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    "Don't like that some stud transferred in and took your spot? WORK HARDER. Or transfer/quit. IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER."
    Taken to it's logical conclusion, would this type of philosophy result in the elimination of high school athletics in favor of club teams? The European model.
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    I just wish Valencia could wrestle Marstellar, that would be awesome. He's really good, you know?
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    Yes TBAR you are correct. But those who wish to put the kid down, will say things like:
    "Yea, but did he wrestle upper weights or just those tiny freshman?"
    -OR better yet-
    "So what slacker state did he win all of those matches in--fariy-land or something?"
    When anyone starts to put down Chance you really need to think about their psychological stability.
    A 4 X PA, undefeated state champ in the upper weights... something never done before... Fargo champ, Super 32... and these guys are compelled to find someway to put him down. REALLY!!
    We don't need to feel sorry for Chance... he will be fine as he has already proved... It is these smucks we should really feel sorry for.
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    Marstellar would have to show up though.
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    Sure is.....
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    Lol, that's not right.
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    Q: Can I just change my name by using my new name (by the "usage method"), without going to court?   A: In California, you have the common law right to change your name by the "usage method." This means that you simply pick a new name and start using it consistently in all parts of your life. There are exceptions to changing your name by the "usage method" -- it cannot be used by people who are in state prison, on probation, on parole, or been a convicted sex offender. And it cannot be used to change a minor's name.
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    Is this the same Valencia that Californians are saying would beat Marstellar?
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