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  1. My picks: 57 – Graff 61 – Steiber 65 – Retherford 70 – Field 74 – Burroughs 86 – Taylor 97 – Snyder 125 – Gwiz
  2. My thoughts: 125 – Lambert tech Rodriguez. Early season Jose is a toss up, recent Jose gets killed. I hope he can round back into form. 5-0 Nebraska 133 – NaTo over Montoya by decision. I think NaTo can push for a major, but Montoya is tough and I think he can hang on and scramble enough to keep this to a 5-7 point win. 5-3 Nebraska 141 – McCrystal over Pletcher by decision. I think the strength advantage will be a little too much. I think Pletcher keeps it close though. 8-3 Nebraska 149 – Micah over Purinton by major. If Micah can get anything going from top, this could be a tech. 8-7 Nebraska 157 – Berger with the major or tech over Ryan/DeCarlo/Powell. This weight is a huge hole right now and I’m not sure that changes this year. 13-7 Nebraska 165 – I hate to say it, but give me Arthur over Burcher. If this were at home I might switch this pick, but I’ll give home mat advantage here. 16-7 Nebraska 174 – If Bo doesn’t wrestle, this might be the dual. Bo over Barnes by decision or Barnes over Kresevic by major. I think Bo will go. Needs to get some mat time every couple weeks. 16-10 Nebraska 184 – Dudley over Martin by decision. This is absolutely a match Martin can win, but I can’t pick him to beat a top 5 guy until he actually does. 19-10 Nebraska 197 – Moore over Studebaker by decision. Moore doesn’t seem to be hitting a freshman wall, and I think his pace is too much for Studebaker and he gets the decision. 19-13 Nebraska 285 – Snyder over Jensen by tech. Snyder will be looking for a pin after he tires Jensen out, but I think Jensen stays off his back. 19-18 Nebraska This match could easily go either way, as there are tossup matches and then, intricacies within the favorites as well. 125 and 157 are key bonus wins for Nebraska. I have them getting 5 in each match, but if it’s only 4, then that’s a Buckeye win. 133 and 149 could be more bonus for OSU than I gave them, again potentially swinging the dual. 141 and 165 are toss ups, both of which I have going to Nebraska. 174 changes based on who is the starter. 184 and 197 are swing matches, which I have split. 285 depends on Snyder being available. I think he’ll be there, but if not, that’s a 9-12 point swing. Should be a great match. Can’t wait! #GoBucks
  3. The Moore takedown they are referring to is from the first period, I think about a minute in. — Christian Pyles (@CPyles8) https://twitter.com/CPyles8/status/807056593422520320
  4. In Ohio, if you placed top 3 the previous year, and win your district, then you are separated at the State level.
  5. Jake Ryan just got hosed by an official who decided that he wanted a match to go to OT no matter what. I rarely complain, but that was bad. They he hits Tom Ryan for a team point deduction. Horrible.
  6. That's a crime that DeShazer didn't get seeded. Beat JDJ and placed last year. Terrible.
  7. Micah actually wrestled 149 at the end of last year. I think it's a big cut, but if he's been committed to it for a while I think he can manage it successfully.
  8. Pletcher to the Bucks!!!!! THE Ohio State University. Add Mark Hall and get some depth.
  9. Cuba is the size of Ohio and they're kicking our tails. That's the #EpicFail.
  10. My response would be that Jesus taught from the Old Testament what he thought was right to teach and quote. If homosexuality was so wrong, then clearly Jesus would have, at some point, specifically mentioned it as a sin, as against God, as immoral. But he didn't. Not once. Never. Interesting.
  11. Religion is not, and, should not, be under attack. The use of religion as a convenient and lazy excuse to attack someone and call them mentally ill, that is what is under attack.
  12. The problem with quoting the Old Testament is then you are essentially stating that you believe in sending bears to eat children, human sacrifice, killing men for refusing to sleep with their dead brother's widow, genocide, turning men's wives into piles of salt out of spite, and destroying entire towns. Every one of those things is condoned by the Old Testament. I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't say "Love one another, so long as they're not gay, as I have loved you, but not in a gay way, though."
  13. CollegeWrestling4444, can you please quote for me where Jesus condemned homosexuality? If your basis for your opinion is religion, please tell me where, in the bible, the base figure for Christianity, Jesus Christ, said that homosexuality is wrong? You should be able to quote that from the top of your head.
  14. Can you point me to anything Jesus ever said condemning homosexuality?
  15. Hunter should be 1 spot above Beitz. Beat him twice this year.
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