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  1. So how many olympic and world champs did you wrestle and beat them by taking them down?
  2. So your saying bullying , blocking, shoving and under hooking won Kawai the match. This wasn"t a heavyweight match where it is very commoh to use those tactics.
  3. Her opponent did not score a takedown to win..So your telling Helen she has to beat the referee and the opponent to win the match. Wow. So your telling Helen no matter what to win you have score a takedown to win and your opponent can block and hold position to win with 2 shot clock points.
  4. In Helen "s match I really dislike when a referee interjects his self in a match . let the wrestlers determine the outcome. blocking and holding position is not the same as offense and shooting. Putting Helen on the shot clock twice looks a little suspect especially when it determined the outcome of the match.
  5. Wow Mokoma . Really. Lee wrestles Oliver. Then wrestles Zain and its no contest. Then he wrestles Yianni and its no contest. Its not like he squeaked by in overtime. he wrestled his ass off against 2 excellent wrestlers and won. Good job Nick Lee.
  6. Your correct . just did a little research. I corrected it. He will need 2 or 3 more gold medals to get on the list.
  7. Why would Dake be on the list. he has 2 world gold medals. and he is 30 years old. He has ZERO Olympic medals. He will need some olympic hardware to get on this list.
  8. So what is your prediction on the Snyder vs Moore match. 1. 10 to 0 . 2. 10 to 0. I think Kolin Moore will surprise you.
  9. Moore would win a controlled match 8 to1. in folkstyle. Moore would tech fall him in freestyle. Ferrari is a very good young wrestler who came along at the right time to win NCAA title. But Cox, Snyder , Nickal and Moore would have toasted him.
  10. Simple watch the video and take 6 seconds off the clock.Leaves you one second. you don't wrestle another 7 seconds . Thats absurd. coached over 1000 matches . I have never seen that egregious of a call.
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