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  1. Maybe like high school senior year thing? No #4
  2. I don't think so, it's not like they would be leaving the MAC, lol
  3. is it just wrestling then?
  4. i think Rulon yes a hwt. missed in 96?
  5. c'mon clowns he missed weigh ins, if he gets a bye i need one from 1978-1979 lol
  6. Myles with a tank? not that I've seen this short year
  7. late comer buddy but mine are full interested in one tic for him but he would just join me in mine. Thanks
  8. I have none for sale, my regulars have all jumped on board,
  9. Maybe you would? Not me if you knew me, I have 20-30 that have gotten in with me over the years and are always eager to get these tics as you can read I am not selling any on here dip lu
  10. $0 also, also been getting one for 15 years or so now
  11. yes just started to transfer. Looks like alotta mask wearing and tighter restrictions even on the style? in the small print lol
  12. who's this Mehki anyway?
  13. I have been on the waiting list for 2 years through the enterprise center no booster club stuff, been that way for 15 years now, that i've done it and yes some years you maybe can scalp a suite tic out front. some years (not many) you may scalp one or two.
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