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    airmail reacted to Jose132 in Does Gable take Cox?   
    Lmfao!!! Is this a game of find the sexual innuendo or do I have the maturity of a 14 year old?

    Gable would destroy Jden. The weight and strength difference alone would make it damn near impossible for Jden to do much of anything.

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    airmail reacted to Housebuye in 14 to Zero   
    Valencia is a badass
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    airmail reacted to Le duke in 14 to Zero   
    He does. 
    They also have Bekzod (UZB), Ale Bonilla (MEX) and Dr. Jane Valencia (MEX) all qualified and going to the Olympics. Valencia is going for the second Olympic medal in her family.
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    airmail reacted to Plasmodium in 14 to Zero   
    Legit topic.   Recruits with world and Olympic aspirations have one less decision to make. 
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    airmail reacted to Creek chub in David Carr Twitter   
    I am sooooo close to totally disconnecting from all tech devices except for work. May drop my smart phone and get a basic flip phone. 
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    airmail reacted to PSUSMC in Toughest NCAA DIII Weight Classes of the 1990s   
    You get a lot of comments about these and the "Best" posts you put up (typically complaints about the formulas, etc), but I appreciate them and always like seeing the champion, "best wrestlers from" and these "toughest weight class" threads.
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    airmail reacted to jerseywrestling in DIII Nationals canceled   
    "USA Wrestling set to provide competition for NCAA Div. III wrestlers who lost their national championships"
    Check out the full story!
    2019 NCAA DIII Champions & Medalists
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    airmail reacted to hammerlockthree in College wrestlers getting married   
    Getting married in your early twenties is a pretty healthy decision. The modern idea that we should extend our adolescence in our mid 30s is not a recipe for a happy life.  
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    airmail reacted to GreatWhiteNorth in Separated at birth?   
    Kaleb Young looks a bit like a chocolatier we all know...

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    airmail reacted to iwrite in 1967 NCAA Champions   
    Dale Anderson, champion at 137 and now an attorney, wrote a fascinating book in 2016 entitled "A Spartan Journey", with the subtitle "Michigan State's 1967 Miracle on the Mat". It was the first official NCAA team title won by a Big Ten school and Dale does a superb job of describing the season. He dedicated the book to Doug Blubaugh, who was the assistant coach to Grady Peninger in 1967. The foreword was written by Dan Gable , who was Anderson's teammate in high school in Waterloo, Iowa, and the introduction was by Mike Chapman, who is also from Waterloo. Anyone wishing more information on the book can contact Dale at daa2000@aol.com
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    airmail reacted to nom in New FloFilm: 'Toughest Bracket Ever'   
    I like how Flo did it.  Lance calls it out.  They ask Metcalf who was CLEARLY sheepish about it. And then the zoom and pause on the replay.  Nailed.  Wow.
    End justifies the means I guess.
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    airmail reacted to AHamilton in Best Wrestlers in San Francisco State History   
    RIP Brother Morris
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    airmail got a reaction from madcat11 in The Social Dilemma   
    So I watched this show & noticed a guy with a bit of cauli-ear being interviewed.  His name rang a bell....  Tim Kendall wrestled at Stanford in the late 90's.  Below is another interview he had, seems like a good dude who made some serious bank!!
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    airmail reacted to Jon_Kozak in Freestyle Website updated with US Team   
    I previously posted about the website I created, FreestyleWrestling.org. This contains all of the matches I've compiled for the top 20 Men's Freestyle guys in the world at each Olympic weight since 2018. So, there are roughly 8-10 thousand match results. Goal is to add non-Olympic weights by next Spring. 
    I have updated the site and added the results for the 2019 US Men's and Women's National teams since 2018. Felt like you all would be interested in that and could use it as a resource for the upcoming Olympic Trials and beyond. 
    Because there are so many results, I've noticed a few errors here and there. I'm doing my best to clean them up. If you do use the site and find an error, let me know by sending an me an email at JonathanJKozak@Gmail.com. 
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    airmail reacted to gimpeltf in College wrestlers with judo training?   
    Max Wessell 285 AA Lehigh 2016 was pretty big time Judo. His father is a national coach and Max took an Olympic redshirt for Judo.
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    airmail reacted to JHRoseWrestling in Tell me your wrestling stories   
    Fargo 2018 and the only other team in our hotel was Wyoming.  We are at a hotel breakfast of powdered eggs and rubber bacon, gathering to leave with the cadets for a practice facility, although it may have been for a weigh in, I don't recall which.  Rulon Gardner is there with some of the Wyoming boys.  I let our dudes know who it was, and they were familiar with his popular wrestling shoe, but their understanding of the man and his accomplishments was hazy at best.  It occurred to me that these U15 athletes were no older than -3 years old when Rulon made his lasting impression on me and most of the sporting world for the first time.
    I felt an immediate internal struggle.  You see, I preach not being a fanboy and putting no man on a pedastal.  This may sound corny, but I feared speaking too much about being in the presence of our greatest Greco -Roman wrestler was a bad idea.  I was thinking if one of our boys hit Wyoming in the course of the tournament, I would have placed my athlete at a  psychological disadvantage.  I am glad a more holistic view won out in my brain.  The opportunity for these young men was too good for me to just leave it on the table for them.
     "Hey Rulon, can you tell my guys a story about one of your trips overseas?"
     I was annoyed with myself for bothering the man, but Rulon started talking to my guys with genuine interest in their attention. He focused on his world title in Greece in 2001.  I was in awe and thrilled on a personal level to hear about a journey with which I was less familiar than his impossible feat in 2000.  Plus, I had a comprehensive understanding of the victory in Sydney, so I knew I could fill in that blank for our cadets on the van ride to the dome.
    I don't remember the details about the Greece story.  I remember the faces of my wide-eyed cadets, hanging on every word.  And I remember Rulon, yielding to a request he probably gets on a daily basis, telling stories with total enthusiasm and joy.  He certainly made the kids day and made my summer. 
    Just like that it was time to go.  I never got to thank Rulon, except for a brief thanks as we headed to the vans.  I hope I get to someday.
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    airmail reacted to HokieHWT in Tell me your wrestling stories   
    He was tough as nails for sure. He was just a nice, quiet, polite kid, I truly believe he didn’t want to upset his mother, as in make her sad/worried.
    For the record, our coach was an ass. I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire. He told the entire team to gang up on me, throw me in a closet and beat me for getting in school suspension and missing a match. I was a senior, my best friends were on the team, they told me, I asked him why doesn’t HE try to throw me in a closet and beat me.
    By the end of my senior year I had asked a teammates dad, who was a college wrestler and actually knew what he was talking about, to sit in my corner.
    I didn’t learn until I landed at VT, at my first one on one session with Wirnsy, that I lead with the wrong leg. I had only started as a sophomore in HS and my coach never either a) noticed or b) cared. My first year was basically learning how to wrestle.
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    airmail reacted to fadzaev2 in Tell me your wrestling stories   
    I know this is a cop-out, but man, I have too many to pick just one....going on 60 years in the sport!!!  I guess if I could lump something together, it would be attending all the high level competitions I've been at....closing in on 45 NCAA's, 30 Big Tens, 17 World Cups, Midland's and much more....all the friendships, memories, learning that takes place.....can't beat it.
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    airmail reacted to killdozer in Wrestlers that went on to unexpected careers   
    What about Greg Warren AA at Mizzou and is now a comedian has released a few albums, acted in a few movies, had a comedy central special, appeared on late night with Craig Ferguson quite a few times.
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    airmail reacted to Major Kong in FloWrestling: Dake-Chamizo card discussion   
    That piece looked rotten, too!
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    airmail reacted to Old Corps in "Study Hall Commandos"   
    Heard this as a kid in the mid-60’s. 
    Used to describe someone who was easy to beat. 
    On a related note, to be called a fish was an insult, if you had actually wrestled a while. 
    True Story: The summer before my senior year of high school, I lost to a kid in a local tournament. He was very big and strong, and he handled me. I was really never in the match. Fast forward a few months and we were to meet in the finals of a Christmas tournament. My teammates came to me and said they’d heard the guy laughing at me and calling me a fish. He told one of them “I beat him up last summer.” To further inflame me, the guy’s girlfriend had already snatched the weight bracket off the gym wall, since it was a foregone conclusion her man was going to win  
    When I heard this, I was duly insulted and became furious at being made fun of. I resolved to wrestle so hard that he’d have to kill me to beat me. When the match started, I tied up with him, locked my hands behind his head and pulled and squeezed my face into his as hard as I could. It hurt like hell and I know it really took him by suprise...as it was not a legit wrestling move...I was just trying to inflict pain and show him he was in for a battle. 
    After several long seconds of the George “The Animal” Steele treatment, during which I heard him cry out in pain, I pushed him away and saw terror in his eyes. He clearly sensed that I was either crazy or on some type of drug, or both! I went after him and just physically beat him up until I pinned him in another minute or so. 
    I had no business beating this guy, but he did to me what my coach always told our team to never do...insult or demean an opponent to the point that they became enraged and juiced up with “crazy man strength.”
    This guy went in to play several years in the NFL. 
    I’ve always wondered if he learned as much that night as I did!
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    airmail reacted to pamela in Rutgers it is...   
    Breaks my heart, that Sebastian Rivera. Best of luck to him.
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    airmail reacted to Tofurky in Rutgers it is...   
    Agreed, but as someone who has spent 41 of his 45-plus years here in Chicagoland, and went to Midlands tournaments as far back as the late 1980s, I'm a fan of N.U. It would have been great to see him stick around for one more year, but I am thrilled for him that he has another year and will be able to use it.
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    airmail reacted to fadzaev2 in Remembering my first World Cup of Wrestling 1973   
    It was held in Toledo, Ohio and was the first World Cup held in the United States.  There was to be 16 more World Cups held in Toledo, largely due to the influence of Joe Scalzo and Dick Torio who both were from Toledo.  Scalzo, former U. of Toledo Wrestling Coach, a lawyer, VP of FILA at one time, also brought 2 World Championships to Toledo....1962 and 1966.  Torio, who owned a health club in Toledo, was a 3 time All-American, wrestling for UT, was involved with 5 Olympic games, 4 as an official, and 1 as a coach.  Both of these guys have been inducted into several wrestling Hall of Fames.  That first World Cup had a very good team, including Jimmy Carr, Lloyd Keaser, Stan Dziedzic, John and Ben Peterson  and maybe a couple other great ones.  The single greatest thing I remember during the competition, was Jimmy Carr suplaying the Russian 4 or 5 times in a row, and the Russian coach, Yuri Shakmiradov getting all but one of them taken away during a time out. (no video review back then of course).   Another memory I have was up in a press box "filming" from up high in the old Fieldhouse, and Neil Turner of Athletes in Action was sitting next to me during the gift exchange.  He told me to watch when Ben and John Peterson (AIA) exchanged there gifts.  All the other Soviets opened up there gifts right there....maybe t-shirts/jeans.......but the 2 Soviets with the Peterson's didn't open theirs, as there were Bibles wrapped in the t-shirts.  Another great memory was that I was able to go the World Cup training camp.....actually went home and got my movie projector so Gable  could show his Munich Gold medal match with Ruslan Ashruliev to the guys in the training camp.  During the camp, I watched Gable work out with some really good guys, some who outweighed him and it didn't matter...he dominated.  He didn't compete in this meet ....he was coaching with Bill Wieck and Jim Peckham.  Gable was to wrestle one more match soon after this competition in Madison Square Garden against the Russians, and then retire, although he did try a comeback a couple years later.  Gable beat the 149.5 pounder,  Pavel Pinigin in the Garden.  Pinigin, who was a Junior World Champion, actually scored a takedown, and then Gable beat him pretty good.  Lloyd Keaser beat Pinigin in the World Cup.  This meet was the beginning of a great tradition.  Other teams that wrestled over the years in the World Cup included Russia, Cuba, Iran, Canada, Japan  (As a side note, I attended one session of the 1966 World Championships in Toledo, but was young enough that I couldn't appreciate it yet.  Also, it was Greco-Roman which was held the same week as the Freestyle)

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    airmail reacted to Mokoma in Worst ruling   
    Kolat probably has like 3 of the top 10 against him. 
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