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  1. Treep 2000. What are the only matches that really matter to most wrestlers? Then when you wrestle those matches , the ones that really count what percent do you want your physical health to be at . Maybe 80% or 70 % ? I don't think so. Regular season dual matches and tournaments are really just preliminary. They just get you ready for the matches that count. Why would you ever wrestle matches if you where healing from a serious injury unless you're at the big Ten or NCAA tournament?
  2. Anyone can make one stall.It has no effect especially if you have no intention of making the 2nd stall call. Now the ref that can make the 2nd call really shows some character and some balls which this ref had neither.
  3. Maybe because they are very knowledgeable . My nephew was a 2 time all American at Penn State and I'm a big supporter. But it was stalling plain and simple. They blew the early call on the takedown on top of that. Poorly officiated match.
  4. So double under hooks constitutes an offensive move. Hmmmm.
  5. Boconnell. First of all my nephew was a 2 time all-American for Penn State. I support Penn State. When a rule is bad and it effects the outcome of a match it needs to go. They now have video review. When I wrestled in college they didn't and a few guys took injury time for lung timeouts.. If this rule was in effect when I wrestled I would have chosen neutral .We all wanted to win .But you have to show some class.
  6. Yes .Thanks for the updates.Paul
  7. Does Anyone have any results from the quad?Looking for results with Ouachita Wrestling team.Thanks for your help.
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