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  1. Russia's anti doping agency is making news again. It may effect their athletes in 2020 Olympics. Not a big fan of cheating in order to win.
  2. When Yianni brings back a World Gold Medal this summer then follows it up with an Olympic Gold medal next year then we can talk. Not so sure he is in the conversation yet.
  3. Yes. I would love to know when are the finals.
  4. Good grief . This is ridiculous .Who organizes this tournament. Very hard to follow. Greco,freestyle and women wrestling all at the same time.
  5. Aviator 12 have you ever wrestled or coached a wrestling team? Have you ever been injured during the season?
  6. I'm referring to McKenna vs Carr yesterday. There is another thread on here similar to this one.
  7. Maybe we should have emotional bricks for fans who have little to no understanding what it is like to go through a college wrestling season. What its like to have midseason injuries. The athlete wants to wrestle but he knows that being healthy at the end the year is imperative to being successful at the end of the year. This isn't high school wrestling. This college wrestling. Your opponent isn't going to cut you any slack because you are injured. So maybe before you pass judgement on a wrestler or a coach for missing a match perhaps you get some facts.
  8. Just maybe Phillippi is good. Did you ever consider that?
  9. What time do you think Kolin Moore will wrestle ? Thanks
  10. I corrected what I wanted to say. Did she ever press charges? It seems they should have been separated and then divorced along time ago.
  11. The police have been involved or called 9 different times.Did she ever press charges? They ( the police)are the proper authorities to handle domestic violence. Urban went through proper protocol with the college in these matters an informed the proper people. Urban and his wife actually helped council both the coach and his wife when they were at University of Florida. Its hard to find the facts in this matter due the liberal bias in the media.
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