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  1. Hahaha! Using some of the rationale I've read on here, a sixty something Dan Gable should beat Pico, Mark Hall, hell even Metcalf...he should be in the running for a world or Olympic title... WAY older with much more experience!
  2. I'm not trolling. Obviously I'm posting in the INT. But, every-time one of the PA hammers goes down in freestyle all I hear is... "If it was folkstyle, you're guy would get smoked".....and so on and so forth....right or wrong....internationally Nobody cares about folkstyle
  3. They're talking about the Olympic level numb nuts!!!! Since 1996, going back about 20 years. Which state has produced the most Olympic medals (Freestyle and Greco)?? Which of course, the Olympics is the highest level of wrestling. Most people are afraid to admit it....it's ok....we understand. You want to stick to NCAA stats, that's where you feel safe. Here's a list!!!....let's see your list?? CALIFORNIA’s OLYMPIC & WORLD LEVEL WRESTLERS JAKE VARNER – 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist (Freestyle) 2x NCAA Division I Champion/4X Finalist (Iowa State) 2x California State Champion/4x California State Medalist (Bakersfield HS, C) STEPHEN ABAS – 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist (Freestyle) 3x NCAA Division I Champion (Fresno State) 4x NCAA Division I All-American 3x California State Champ/4x Medalist (Canyon Springs HS, S/James Logan HS, NC) DAVE SCHULTZ – 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (Freestyle) 1983 World Freestyle Champion 2x Tblisi Champion 3x World Silver Medalist 2x World Bronze Medalist 5x World Cup Champion 2x Pan American Games Champion 7x USA Senior Freestyle Champion 1982 NCAA Division I Champion (University of Oklahoma) 3x NCAA Division I All-American California State Champion/3x Medalist (Palo Alto HS, CC) MARK SCHULTZ – 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist (Freestyle) 2x World Freestyle Champion 3x NCAA Division I Champion – OW (1982) 4x National Open Freestyle Champion Pan American Games Champion California State Champion (Palo Alto HS, CC) Inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (1995) Inducted into the California Hall of Fame (2000) JAMIL KELLEY – 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist (Freestyle) NCAA Division I Qualifier (Oklahoma State) JUCO All-American (Lassen College) California State Medalist (Atwater HS, SJ) STEPHEN NEAL – 1999 World Champion (Freestyle) 2x NCAA Division I Champion/4x All-American (CS Bakersfield) Dan Hodge Award Winner ‘99 FILA Outstanding Wrestler Award 4x Academic All-American (CS Bakersfield) California State Medalist (San Diego HS, SD) TOWNSEND SAUNDERS – 1996 Olympic Silver Medalist (Freestyle) 1992 & 1996 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) 2x Pan American Games Champion (Freestyle) 2x NCAA Division I All-American (Arizona State) NCAA Division II National Champion (CS Bakersfield) California State runner-up (Torrance HS, S) Gary Bohay- Canada/AZ St Silver medalist at 1989 world championship (lost to john smith) NCAA AA, state medalist for Fountain Valley HS Marco Sanchez- Puerto Rico/AZ St./Independence HS Two time state medalist and state champion 1988 3 time junior national medalist and 1988 champion 3 time University National Champ Espoir National Champ 4th in 1990 Espoir World Cup 3 time US Olympic Festival Gold medalist National Open AA 4xs(3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th) 2x NCAA AA, PAC ten champ at AZ St Henri DEGLANDE INTERNATIONAL champ 1995 1996 Olympic qualifier 4th 1996 Olympics-15th GREG GIBSON – 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist (Greco-Roman) 3x World Medalist – Freestyle (Silver, Bronze, Silver) World Cup Champion – Greco-Roman Pan American Gold Medalist 2x NCAA Division I All-American (University of Oregon) ADAM WHEELER – 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist (Greco-Roman) 8x USA Greco National All-American Pan American Silver Medalist 3x Armed Forces Medalist 5x All Navy Team member CIF Southern Section Masters Qualifier (Lancaster HS, S) PATRICIA MIRANDA – 2004 Olympic Team Member (Women’s Freestyle) 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist Pan American Gold Medalist 2x World Silver Medalist Bronze Medalist - World Championships 2x World Cup Champion ERIC GUERRERO – 2004 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) 4x US Open Champion World Cup Champion 2x USA FILA Junior World FS Champion Junior National Champion - Freestyle 3x NCAA Champion/4x All-American (Oklahoma State 3x California State Champion/4x Medalist (Independence HS, CC) HEATH SIMS – 2000 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) 2x California State Champion (Woodbridge HS) California JC State Champion (Cerritos College) QUINCY CLARK – 2000 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) 2x NCAA All-American (University of Oklahoma/San Diego State) 7th CA State (Lincoln Prep HS, SD) DAN HENDERSON – 1992 & 1996 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) Junior National Freestyle Champion 2x California State Medalist (Victor Valley HS, S) TIM VANNI – 1988 & 1992 Olympic Team Member 4th 1988 Olympic Games 5th 1992 Olympic Games 4x US Freestyle National Champion 3x World Cup Medalist 5th 1987 & 1989 World Championships 6th 1982 & 1986 World Championships 4x Letterman at Cal State Bakersfield 2x California State Medalist (Monache HS, C) JOE GONZALEZ – 1984 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) NCAA Division I Champion (Cal State Bakersfield) NCAA Division I runner-up Junior National Champion – Freestyle Tblisi Champion (Freestyle) JOHN AZEVEDO – 1980 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) NCAA Division I Champion/3x Finalist (Cal State Bakersfield) Junior National Freestyle Champion 2x California State Champion (Grace Davis HS) MARK FULLER – 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) Pan American Games Champion – Greco-Roman CA State Medalist (Lincoln HS, SJ) Afsoon Roshan- independence HS - CC/ UC Davis World medalist 90's Sharon Williams- Chaffey HS (guessing) S WORLD medalist 90's Marcie Van Dusen -Lake Arrowhead CA. 2008 Olympic team member Victoria Anthony- 2014 PanAm Champion 2013 Womens World Team 48kg 3X Junior World Champion Marina HS, Huntington Beach, CA (CIF Southern Section Champion at 103's) Maria Prado- Ignacio Valley HS-NC World team member 90s SERGIO GONZALEZ – 1972 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) 2x NCAA Division I finalist (UCLA) J. ROBINSON – 1972 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) BUCK DEADRICH – 1972 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) 7x National Champion (five in freestyle, two in Greco-Roman) World medalist in all three styles (Freestyle, Greco-Roman, and Sombo) 2x USWF/USA Wrestling Freestyle Champion 1969 AAU Freestyle Champion Chabot College Hall of Fame JAMES STEIGER – 1972 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) NAIA National Champion/2x All-American (U.S. International) RICHARD TAMBLE – 1968 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) 2x NAIA All-American (Adam State) RUSS CAMILLERI– 1960 & 1964 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) 7x National FS Champion PAT LOVELL– 1964 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) National FS Champion 2x PAC 10 Champion CHARLIE TRIBBLE – 1964 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) BEN NORTHRUP – 1960 Olympic Team Member (Greco-Roman) DICK DELGADO – 1956 Olympic Team Member (Freestyle) 2x NCAA Division Champion – OW (University of Oklahoma)
  4. Absolutely yes!!! Who are the most talked about up and comers right now, and where are they from???
  5. That's easy, Clovis (public school), who beat Wyoming Seminary (private school) at the Doc Buchannan, they also beat Franklin Regional the same year. Buchanan High School (public school) 2nd at the Powerade this year and 3rd in the state 2015. Poway High School 2nd in state this year Reno Tournament champions. Those aren't anomaly's my friend, those are "CALIFORNIA POWER-HOUSES" Also, a couple in the last 4 olympics *Adam Wheeler (never qualified for the California state tournament) Bronze in the Olympics *Jamil Kelley (5th in the California state tournament never all-american-ed in college) Silver in the Olympics *Jake Varner Olympic Gold Medalist *Stephen Abas Olympic Silver Medalist California dominates at the highest level-Pennsylvania & Ohio dominate at the NCAA level
  6. Hall was the man today....Marstellar was the boy!!! So much for the 4 PA state titles.....they don't mean squat against the high schooler!
  7. I just wish as well!!! He is real good.......you know!!
  8. Q: Can I just change my name by using my new name (by the "usage method"), without going to court? A: In California, you have the common law right to change your name by the "usage method." This means that you simply pick a new name and start using it consistently in all parts of your life. There are exceptions to changing your name by the "usage method" -- it cannot be used by people who are in state prison, on probation, on parole, or been a convicted sex offender. And it cannot be used to change a minor's name.
  9. It's hilarious the way you intermingled your 2A and 3A state champs vs California. Why would you do that, if your state is not a single division?????? So now all of a sudden California wants to have a dual, vs either your 3A or 2A state champs, and you want to act as if your state is a a single division??? I guess you all just wish that you could "fight fire, with fire". Theoretically it should be 2 duals (going state system versus state system)......California state champs vs PA 3A state champs....California state champs vs PA 2A state champs.......There's not a state in the country who could dual against us.......BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA!!!!!!
  10. If you took California's state wrestling champions and had a dual vs Pennsylvania's state champions. California would smash the sh** out of them, and then you would shut your mouth's. Boom!!
  11. Sticks said: It is very difficult to place in a state as large as California. It is even more difficult to get everybody to agree on the best system. In states that have multiple division, they do not not have a state champion (because a is singular). They have a large school champion and a small school champion, but not a state champion. California had over 38 million people. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma have less than 33 million people. Combined those states have 22 division champions. That means 4 of those finalist would not even have qualified for the California State tourney. My son was a state qualifier last year and split the field. He was recruited just on the fact that he qualified for the California tourney. That is a college coach that was doing the math. After beating a small school champ from Nevada after his junior year, my son asked if maybe we could move to Nevada for his senior year. He was offered a partial wrestling scholarship. If a kid wants to wrestle at the next level he needs to market himself, and be willing to move out of state. He can't blame the single division tourney. I know when I talk about my son and I mention that he is a state qualifier it doesn't mean much to anybody else, but he and I both know what a big deal it is. He worked year around and wrestled almost 200 matches in the off season over his last two years. He would have liked to have made it to the second day, but when he was eliminated from the tourney he knew he gave it everything he had. That was a priceless lesson he learned from wrestling.
  12. Here's an article against multiple state champs. http://blogs.denverpost.com/preps/2015/02/23/colorado-high-school-wrestling-can-be-the-1-to-go-to-2/15665/
  13. Jaroslav Hasek Whatever man, you just keep making a joke out of it, while I'm being serious.
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