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  1. Maybe someone already mentioned him, but '5 Words' was pretty awesome. Had a way of contributing with good stuff while always keeping it to just that...
  2. I know we all know he passed on, but MorrisJohnson was hands down my favorite past A+ poster........ Brother Johnson.
  3. Morris Johnson. Passed away in 2016, NCAA Champ & 2X finalist. His stories were always fantastic, & he always added 'brother' before the name of anyone he was chatting to.
  4. Peacemaker.... Best seafood & beers in a landlocked US city.
  5. Yazdani's kinda popular, wow... 2.5M followers, 1.3M for Sad, 775K for JB
  6. No sh!t, was thinking the same... "No Boxing"
  7. I've loved watching Petriashvilli, the dude's all class. Looked worn out vs Zare. Geno was never able to get to his wicked gut that kept him in the mix with Gable. Hats off to Zare.
  8. The only thing missing was pointing out the possibility of a 'Moore Cox' matchup..
  9. I'm reaally late to the party.... Where to watch live? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for all the updates, appreciated.
  11. So I watched this show & noticed a guy with a bit of cauli-ear being interviewed. His name rang a bell.... Tim Kendall wrestled at Stanford in the late 90's. Below is another interview he had, seems like a good dude who made some serious bank!! https://techcrunch.com/2020/10/26/timkendall/
  12. Good lord. "Online sportsbook Bovada has the odds and right now, oddsmakers are betting the dance is off. As of 11 a.m. Thursday, yes is -220, no is +165. Odds are subject to change."
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