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  1. Thoughts on the dual. Despite the fact that Northwestern is a top 15 team, I could see this match getting out of hand. 125 - Triggas over Malone by pin; 6-0 OSU 133 - Stieber over Mele by pin; 12-0 OSU 141 - Stieber over Oster by major; 16-0 OSU 149 - Tessari/Paddock over Greco by major; 20-0 OSU 157 - Welch over Demas by major; 20-4 OSU 165 - Harger over Courts by decision; 20-7 OSU 174 - Heflin over Munster by decision; 23-7 OSU 184 - Courts over Shrewsberry by decision; 26-7 OSU 197 - Camp over Polizzi by major; 30-7 OSU 285 - McMullen over Capone by decision. 30-10 OSU
  2. Confirmed on flo! http://www.flowrestling.org/article/166 ... um=twitter
  3. The #1 junior big man in the country, Kyle Snyder, commits to... THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY!!!!! So excited. Think he is a future national champ. GO BUCKS!!!!!
  4. I guess that Mango got lucky and was the beneficiary of a bad call then, because it wasn't two in March! :D
  5. Apparently, Tessari suffered an injury, rumored to be a concussion, during the Kent State dual. He also suffered one last year, also against Kent State. Not sure if two concussions in a year will keep him out for the rest of the year, or if he will eventually be back. I think if Cam isn't back by Indiana or Wisconsin, then he will be out for the remainder. That would be a month, and, with Paddock being a quality backup, there would be less pressure to bring him back. Just my thoughts.
  6. Paddock is wrestling today for Ohio State. Not sure if Cam is injured, getting a break or if he got beat out.
  7. SHP, do your projections give the non-seeded wrestlers any points?
  8. I would love to see Big Ten wrestling divisions and the a one day Big Ten dual meet championship matching the first place teams in each division, the second place teams in each division and so forth. Hold this at the campus which will have the Individual tourney the following year as a little bit of a warm up.
  9. Demas picked up a decision with a late takedown. Martin lost to Wilps 5-1. Gave up takedowns at the end of both the 2nd and 3rd periods. Heflin picked up a decision on riding time. Courts lost to Thomusseit on riding time. Wilps is hammering Magrum right now. 26-6 OSU
  10. So, how disappointed in everyone is Morgan McIntosh. Just as highly ranked and I don't think he won a match at nationals last year? Penn State should pull his scholarship right now. Some people aren't very bright.
  11. 197 - Andrew Campalattano (Ohio State)
  12. It looks like Clarion wrestling has a twitter account, but last post was from August.
  13. If you find any please let me know. Especially interested in Luke Langdon, 125 from Clarion. I've scoured the internet and found nothing.
  14. Phillips verballed to NC State but never enrolled. Then, last year, competed in a few opens and verballed to Ohio State. He's taking classes at Columbus State and was hoping to enroll this fall. However, he didn't have enough credits or something and couldn't get in just yet. He's still attempting to qualify for second semester this year. Interesting note, Ohio State switched to semesters from quarters just this year. Quarters would have allowed Phillips a little more time to get eligible before the season started.
  15. I'd take Bo Jordan over Chris Phillips right now.
  16. 1. Mike Evans 2. Alan Waters
  17. I think it has to do with momentum and motivation as well. If you've won a few matches in a row in the consis you are rolling, feeling good about the way you are wrestling. More than likely, the winner of the first match has just lost his shot at the championship. Also, there is probably a little underestimation if the first result was significant. Just my thoughts.
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