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  1. Haha
    silver reacted to ionel in If the Olympic Trials were held today, there's a good chance...   
    Dake is obviously out sick, covid or other.  JB obviously can't make weight today.  And Taylor's mom forgot to wake him up this morning.  
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    silver got a reaction from simple in 2023-2026 Finals   
    No Minneapolis????Didn't they put in???
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    silver reacted to JasonBryant in Snyder injury   
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    silver reacted to portajohn in Daton Fix   
    Maybe Flo can set up a match between Derek Fix vs Robert Suriano at Beat the Streets.  What do you think @Jaroslav Hasek
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    silver reacted to ionel in Whatever happened to Jim Gibbons   
    I agree, if watching a Penn State match I turn the volume off ... come to think about it even if simply listening to a Penn State match on internet audio broadcast I turn the volume off.  
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    silver reacted to MikePorcelli in Whatever happened to Jim Gibbons   
    Jim Gibbons classic line while broadcasting the Midlands final between Joe Colon and Tony Ramos, "Joe Colon has prison strength"!
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    silver got a reaction from funnyfletcher in Rest in peace Dan McCool   
    Sad news, great guy
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    silver reacted to moveurfeet32 in Kemerer gets 6th year   
    Nelson needs to enter Portal...He'll Never get a fair shake with current coaching staff!
  9. Haha
    silver reacted to MadMardigain in Dake and JB FRL   
    But he was in the body of a much much old man back then. 
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    silver reacted to spladle in "Sorry about your tissues, bro"   
    Dake is a whiny b*tch.
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    silver reacted to SamStall365247 in "Sorry about your tissues, bro"   
    Dake looked like a punk. I’ve been a longtime fan, but he looked like a serious DB today. The comment about JB’s wife texting him was straight out of the WWE. 
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    silver reacted to AHamilton in "Sorry about your tissues, bro"   
    Dake acts about 9 years old.
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    silver reacted to 1032004 in Dake and JB FRL   
    Dake was talking over JB and interrupting him way more.  Between that, the “I’m getting younger” nonsense, and the complaining about the trials setup Dake was 100% cringe.
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    silver reacted to GockeS in Dake and JB FRL   
    yes, and to think that some people on here think you are smart.
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    silver reacted to AnklePicker in Dake and JB FRL   
    Dake comes across as a fake tough guy. JB says what’s up Kyle and right away Dake comes across like a punk. He may well be right, JB just may be too old, but if it comes down to a battle of mental toughness, I’ll take JB all day. 
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    silver reacted to mg113 in Dake and JB FRL   
    I still take Dake in the fantasy matchup....but man it was hard to root for him after that.
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    silver reacted to AHamilton in Dake and JB FRL   
    Dake is a child.
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    silver reacted to nyum in Dake and JB FRL   
    The whole thing turned me off to Dake even more.  He reminds me of the annoying guy on every team who has to win every match of "tic tac toe" and ALWAYS has an excuse for losing. 
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    silver reacted to MedicineMan in Iowa v Nebraska   
    I will bet anyone on here any amount of money, that Nebraska wins his dual. Loser must pay to charity of winners choice. Come and get some you losers.
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    silver reacted to HokieHWT in Extra year solution   
    Your name is accurate
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    silver reacted to Plasmodium in Iowa St. Open (merged topic)   
    Fair to say Dresser is acting like an orange in this respect?
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    silver reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Terry Brands Should be a Head Coach   
    I get a kick out of just imagining Terry Brands in a formal job interview.  
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    silver reacted to MedicineMan in Dream On   
    The smell of the wrestling mat, you all know it.  That familiar combination of Polyethylene foam, disinfectant, human sweat.  Laced with the smell of athletic tape and the aroma of popcorn.  I'm about to step onto the mat against a salty opponent, but I'm not nervous at all, I'm calm/at peace...he's really good, but I'm better.  I feel loose, bouncing lightly on the balls of my feet, doing the wrestler's version of the Twist dance.  The crowd is making noise and birds are chirping, but then, that doesn't make sense, birds in the gymnasium?  I hear a dog bark once, and the gym scene narrows and fades into a fog.

    I am slowly waking from a dream, still feeling good, ready to wrestle...my brain is rebooting from dream to reality with the speed of a Commodore 64...first I realize I'm not in the gym, but laying in bed, but that's ok because I can still get up and wrestle.  But then my mind tells me it's not 1983, not even '93 when I was 36 and could still roll around... years click forward, through the 90's, 2000's, 2010's, like frames of film, until I reach the humble realization that it is 2020 and I'm 62 years old, not bouncing on deck at a wrestling meet.
    A notion sparks, that I could get back in shape! I've still got eligibility!   Until my Commodore pulls up inventory: a knee that hurts every day, a busted shoulder, a wrist that hardly bends and broken, arthritic fingers, AND  25 pounds of emergency rations in a roll of fat around my belly.  The spark is snuffed out. The sad fact settles in, that I'll never, ever, compete again.
    I've had vivid wrestling dreams where a guy shoots in and I'm countering so fast that my reaction beats the thought to my brain.  I can do moves I've never done, like Vincenzo or Chandler, stuff I was never any good at. 

    But then I wake up, spend a full minute working the pins and needles out of my left arm and limp to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.  I rub my eyes, but can't clear the glaucoma.  
    Sometimes they are anxiety dreams, where they call my name to the mat and I can't find my head gear, or my shoes anywhere.  In those dreams I never get to step onto the mat. But after all my wrestling dreams I am left with one comforting thought; because of wrestling, I'm tough and resilient....and pretty sure I could still pin WillieBoy. 

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    silver reacted to jeffrideal in Isaiah White   
    Must have learned his toughness from another man in that room who won a World Championship with a broken foot. 
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    silver reacted to silvermedal in Isaiah White   
    As a Buckeye fan, all you can do is applaud White for gutting out an obvious injury, hanging tough and finding a way to lead his team to a win.  Smith's decision to take an ill advised shot obviously didn't help.  But Nebraska eked out wins at 133 and 174.  Winning the close ones and then White's heroics....kudos to Nebraska.  
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