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  1. Robb makes 157 one year tops
  2. Kinda hard on Wisconsin in this post, don't let your opinion of a few ruin it for the many.
  3. We all know about his shortcomings, but that is no reason to be a clown.
  4. Agreed on Abounader, really tried to like him over the years but just can't. For me it's Chandler Rogers, only guy I wasn't disappointed to see get beat today.
  5. If your not rooting for Jason Tsirtsis this weekend you should re-evaluate your life,
  6. Hahn Steiner (both) Bono Snyder Pritzlaff Just what I've heard
  7. If IMar and Sorenson had a brother he'd be Hidlay. Best of both
  8. 1.Spencer Lee 2.Hidlay 3.Yianni 4.Marinelli 5.Wick 6 Deakin 7. Darmstadt 8. Nick Lee 9. DeSanto 10. Bridges
  9. Big fan of TJ but no love for Shane Sparks? My favorite guy to listen to play by play.
  10. A freshman from Wisconsin who is very good but may not even start next year, just sayin.
  11. Mike Evans went 6 6 6 and pretty sure he was rd of 16 as a freshman. That'd be 11 also.
  12. I have respect for Mark Manning and the NU program but this is kinda ridiculous. Pack your back ups if you're plannin on being that short handed.
  13. You can be ignorant and not know the rules if you choose, but Berger had the TD in OT, Sorry not sorry
  14. Zeke Jordan, next question.
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