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  1. NJ has some very strong kids in Paetzell (2nd NJ States), Agaisse (1st NJ), Russo (2nd NJ), Tucker (1st Prep Nationals), Giraldo (1st NJ), McKenna (1st Jr. World Team), Manville (1st Cadet Worlds), Martin (1st Prep Nationals), and Johnson (2nd NJ). These are 9 kids who will be very tough to beat.
  2. Wyoming Seminary wins the overall team points race at the Prep Nationals, while Blair (inspite of 5 finalists, 3 champions and 11 placers in the top 6) settles for the overall runner-up and the "High School Team" title -- which means that they had the most points by a participating team that did not use any post-graduates or 5th-year wrestlers. Wyoming Seminary, who inserted three PG/5th-year wrestlers into their line-up, became the first team to score more overall points than Blair at the Prep Nationals in 34 years. This ends one of the most remarkable runs by a high school in any sport (33 straight national tournament titles).
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