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  1. I could be talking out my butt, but I thought Iowa and Arizona State put letters of interest in with the NCAA proposal. Following that, they both added several elite women to their RTCs. Coaching options? Or just reading too much. And not to get argumentative, but calling it a novelty is a bit of a stretch. There are scores of boring ass college sports that are sanctioned. I'd rather watch anyone wrestle than watch pistol or bowling or field hockey. Looking forward to seeing it sanctioned.
  2. I follow quite a few on Twitter, but the two funniest are @kbnoswag (former Kent State wrestler Kyle Bauer) and @JSalata (World Team Member Julia Salata). Gold.
  3. In a post-NCAA interview, Bo Jordan said that Micah weighed in third day of NCAA at like 154. 149 is no problem, although I'd rather see 149-Hayes and 157- Micah.
  4. I know this is a national forum, but wanted to get the word out to the largest number of people. We are a school district located in Central Ohio. This is from our middle school head coach, Brian Hipsher: "I am sad to report that one of our Orange Wrestling Middle school wrestler's father died suddenly on 5/31. Ian Jones-Carranza was involved and helpful with the middle school program - getting personally involved in instruction (All-American in college). He had just started a new job and did not have life insurance - Nadia, his wife, is raising money for the funeral. I have confirmed with Nadia that this is the legit gofundme page. Please pray for Idell Ferguson (the Orange wrestler), his mother Nadia, and his 5 brothers and sisters. If you feel led to help with funeral costs the gofundme link is attached." https://www.gofundme.com/ian-jonescarranza-funeral-fund
  5. Twenty-plus years ago, I wrestled on a D1 college team that was severely underfunded (and ended up being cut). I follow NCAA very closely, but still am unclear about what the rules are regarding pay and volunteer coaches. My understanding is that each D1 team is allowed the following: 1 paid HC, 2 paid Asst. Coaches and a Volunteer Asst Coach. Is he compensated with tuition? Stipend? Paid by boosters? Paid by fundraising? Camps? Oftentimes, they may not even have a university email. Do they receive health benefits? I'm curious and it's April.
  6. At the time Lebron James was a junior or senior in high school at St. V-M, I was told by an Irish coach that James went into the room to play around and was handling their state level heavyweight. Can't verify but the conversation took place.
  7. Twitter says it is a proposal for a fall season competing in freestyle. I like it.
  8. That's fair. I'll back off on my statement. I guess my argument should be more like, women's wrestling should exist irregardless of if males prefer to watch it or not. It should exist because a need has been shown, it is growing at the HS level (14,000 in the US) and wrestling is good for everyone (IMO). Both guys and girls side should support each other, even if it isn't their cup of tea, basically b/c the more people on the mat, the better. The bigger question might be if they would switch from Freestyle to folkstyle?
  9. If we love wrestling and profess to love what wrestling does for athletes, how can we talk about the lack of this service for women wrestlers? Nothing is profitable except (some) FB and MBB. And, given my argument, it really shouldn't matter if it helps mens wrestling...that is mens wrestling's job. The goal of the women's side is the provide venue for the other 50% of humans competing in sports, and to draw them to OUR sport, the oldest and greatest. I see all the internet warriors arguing, but here's part of our women's world team staff: -Terry Steiner - NCAA champ and head women's coach -John Smith- 2-time NCAA champion, 4-time World Champion, 2-time Olympic champ -Cary Kolat - 2-time NCAA champ and Olympian In addition, here's some other average wrestlers who are vocal about the emergence: Brands endorsed it. Gable has spoken out, heavily in favor of women competing and training. Kendall Cross. Zeke Jones. I get that Title IX gets everyone all salty. I get it. My college team was cut on that premise, but opportunity is opportunity. We need to meet the needs of the other half.
  10. I'm hearing from two pretty strong sources that this is incorrect information. But, we'll see. Regardless of if he wrestles or not, trolls really chap me. Ryan, especially in his rookie season, has shown that he can straight up scrap. I can't, for the life of me, understand how posters slam any college wrestler putting it on the line. But, whatever, do you.
  11. He did it to make a point, a point of protest. There were three veteran wrestlers over the age of 60 that entered the US Open. According to new rules established by UWW and USA Wrestling, all veteran wrestlers over the age of 60 are now barred from competing in the Masters/Veteran level. Obviously, this is horse ****. To make a point, three very talented over 60 athletes entered the Senior division, where no age limit exists. I don't believe they were aiming to win the weight, but rather to draw attention to the reality that an organization that was up in arms about eliminating opportunities for international and college wrestlers has quietly and quickly cut two entire age groups from competition. So, props to Bruce for putting them on the line. And props to Heflin for not killing him.
  12. All that hate'll burn you up, kid. FYI, I was friends with a starter on the last ND team. It was a bad deal. No two ways about it.
  13. I don't really have a nowadays reference point since womens' technique has improved so much in the last decade; we've seen our first generation of female "mat rats" progress from childhood to senior level. Maroulis' skill-set is top notch. The strength is the gap. That said, i know when Patricia Miranda, our 2004 Olympian and medalist, was competing, she often trained with high school prodigy Henry Cejudo. I understand she pushed his move to the OTC (although I could be wrong). I would assume that was at least a decent go. Interesting, but not a huge deal either way.
  14. I had an absolutely crazy neck tick that developed very early in college and popped up every match until I graduated. It would also show up during my coaching years during really tight matches. I would twitch my head and lift my left shoulder in a half shrug. It was honestly just my body's way of processing the stress, I guess? I was a .500 collegiate wrestler, so maybe it was just preparing for the probability of a beat down.
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