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  1. wresNdad

    High School Numbers Down AGAIN

    HS football will suffer b/c the parents that pay attention to the neurological studies are also the better healed & politically active parents. When they steer junior way from football they will look at the sports budget & demand the money be more "equitably" spread. That is when football will come screaming down- more money will go to lax & soccer-and wrestling if we step up. Many of these same parents are very active in the booster club & will began to steer $ to the other sports.
  2. wresNdad

    High School Numbers Down AGAIN

    I will be provocative- 1) if you said in response to a suggestion-"none of those guys will be serious D1 wrestlers so don't waste your time trying to recruit them"- you are a moron- 99% of HS wrestlers won't be serious D1 wrestlers UNLESS HS wrestling decays down to a few thousand kids. The sport of wrestling will live & die by the kids WHO NEVER wrestle in college. We need their numbers to increase so we have a viable sport. Furthermore, all you great coaches don't really know which kid, who at 14 doesn't seem committed to the sport, will blow up and become a serious wrestler. Look at the Dutch-who realized years ago their soccer model was wrong & changed to encourage participation at the junior levels rarther than concentrate on the "elite" 14 year old-many who quit, burned out etc. Instead they encouraged a broader group of kids at the junior level so the senior level numbers would grow. I could name a number of highly rated HS wrestlers who never did anything in college or beyond-to concentrate solely on highly rated 15 year olds is a waste-cast a wider net & wait to see who flourishes. Because of that the Dutch-altho a small country have remained competitive in soccer. Michael Jordan, for God sakes, was cut by his HS varsity coach as a sophomore- luckily he didn't quit-which most kids will do when cut. 2) if you don't think cauliflower ear is a problem than you are a lonely, single, man. 3)HS football is a big problem- the average HS football coach wants his kids FAT and opposes any attempt to get them in serious shape. I have fat tested 290 lb kids who qualified at 189 but the coach didn't want the kid to cut to 260lbs as we did to improve his speed. The same coach preferred a fat 5' 7" 220 butterball to a chiseled 170 lb kid (which he became thru wrestling) b/c he wanted a crappy nose guard more than a good linebacker. At most High Schools the football coach controls the budget & calls the shots. The good news is HS football is going to die d/t the brain injury problem. Furthermore, the HS football mentality that encourages obesity is bad for the KIDS-it isn't like we have an epidemic of skinny, fit kids. We need to exploit their demise to encourage kids who seek a contact sport to try wrestling. Many young men seek to challenge themselves in a combat sport & with football becoming too dangerous we need to push wrestling as the alternative-whom among you hasn't had a young man let you know (not in so many words) that they were proud to test & measure themselves thru the rigors of wrestling? i have heard many kids state that football was a joke compared to wrestling-even tho football was their 1st HS sport. We need to fight against specialization for most kids & encourage them to try several sports-and the death of football will give us a greater chance to do so.
  3. wresNdad

    Head Lever Counter

    look at John Smiths Situational Wrestling from the bottom position DVD-a GREAT DVD ex
  4. wresNdad

    Unlimited Hwt with Bodyfat % Limit

    Your heart is in the right place Big A, but the football coaches WANT the kids fat-they have no concern for body fat %. Football has evolved to be like sumo wrestling for the interior line- all explosive charge & size- no conditioning. Bob Young, the all-pro, when asked his speed in the 40 said-”40? If I don’t hit someone in 10 yds it is a busted play”. Buddy Ryan made the Arizona players run a 12 min run- he gave them months ahead notice & the performance of the interior lineman was horrible. I have seen 210 lb overweight underclassman in HS become wrestlers- drop to 170 lbs & gain speed & great strides in strength- yet the football coach is unhappy- he lost a lineman (I guess he can’t see he gained a GOOD linebacker). That plus the trend to single sport specialization makes the hopes of getting the big lineman pretty small. I have fat tested kids for about 10 yrs & have NEVER had a kid who didn’t qualify for 189 or less- even 300+ lb lineman- YMMV but we have few of these big HS lineman who could not use to lose a few pounds. We have a national epidemic of childhood obesity & the football coaches like em fat. Wrestling is better for the kids both atheletically & health wise but the football coaches own the AD so we are stuck- unless the concussion problems keep growing & football participation keeps nosediving.
  5. wresNdad

    Ask The Pro Trainer: How Do I Cut Without Losing Muscle?

    the studies show very little- 1st they are correlations, 2nd altho they try to "control" for confounding variables, it is hard to be sure they succeeded without other studies to verify the results.The medical literature is replete with one off studies that were never repeatable. In the TJR study they readily note smokers don't exercise much & perhaps that protects your joints- and ends your life sooner.They weren't studying longevity- just the "risk" of getting a TJR. It maybe that smokers are treating a neurological condition (or neurotransmitter deficiency) with nicotine(that is why they enjoy it more than nonsmokers)- and that same condition protects you from parkinsonism. In other words,nicotine addiction may self select for those that are resistant to parkinsonism. Furthermore argument with a juicing muscle head is a waste of time- he wants affirmation for the poor choices he is making.