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  1. Penn State rose to the occasion .Hats off to them. Will they be able to duplicate that effort in East Lansing at a neutral site. They have an excellent coaching staff. They have 5 returning NCAA champs. They score a lot of bonus points. Ohio State is pretty good. Can they rise to the occasion. We will see in 4 weeks.
  2. That was round one in hostile territory. Round two in neutral territory. Both are excellent teams. Should be a great Big Ten tournament.
  3. Stalling at heavyweight is always called differently. If a 141 or 149 just pushed and hand fought for 2 periods they would be DQ 'd. At heavy weight that is the norm. Push shove ,hand fight. On bottom tripod up ,then stand , turn and go back to pushing and shoving. The last few years we have had some really good athletic heavyweights . They shoot, they scramble. They are a lot of fun to watch.
  4. Only 2 .Jaggers and Davis. There would be some good matches though.
  5. aviator 12. Have you watched Kolin wrestle this year. He is not himself . The Kolin last year who gave bronze medalist and 3 time ncaa champ (Cox) all he could handle. Now he is struggling against ok or decent wrestlers. You think he is ok. Last years Moore majors Cassar. If you would ask Cael Or Cunningham they would say Kolin is not himself. Watch Kolins matches from last year.
  6. Kolin really hasn't been his self this year.Last year he gives Cox all he can handle every time they wrestled and also the guy(Pharr) from Minnesota. He rarely got tired while making multiple shots and getting takedowns. Last years Kolin Moore beats this years Moore by a major decision. As a former college wrestler and coach for 15 years I can see this is painful for Kolin. I hope he and the coaches can figure it out soon. He is a terrific young man and wrestler.
  7. How do you think round 2 with Nevills will go
  8. Rec Hall. Rec Hall is a tough place to win in . You know that .Probably worth 8 team points.I like both programs. Nephew was a 2 time all American at Penn State. Penn state wrestled well against a very good opponent. Hats off to them. We will see how things work out. Both are great programs.
  9. This is good motivation for Ohio State . Round one goes to Penn State. On neutral sites the next 2 meetings. Should be some great wrestling..
  10. Don't forget to thank the ref. Gave them 2 extra points. sometimes you have to be good enough to beat your opponent and the ref. It should be good motivation for the buckeyes. Big tens on neutral soil as well as Ncaa's.Wrestling in Rec Hall is worth 7 to 10 points.
  11. if ref calls stalling properly Neville should get disquailfied
  12. 1st stall on penn state all night. wow
  13. Its tough beating the ref and your opponent. was 2 takedown all day long for Martin.
  14. Both wrestlers were out of bounds on reversal.
  15. ref is horrible gave Joseph 3 points. Really ncaa champ in rec hall can't win on his own.
  16. this ref is a real homer. Rethoford did same thing 20 times
  17. If the ref calls stalling the same for the rest of the match Nevilles will be disqualified in the first period.
  18. Luke was on the football team and came out and subbed one match.Probably not in best of shape or a good a good idea. Would have loved to see Luke redshirt a year get some experience then wrestle Kerry McCoy. I believe they would have had some great matches. Kerry was a great hwy. My nephew was on the same Penn State team.
  19. I believe Luke Fickell pinned his way through Fargo in both of his 1st place finishes.This was coming off his sophomore and junior years. Did not wrestle at Fargo his senior year. I think he would have given McCoy all he could handle.
  20. Luke Fickell . 3 time champ in ohio.2 time Fargo champ.Played football at Ohio State. Coached defense at Ohio State. Is now head coach at Cincinnati
  21. Treep 2000. What are the only matches that really matter to most wrestlers? Then when you wrestle those matches , the ones that really count what percent do you want your physical health to be at . Maybe 80% or 70 % ? I don't think so. Regular season dual matches and tournaments are really just preliminary. They just get you ready for the matches that count. Why would you ever wrestle matches if you where healing from a serious injury unless you're at the big Ten or NCAA tournament?
  22. Anyone can make one stall.It has no effect especially if you have no intention of making the 2nd stall call. Now the ref that can make the 2nd call really shows some character and some balls which this ref had neither.
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