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  1. I agree 100 percent. The IOC are a bunch of idiots. We should think about having a separate wrestling venue for Olympics with all 10 weights. Now if the IOC wants to eliminate half the events in swimming and in track in field then I might go along with the argument about to many athletes.
  2. Micic is an American he just happens to have a relative that lived there at one point. He was born in Mesa , Arizona in 1996.
  3. Very well thought out. I agree 100 %.
  4. This is absolutely insane. I don't care about the other countries placing. I care about Americans placing. You can wrestle your heart out and lose by 1 point to the number one guy. Then his next match he gets injured .. Guess what your done. Your side of the bracket has 4 of the best guys in the world .sort of like heavy weight in this tournament. Guess what you are screwed. Lets be real . These tournaments should be seeded properly and have double elimination..Honestly right now in the USA in certain weight classes we may have 2 or 3 wrestlers who could medal in the Olympics.
  5. I believe he weighs about 230 lbs. A 255 lb feldman with 25 pounds of muscle added would be force to be reckoned with.
  6. Isn't he a Russian? Wrestling for France.
  7. Kolat did that when the Midlands were more difficult than the NCAA's. I recall him beating several all-Americans to get 3rd. Does anyone remember who they were.
  8. Reasonable compared to what. You have 30 wrestlers in the practice room. Basketball gets 15 scholarships for 5 starters. Why? Football gets 75 scholarships for 30 starters. Why???I would say 17 would be reasonable and 20 would be great.
  9. #7 Kennedy Blades #8 Kolin moore #9 Snyder vs Cox
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