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  1. 6 hours ago, GoNotQuietly said:

    Wow, what do you have to say to get a thread deleted these days?




    There, that fact pattern normally does the trick


    I think you have your information incorrect. But this not surprise me in the world we are living in.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Aviator12 said:

    Man if Desanto gets held out today can we officially remove Tom Ryan’s name and replace it with Terry Brands on THE DUCK COACH of NCAA wrestling? This is getting ridiculous. Again that’s if Desanto is held out today...

    Aviator 12 have you ever wrestled or coached a wrestling team? Have you ever been injured during the season?

  3. 50 minutes ago, Show_Me said:

    ePaul -

    Disagree that 4 of the 5 were injured but you are entitled to your opinion just as I am.  If you have facts about their injuries, I would like to hear.

    In reality, we all know it’s more about Utah Valley not wrestling their studs in order to preserve Big 12 Seeds.  

    I'm referring to McKenna vs Carr  yesterday. There is  another thread on here similar to this one. 

  4. Maybe we should have emotional bricks for fans who have little to no understanding what it is like to go through a college wrestling season. What its like to have midseason injuries. The athlete wants to wrestle but he knows that being healthy at the end the year is imperative to being successful at the end of the year. This isn't high school wrestling. This college wrestling. Your opponent isn't going to cut you any slack because you are injured. So maybe before you pass judgement on a wrestler or  a coach for missing a match perhaps you get some facts.

  5. The police have been involved or called 9 different times.Did she ever press charges?  They ( the police)are the proper authorities to handle domestic violence. Urban went through proper protocol with the college in these matters an informed the proper people. Urban and his wife actually helped council both the coach and his wife when they were at University of Florida. Its hard to find the facts in this matter due the liberal bias in the media.

  6. I meant for the title to ask “can psu set THE record” not a record but don’t know how to edit the title


    With my examples, would that set THE record?


    5 champs, 2 runner ups, and 3rd,


    Zain two pins and two MD

    Nolf 1 pin 1 MD

    Joseph 1 pin 1 MD

    Hall 2 pins 1 MD

    BO 3 pins

    Lee 1 MD

    Rasheed 1 pin


    Would that do it?



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    The bigger question is who will the team title. Both great teams. Great programs. Will Ohio State wrestling in Ohio make a difference? Will It come down to Snyder beating Coon in the finals for the championship?

  7. B10s have lots of talent and its compacted.  NCAA's will be more wide open with more bonus opps with guys from other conferences.


    NaTo gets top 4...anywhere from 1st to 4th would not be a shock. He's looking real good but the top 4 are all super tough.  PSU get's a big zero (0) here...obviously.


    With Pletcher's no-margin-for-error style he could take 3rd...or 8th.  PSU?  Another goose egg here too.


    McKenna's looking Super...firing on all cylinders.  But 141 is so tough.  I can see him anywhere from 1st to 5th.  PSU's Lee could be 7th or 8th here.


    There is no way Hayes takes 3rd...NO WAY.  He'd be extremely lucky to AA.  PSU should be at a huge points advantage here.


    Micah?  Anywhere from 6th to 8th seems like about right.  PSU could be at a huge points advantage here if Nolf really is healthy.


    Campbell? Please. 0-2.  PSU should be at a huge points advantage here with Cenzo likely anywhere from 1st to 4th.


    BoJo.  Anywhere from 1st to 4th. 3rd seems most likely.  Points could be close here.  But with the talent watered down, Hall should pile up bonus points while BoJo who is really good isn't a bonus machine.


    MyMar...also looking good but...Nickal has the formula.  2-6 against Bo should put a stop to this Nickal Kryptonite BS.  PSWC doesn't have all their historical points stuff up right now but my guess is these guys generate similar points.


    Moore seems to have done what he needs to adjust.  Darmstadt and Haught are also tough. 1st to 3rd seems likely.  PSU has to be hoping the thinning of the field at NCAAs gives Rasheed some bonus opps.


    Snyder also looking good to place 1st...but 2nd is a possibility.  Again, my guess here is these guys generate similar points if Nevills can place high enough.


    Should be razor thin margin either way.


    Since there is no way that Martin can beat Bo. Would you give me 100 to 1 for 20 dollars.

  8. I wonder who comes on here now saying Myles has Bo's number?  6-2 should be enough to convince folks that while Martin is good Bo's the real deal and is great.


    So since Bo is so good and Martin Can't beat him. Would you give me 100 to 1 odds for 20 dollars.

  9. I know it doesn't sound like much, but in a heavyweight match it means something. And Snyder was clearly backing out of every tie. Anyone who watched the match could see what I mean. I don't think a stalling point would have been justified, but would not have been surprised if Snyder had been warned, particularly in the first period, when he seemed to be avoiding and contact. Just not what I'm used to seeing from Snyder. Seems he realized after the last match he doesn't want to pummel with Coon, nor does he want to get caught under him, which doesn't leave a whole lot of options for offense. I think the low single will be the key to victory in the NCAA finals. If he gets it he wins, if not, he'll lose.


    Would you pummel with Coon? Snyder did the last match. Had to carry that 300 lbs for 7 minutes the first time they wrestled. Snyder adjusted . I was surprised he took down. That's a lot of weight. I'm a middle weight the pummeling and pushing doesn't do it for me.Coon did not make one offensive shot in 10 minutes of wrestling .

  10. Oooh oooh initiating ties!


    Remember this is heavy weight. Pushing and shoving for 7 minutes is the same thing as taking 10 shots at the other weights.  It is what it is. I would have hit Coon for stalling in the the second period. and the 3rd period. I also would have hit him for flying off the mat in overtime when Snyder was taking him down.

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