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  1. Hopefully they qualify Shomers Jacob Oliver Tim Wallace Cody Mulligan Hill is very good at coaching all of those weights-
  2. Miller is a teacher-Robie bated him w $ for a grad degree-great opp but doesn't have to do with Edinboro. Shomers isn't even guaranteed $ after his first semester-he is crazy to go. Mulligan plus another couple recruits coming in could keep them going--
  3. Simply NOT true! The school will be around far after any of these guys would graduate.
  4. Certainly doesn't help the sport of Wrestling at the Div I level with so many schools getting rid of their programs to rob a tiny school like Edinboro with it's rich history. I just don't get it--
  5. Robie must really be in need to rob his Alma Mater like that-
  6. Hokies about to steal another from the Fighting Scots too
  7. I need tickets-as do many! Any help besides the scalpers at stub hub? krazee prices right now!!
  8. The only reason Kasey wrestled today at 165 was Jenkins was hurt at 174 and they bumped Towers up (also from Meadville & had a pretty successful day finishing 3rd) and best lineup was Davis at 65 and Towers at 74
  9. Luv the way he is an advocate for his wrestlers through Anything!!! Tough not to like that style-especially in this sport! Even if he looks like a "raving lunatic"! Impressive! Iowa wrestlers never look very happy though-they always look a bit sunken and sad like they grew up in Russia 30+ years ago. even after the match when their focus can relax a little-they just don't look like very happy people. Boro guys were all smiling signing autographs etc.-not too many smiles from the Iowa side (although they did stay and sign for quite a while which was really great!)
  10. Hey I wanted to man up and revisit after my comment-sorry-I really didn't think it would matter without Port! I have great respect for VA Tech but still Boro should have pounded that one out!
  11. Does it matter? Didn't really think we needed him to win! Do we?
  12. Port Oh Port............. :?
  13. Port Oh Port......... :)
  14. Kasey certified at 149 this year but I don't see Habit losing that spot Sorry-I don't see Habit leaving 149-he can make the cut and he knows that is his best weight-
  15. Gresh is pretty good and a Very hard worker. He will contribute somewhere somehow nooooo doubt! Kasey Davis is good, no doubt-he has a wiked 2 leg take down and is extremely quick. Tough match up. Look forward to round 2.
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