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  1. Do you really put that much weight on matches 2-5 years old? Didn't Imar lose to a 9th grader (Mark Hall) when he was a senior? This is just as relevant to Imar vs. Retherford as many of the comparisons you are making. What bearing does how Retherford wrestles Pico (in freestyle) have on Retherford vs. Imar? Did Imar beat Pico or Metcalf?
  2. Marinelli looked too offensive to match Iowa Style...
  3. Seems unlikely that he will be able to do so when he just barely missed making 157 by 6.4 pounds this weekend.
  4. Bo looked a little lackluster at conference tourney to me. Part of the that could have been from having to wrestle his cousin. I like that he is unflappable, but it looks like he could use a bit more tenacity.
  5. If he is dominating so much. He should turn him. If he doesn't make serious attempts to, he is stalling. You are correct. It is not a stalemate.
  6. I think something needs to change. A lot of hard core wrestling fans I know are fed up with how defensive college folkstyle wrestling has become. People remember guys stalling out of matches and now people wrestling the same way might get warned or give up one point. If it is too boring for many actual wrestling fans that is a problem.
  7. Can anyone actually post the rule and accompanying illustrations someone else alluded to?
  8. Pretty bold to say you have "no" respect for people offended by someone being a dick when you don't know who all those people might be. Not sure I even understand why you would have such a position, especially if you think the behavior is meaningful. If he was really waving to the crowd while rubbing his face in the mat, that is pretty douchy.
  9. Is this just trolling? I thought Penn St. was favored last few years and it was a little miraculous when the Gophers made it a contest?
  10. Seems to me that is almost the same reason he is against it. The money needs to come from somewhere, they can't cut women's sports thanks to Title IX so they will cut more wrestling or other "non-revenue" men's sports.
  11. I think I will miss not being able to hear LETS-GO-SHEP-TOCK across the arena this year. He's awesome. You guys catch the 'you have better tattoos' comment. The angles I saw made it look like a depressingly empty gym.
  12. Make good money? How much do you think they make a week? I friend of mine was a multiple state champion HOF HS coach that was a guest coach for the week while JRob camp was in town. He was paid $300 for the week. Well below minimum wage for the hours he put in. They asked him to come back the next year. He declined. Couldn't afford it. Wrestling camps are D1's dirty little secret. Coaches often require their wrestlers to work a week or two at the camps (as a counselor) for what is generally slave wages. The worst part is that this prevents the wrestlers from getting a meaningful summer job. Many coaches use the camps as a way of supplementing their lousy salary. Generally the camps are run by team members you never heard of and the head coach or a big name wrestler will drop in for the last day or two like a rock star doing the closing act. I have seen this same program over and over. Not just JRob's' camps. So what would be a meaningful summer job if working with the influential youth in a sport you love is not?
  13. Does this http://www.ocolly.com/sports/article_6b7cf48c-b3a3-11e3-9abc-0017a43b2370.html affect your choice?
  14. I was just about to say "cue the insecure Midwesterners in 3,2,1..." PA has more than 4 times as many people as Iowa. If you really think a straight numbers comparison is the best way to compare them, then I am sure no one can convince you otherwise. I don't think anyone denies PA has awesome wrestling, some people just wish so many Pennsylvanians weren't such d-bags about it.
  15. Is there a reason to want the Flying Tiger grounded?
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