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    Wolverine7 got a reaction from tightwaist in Mark Hall vs Alex Marinelli 2016   
    Marinelli looked too offensive to match Iowa Style...
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    Wolverine7 got a reaction from GranbyTroll in Replace NCAA folkstyle with freestyle - Is it time?   
    If he is dominating so much.  He should turn him.  If he doesn't make serious attempts to, he is stalling.  You are correct.  It is not a stalemate.
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    Wolverine7 got a reaction from Coach_J in All Star Heel Lineup   
    Pretty bold to say you have "no" respect for people offended by someone being a dick when you don't know who all those people might be.  Not sure I even understand why you would have such a position, especially if you think the behavior is meaningful.
    If  he was really waving to the crowd while rubbing his face in the mat, that is pretty douchy.
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