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  1. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    GUT Wrench, Gut Wrench, Gut Wrench!!! TF!! Bronze for Colon! Awesome!
  2. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    3-0 Joe, 2:00 into it
  3. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    Here we go, 2-0 Colon.
  4. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    Hell yeah!!!! Awesome!
  5. airmail

    Day 2 Thread

    NICE!! I wanna thank you all for keeping up with updates!! All day little league football yesterday, sunday school this morning, it's been killing me smalls!!! Now at the computer soaking it in, go Dake!! USA!
  6. These may have been on here and I missed em, but first time I've seen these matches. Parts of both are almost hard to watch, very brutal. Koll about passes out in match one at 3:25, and I've never seen such a painful leglace at the end. Then at 4:50 in the second, the keylock.
  7. airmail

    Daniel Cormier

    I was there & watched. Was ridiculous how they morphed it into a WWE circus afterward. Everything aside about Jones, he handled himself with absolute class after he beat Cormier the 2nd time, said respectful things about Daniel. Stipe Miocic deserved a helluva lot more respect than what he was shown. Good for Cormier on his upcoming payday, but I'll be enjoying the next fight from the comfort of my local watering hole, where I can get Bacardi & Cokes spilled on me by people I know anyway.
  8. airmail

    Penn state line up

    I'm sure no one really cares, but any truth to the rumor that Bo Pipher is transferring to a D2 school?
  9. airmail

    Our Men’s FS world team

    I know you all know this, but picking our guy's world placings is 180 degree different than picking something like the NCAA's. I think that with the exception of Snyder, you could flip a coin at each weight. Then again, Snyder could get caught early on by Salas minus the comeback.. I thought Gilman was a definite no medal last year. Someone I think has no shot will medal this year, hopefully multiple. That said, the standard set by Burroughs (which led to the team title last year) & other leaders on the team, I believe we're back to back World Champs this year.
  10. airmail


    Hell with one day, let's give him a month of attention. #gwizzardofoctober
  11. airmail

    Oh for the love of god

    I can't post the pic, but this reminds me of: "These are spirit fingers.. And these are gold!!" I almost feel embarrassed that I know that movie quote..
  12. airmail

    Frank the Tank

    Just watched it, that was painful. I've seen worse passivity, but I think Chamberlain woulda been hit with it if he didn't have such a phenomenal beard.
  13. airmail


    I don't put much stock in BTS results, but it showed that just like anyone, Snyder can be caught from time to time. If anyone in the US is gonna do it, it's gonna be Kyven. That said, if he somehow catches Snyder a couple times, which wont happen, he goes 0-1 or 0-2 at worlds. We need Kyle.
  14. airmail

    What's the story on Alirez?

    I think (and hope) he goes to No. Co. The kid has a lot of family there and a good support system. Big wrestling family here in CO. His dad was definitely the real deal. Tough son of a gun, he was a 1X SC, but placed in the top 3 all four years of HS with no more than a few losses and did some MMA successfully as well. Northern Colorado is definitely on the rise, with or without Alirez.
  15. airmail

    Beat The Streets

    I love our guys. How would we all feel if a few of our best went overseas and competed in something similar which was (just by reading a few posts) held on pretty sketchy conditions with very biased officiating? I wouldn't be very happy, funds raised for a good cause or not. I hope we're making it very much worth their time to come over for this.