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  1. Have a wrestling tournament or event you want to let the wrestling community know about?Consider www.pywrestling.com to post your tournament to get the news out to all of PA, NJ, DE, NY, WV, MD, and VA.www.PYwrestling.com is visited by 1,000's of wrestlers each day looking for their next competition and to plan their schedules out. New designed website this year but the same effective results for advertising your event.email pywrestlingmark@yahoo.com for more information or any questions you may have.
  2. PG or Post Grad is someone who has graduated High School with a High School diplomas but is doing a another Prep year before they enter college. 5th Year senior is someone who is repeating a grade but has used all their high school athletic eligibility. This is usually not because the failed a grade but often a school like Wyoming Seminary will want a kid who is transferring in from a public school who is a senior to repeat the grade so that they do a minimum of two years. It is not always the case. If a kid comes in with very strong academics they may not ask them to repeat. If the students grades are not really strong they often will ask them to repeat. This is a requirement of them getting accepted by the admissions department and does not have anything to do with athletics. It also does not mean the student it not a good student. It just means that in those cases the admissions department feels it is in the best interest of the student to do an additional year to be prepared for college. Sem did not have any PG's in their lineup. They did have two 5th year seniors who were not eligible for public school competition like beast and ironman. Blair had more points then Sem less these two wrestlers but Sem had very good guys who could have wrestled 170, and 182. They may not have placed as high or scored as many points but the certainly would have scored quite a few points each. Both would have been strong contenders for AA this year. MTM
  3. http://www.pawrvideo.com/article/23148- ... Entry-List
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  5. Check out where this years best college wrestlers cam from http://www.pawrvideo.com/article/19588- ... Home-State
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