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    Looking for Suite Tickets

    I was on the list for a 40 person suite and was quoted a price of $40000 in March. I was keeping in touch with my contact and in August he informed me the price had gone up to $80000 for the suite. He said the facility managers increased price as this event had generated the highest interest of any event they have hosted. I am wondering about Minneapolis next year as it is being held on the football field. I haven't been able to get a straight answer from anyone what the configuration is going to be. If it is going to be centered in the football field and selling the whole stadium out or if they are going to move to one end and move in bleachers etc. The first suite we got in St Louis was $3600 for 16 tickets, man I miss those days.
  2. Talked with my suite contact in March, suite prices were 25k for 12 tickets and 40k for 40 person party suite on the end. Now they are 32k and 80k. We are passing and going to watch from home.
  3. 119

    cleveland suite prices

    I just called again today and was told again that suites are starting at $35,000. Was told that nothing would be offered at a lower price to start.
  4. 119

    cleveland suite prices

    The suite I was quoted was 18 tickets and no complimentary catering (Madison Square Garden). This was tickets only. I PM'd you.
  5. Just got a call and suite price, 18 tickets, amounts are looking to be starting at $35000 and up. This doesn't include any catering like new york. Ouch
  6. 119

    Confidence Level

    1 Kasper 1a Downey
  7. 119

    Worst seed jobs

    174 Weatherspoon seeded 14 and Kocer has beaten him twice this season with most recent win in conference tourney
  8. 119

    65 kg Discussion

    AND they mentioned about the biting also...Announcer says paraphrasing " we had biting and now partial nudity in the wrestling...what's next"
  9. 119


    Nebraska = Big 10 ish SDSU = Big 12 ish
  10. 119

    Session 4 mat set up

    Where's the dog bone??
  11. 119

    Arizona State Coach To Head Table?

    Think they meant Ohio state coaches
  12. 184... Looking at Garret and Beckman's credentials, between them they have 5 AA's already. Got me to wondering if there has ever been a previous first round match with that many AA's meeting up so early?
  13. 119

    BIG 10 BTNPlus ?

    Screen is black. If I am logged in on my phone and also a laptop will that affect me viewing in 2 spots?