisar Saitiev 144 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 Totally impressive, but the 8th and 9th place finishes thrown in there would be nice to see for reference.
  2. Team scores going into the last medal round tonight if I'm reading it right. Based off of our ladies' performances with 2 locked and 3 probable golds, I thought it'd be between us and Japan, I was off. 1. Japan 112 2. Russia 108 3. China 102 4. USA 94
  3. Just watched it. I can somewhat see how you could think Radisov initiated the pushout vs. Aliyev in one of the other controversial bouts, but this one is bad. Despite Kaz reaching in for the hiC, 100% initiated by Bajrang. Throw in the X2 Hands to the face that were White paddled and this is totally, as Mocco would say, "Home Cookin"
  4. Sidakov has a slick throwby, is better at setups from the ties than JB & has great defense. JB's freight train double didn't have the same demoralizing affect on Sidakov that it had on Tsargush back in the day. All that said, JB doesn't lose to Sidakov again, at least not this year IMO. Fun to speculate but honestly I'm more worried about JB getting to the semis than the Sidakov matchup itself right now, he'll have to be on point.
  5. Good work Adeline! Good announcing that match too.
  6. Immature I know and maybe mentioned earlier, but did this past world champ make a cameo appearance in "Meet the Parents"?? Aline Rotter Focken
  7. 76kg medal matches fixing to kick off, 2 bronze matches then Adeline.
  8. Just got a chance to catch up on matches, gotta say Mensah is flat out impressive... Position, hips, awareness... wow.. Sidebar: Thankful for it, but the announcing on track was getting annoying. I like Hrovat and can appreciate his experiences, but man. As I get into it more over the next few days the volume is gonna go down. A solid 30-40 seconds of action multiple times every match I watched that was talking about something other than the match at hand. At one point it reminded me of Christmas Vacation when Clark is rambling to the lingerie saleswoman.. "Not in the sense that you think I said I have a log".
  9. I haven’t looked into either site too close as to their credibility but here are a couple sites https://pars-bet.com/2019-wrestling-world-championships-betting-odds-mens-freestyle/ And this one was on intermat but I couldn’t find anything on the actual site for WC’s www.betdsi.com
  10. Not sure their total W-L, but he beat Lopez in the finals ‘11 and ‘15
  11. Lopez/Kayaalp is hands down the best individual rivalry across the board in international wrestling, these two just battle when they go at it. Hoping to see it at the Olympics next year.
  12. Agreed. IMO it was all set in motion with JB's performance in 2011. He's the man.
  13. If I were one of the Journalists making pics from another country, I'd probably be like the guy who picked all 'Japan' for WFS Champs and pick all Russia in MFS, thinking I'd possibly get half right. That said I'm not an overseas journalist, but a midwestern middle aged guy who roots for our boys no matter who wins the spot, man bun or not. So I guess I'm not hoping for 10 golds, but for 10 guys coming home who know they wrestled their a$$es of for guys/gals like myself who are proud of em!
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