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  1. While leaving the topic alone, let it be mentioned that the Fanthorpe-Baker was about the bloodiest (and maybe grittiest) bout ever witnessed? Two warriors unwilling to quit and all for the "lowly" seventh place podium spot in the consolation finals. Couldn't believe the ref let them finish but who was gonna stop em'?
  2. Noticed a fair amount of weight class juggling with some pretty big name kids moving down a class (few it seems go "up"). No problem one would suppose, if the weight determination is fixed at some point and with any additional pound allowance checked at weigh in. In past years, and certainly not limited only to the Dapper Dan competition ,it's been rumored that weight checks are somewhat "lax" and not the closely watched occurance that actual championship events maintain?
  3. It would be interesting to know how much Delgado's "style" (or strategy for that matter) has been influenced by a very "hands on" coach and former Penn Stater Jeremy Hunter. For those who might know, any correlation ?
  4. Boy, if the boxing world listened to you guys concerning forward movement, backpedaling, use of the ring and strategy (or lack thereof) Sonny Liston would still be champ!
  5. Couldn't agree more. Absolutely the "feel" of an NCAA Final. Been to quite a few Big Ten showdowns (lots of different campus venues) and this was clearly one of the best. Hats off to UW!
  6. The thought of every match needing to be an absolute scoring "shootout" is way overblown. Different bouts (duals, tourneys etc.), different weights, different kids and different stratagies make for the necessary variety of outcomes. Two really talented wrestlers in a low scoring SV overtime is everybit the stirring event that the ole' Jack Brickhouse "pier 6 brawl " provides. As for the sport, until everybody spends at least a moment or two on the mat it's gonna be just so popular. Besides it's irritating when uninterested people walk around at an event instead of staying "glued" to their seat.
  7. Guess this shows another generational viewpoint and in this case an old one. As a youngster who watched wrestlers in tights, toms (as they were called) and tank tops the uniform seemed acceptable. When a top local hs team (Reavis of Burbank, Ilinois) appeared in their black or white Olympic singlets it caught lots of people off guard including the IHSA State Administrators who promptly banned it the following year for excessive skin exposure. Actually, it looked great and gave every kid an added incentive to "hit the weights"!
  8. Gotta mention Illinois here. With a great effort by Delgado and good support from Polz and Blanton the Illini came in a solid ninth (sixth last year) which is commendable. Gonzales won four bouts and had another AA round to his credit. The real "should, woulda, coulda" element was missing B.J. Futrell. As a two time AA and highly ranked and regarded kid a solid placement at 141lbs would have meant another AA and as high as a fifth place team finish.
  9. Sure gonna be lots of wasted rhetoric and "heat" should Rammos not get past Graff (or anyone else for that matter) and Coach Davis will have the boy ready. After his freestyle year off Tyler is in about as good a spot as he could have hoped for?
  10. It might be interesting to know the particulars of his two second place finishes (think that's right?) in the Illinois State HS finals?
  11. For the record Blanton was "destroyed" by some unknown hard-to-pronounce named guy (Amuchastegui) from Stanford, 4-0, in 2010. To repeat, Jordan is a "slow starter".
  12. Nice "dig" on Jordan, huh? Well, the kid's been invited repeatedly for starters in spite of the fact that he's a notoriously slow starter (season wise). Been on the podium twice at the end however, as a four year regular for the Big Ten Illini. Difficult to knock (or negatively reference) these kids for showing up for the "exhibition" season no matter how many times invited.
  13. Before this thing turns into the normal "crap fight" let me just say I'm pulling for both tournaments to succeed. In a sport with some serious problems (like some others) would it be impossible for both the Midlands and Scuffle to win over some new fans while serving the wrestling needs of those established? Do we have such a shortage of competitors that one can survive only at the expense of another? Hey, I wish we had more tourneys, each with a solid following and an opportunity to promote wrestling. The historic Midlands and the tough new kid on the block (Scuffle) are both important and "winners" in my old dog eared book
  14. Yeah, talk about a "tough league"? All Illinois did, (yes, we were discussing Michigan recruits) was make it to the National Dual semis, take 7th at the Nationals with four AA's and two Round of 12'ers, including a soph Big Ten Champ and they've been relegated as one of the "lesser" teams.
  15. Kirk Mamman, a four time AA, was another Illinois product. Hope his behavior wasn't embarrassing (like Wrights apparently was?) and that goes for national champ Ron Ray and runnerup, 3rd placer Jerry Kelly, additional Illinoisians.
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