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  1. Hello, anyone have the time that wrestling starts today? Also, is there anyone in Stieber's bracket that is ranked?
  2. Just looked at the new rankings and I must say, I LOVE the fact that Oliver was penalized for defaulting out after his loss. Especially when seeds are going to be based on the rankings. It should give wrestlers an incentive to wrestle out the back side of the bracket and not just pack up and head out. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Fe ... eam-Trials
  3. Miller pinned Tyler Caldwell twice, both in less than a minute. Wow.
  4. I would say that Weiroch made Chance look human as well, considering that the only reason Marsteller won was the coin flip. BoJo then teched Weiroch this year. Just saying. Also, Cox did win a national title as a true frosh, maybe splitting matches with him isn't a bad thing. How did Marsteller do at junior worlds?
  5. It all depends on the definition of "best". Is it most accomplished or just a subjective determination? I would put Kyle Snyder on there for the former, as well as Bo Jordan for the latter. I still think that Jordan is better than Marstellar, but that is definitely an Ohio/Ohio State biased opinion. Snyder is one of few wrestlers that have a Junior World Gold while still in high school. Just my thoughts.
  6. Pico lost again and didn't place.
  7. I think Ohio State starts the season as the favorite, but we need to see their redshirts and frosh compete before knowing how they stack up. Iowa should be right up there as well as Minnesota, Penn State and Oklahoma State. I think that is a pretty solid top 5 in some order.
  8. Apparently his name is actually Jeffrey Jordan. Who knew? Jordan, Dumas and Tomasello all with first round techs.
  9. Tomasello, Demas, Jordan and Karageorge from Ohio State are there as well. Looking forward to seeing how they fare.
  10. LordNelson, I think you misread my post, as I was making the point that you did. Logic dictates that the CHANGING of the rule to make the end position of the match a takedown in the future PROVES that the position was NOT a takedown based on the rule in place at the time. Under the current rules, Stieber would have had an additional takedown earlier in the match when he was behind Oliver and his hand's touched the mat, and Oliver would have had a takedown at the end, meaning that the result, a Stieber win, would have stayed the same.
  11. Can anyone who is more familiar with the international scene post some bios of the International competitors?
  12. I believe Logan is referring to the earlier scramble where he is behind Oliver and Oliver's hands touch the mat momentarily. That was NOT called 2 at the time, as I believe there had to be weight bearing on at least one hand. Now I believe that would be 2. In short form, I believe Logan is correct. Therefore, same result, he wins.
  13. Doesn't the fact that the non-takedown by Oliver at the end of the NCAA finals match led to a rules change CONFIRM that it wasn't a TD. I mean, they didn't CLARIFY the rule to make sure that it would be called a takedown in the future, they CHANGED the rule to make that position a TD in the future. Logic is the enemy of many a message board post.
  14. I'm hoping to see Jordan at University Nationals.
  15. To the best of my knowledge Reece Humphrey never wrestled his teammate, Logan Stieber, in folkstyle. In looking at Dake's matches against Humphrey, I cannot recall him getting a takedown in any of the three. Humphrey had at least three. I think this is why Stieber wins. Logan would be able to get to Dake's legs and would finish. Combined with his ability to ride, he could rack up RT and then choose neutral. I'll take Logan with a TD (at least 1) and RT, Dake with 2 escapes, 3-2.
  16. No, the Stieber loss is worse because, well, just because.
  17. You spent a number of posts in the Stieber 4 timer thread talking about how he's not that great and that he must have been fine for the Retherford match because he never came out and said that he was sick and bringing up the Graff freestyle match. All to state that he wasn't that good. You never actually commented on whether or not you thought he would win his 4th, you just talked about his losses. Then you START a thread for the sole purpose of saying that Stieber would lose to Dake. You have not made one positive Stieber post in either thread. That is why I think you are a "hater". Also, please explain to me why a loss to Zain Retherford, a Cadet World champ, who placed 5th at the NCAA tournament as a true frosh, is a worse loss than the Bailey loss that Dake had as a frosh. Also, why don't the two subsequent wins, both where Stieber won comfortably, matter?
  18. Trying to figure out if superold is a member of the Oliver family, Ramos family or Retherford family. Maybe the Carter family. Dude is just spouting Stieber hate all over. By the way, Kyle Dake lost to Reece Humphrey and Zachory Baily as a freshman, and Kevin LeValley and a kid from Binghampton as a sophomore. But those losses don't count in determining how good he is. Let's not take into consideration that Stieber seems to wrestle better in the NCAA tournament either. Reversing a loss to Oliver, check. Reversing a loss to Retherford, check. Major in the NCAA finals. Check. Anyway, I would take a RS junior Stieber over a true frosh Dake any day of the week, but that's me. I think Stieber has the advantage in neutral and could ride enough to either get RT or cancel out RT. Just my opinion though, which is worth nothing more than the binary code it's written in.
  19. The question isn't whether or not Logan is the favorite, the question is whether or not he is the biggest favorite at any weight next year? You have everyone except the 6th place finisher coming back. However, if you had to bet on any guy to be an NCAA champion next year, who would you take? Delgado, Garrett or Nico at 125; Schopp or anyone else at 133; Logan at 141; Tsirtis, Kindig, Houdashelt or Stieber at 149; Ness, Green, Miller or Realbuto at 157; Dieringer, Sulzer, Moreno or Jordan at 165; Storley, Kokesh, Brown, Evans or Chance at 174; Dean, Dechow or Thomas at 184; Cox, Schiller, Gadsen, McIntosh or Snyder at 197; or, Gwiz, Cox (?), McMullen, Telford or Coon at 285. Honestly, I would rank them Stieber, then Dean, then Cox (197), then ...
  20. Make the question as follows, "How many 2014 High School graduates will AA next year?" Dean and Realbuto did not graduate high school the same year as Cox, Dance, Retherford and Cruz. Therefore, they had a year to physically mature and adjust to college wrestling. Snyder is a 2014 high school graduate, the same as Marstellar, Nevills, etc. While his training situation is different, he did not graduate from high school last year and defer college enrollment for a year like Dean and Realbuto.
  21. I think Heflin waits on Cox to shoot and tries to sprawl out and get into double unders. If he gets Cox jacked up I could definitely see him hitting a throw. I think Cox needs a takedown in the first or second to win this match. It it is 1-1 in the third, I definitely give the advantage to Heflin.
  22. If 54 points is good for 4th, I could see Ohio State sneaking into that territory. You get almost half that from Stieber.
  23. Other than Thorn, who do you have beating DiJulius? Just wondering. Thanks.
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