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    Paul158 reacted to Aviator12 in Nick Lee adjusting?   
    Many people have suggested the key to Pletcher beating Lee is getting out from bottom. Pletcher not only got out from bottom at the beginning of the 2nd period, he also did after he was taken down. That was key for him winning this last match.
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    Paul158 reacted to Antitroll2828 in How far could Spencer Lee go up and win?   
    He beat him in the finals of Midlands and Finals of Big Tens I was under the impression those count 
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    Paul158 reacted to HokieHWT in tOSU/PSU discussion   
    Sorry I had them flipped. I’ll still take Pletcher at B10s and NCAA.
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    Paul158 reacted to Mokoma in Lee will pin Pletcher   
    My preseason or early season prediction was 2-1 split in favor of Lee.  I have changed now to 3-0 Lee, with total domination once or twice.
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    Paul158 reacted to HokieHWT in Lee will pin Pletcher   
    Name your RTC, I got a c-note this doesn’t happen.
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    Paul158 reacted to DocBZ in Lee will pin Pletcher   
    Put down the crack pipe..
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    Paul158 reacted to fightingsioux in Lee will pin Pletcher   
    And simultaneously a leprechaun riding a unicorn will swoop into BJC just as a comet strikes Earth, obliterating all life.
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    Paul158 reacted to Mokoma in Lee will pin Pletcher   
    This is my prediction, and I’m not even sure it’s an outlandish prediction.
    This match will not be close.
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    Paul158 reacted to whaletail in 149   
    I actually thought Sasso had one of the best redshirt seasons in recent memory last year, with his only loss (last second to the current ASU 157) avenged.
    He was my preseason to win 149 this year (although I wasn't very confident in the pick).
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    Paul158 reacted to Perry in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    Yes, you (and the others) were right, my comments last night were out of line and shouldn't have been made.
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    Paul158 reacted to Marcus Cisero in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    Perry – don’t even know ya but I can tell you’re a good man. Takes a lot to do what you just did. High props sir!
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    Paul158 reacted to russelscout in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    Holy crap dude. That was a long time ago at this point. Maybe we should put that to rest since he has done nothing of the sort since.
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    Paul158 reacted to jchapman in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    So should he just write off the rest of his life because he stole?  Nothing can ever be atoned, no matter what?
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    Paul158 reacted to goheels1812 in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    Man I really hope you aren’t a judge. Kids that make 1 mistake would get put under the jail instead of having a chance to make up for it and make something out of their life. I’d say Gross has done a pretty damn good job of hitting rock bottom and then climbing back to the top, just like chance marstellar and many other guys. You can dislike those guys all you want, but I like the redemption stories and I’m glad they got a second chance. 
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    Paul158 reacted to goheels1812 in Taking bets about PSU vs Wisconsin tonight   
    Yes he did. I would absolutely love to see a detailed history of your life. I’m sure you’ve made 0 mistakes and done nothing you regret. 
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    Paul158 reacted to drag it in Joseph-Marinelli   
    Wanted to give some separate-thread props to these two guys.  That was fabulous. 
    The first half of the dual had a close score but no competitive matches and with the injury at 133 everything seemed a little off (watching by TV anyway).
    Then the top marquee match of the top dual of the year if not years leads off the second half and the 2x nat'l champ and the guy who was undefeated against him put on a show.
    Great ties all match, particularly multiple extended stretches with the best double unders guy and the best double overs guy getting their holds in and ending up in a titanic throw that went the other way from prior matches.
    Marinelli battling back and hitting his own throw which with more time in the period might have made it a nail biter to the end.
    Blood all over both wrestlers faces for half the match.
    Boom!  Great stuff. 
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    Paul158 reacted to Cptafw164 in Why doesn’t hall go 165 and Joseph 174?   
    Please lay out the metrics for saying that national finalists and champs are too small for the weight classes they won.  
    In fact, what would you tell them both if you were their coach?  How would you explain swapping weights their are years when both of them have made the national finals the past 3 years?  
    maybe now you realize how bonkers you sound.  
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    Paul158 reacted to JohnnyWishbone in Iowa vs Penn State   
    Should a 20 pt win. Iowa set up for for the most dominant year of wrestling at the ncaa’s in the softest year of wresting. Wake me up next year when the real wrestlers come back. 
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    Paul158 reacted to WF89 in Ohio State vs Minnesota Sunday, January 18, 2020 on BTN   
    Sammy Sasso dec Brayton Lee 4-2
    tOSU 22 Minn 13
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    Paul158 reacted to Marcus Cisero in Thank You Big Ten Network!   
    I read last fall that BTN was providing us with a 40% increase in college wrestling television coverage – the most in network history.
    The last few weeks - and especially tonights 2-fer, certainly supports that claim.
    Why not use your keyboards to write a quick thank you to their network for giving the wrestling fans what they want – more televised college wrestling!
    Big Ten Network
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    Paul158 reacted to TBar1977 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Martini made a post that mentions Perkins Coie and then goes right after Jordan. Then when I mentioned Perkins Coie's history with the DNC, Clinton and Obama he accused me of blaming the messenger as if I could not argue against the substance. 
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    Paul158 reacted to TBar1977 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    They are an easy target.
    And just what is the message? That Strauss abused student athletes? That is true, so no need to attack that message. That Ohio State should have done something about it? Someone in a position of power, if they knew about it, yes, they should have done something about it.
    If the message is aimed specifically at Jim Jordan, Perkins Coei can be attacked on that all day long. They are an inherently political machine. Jordan never abused anyone. Jordan was a young assistant who was not much older than some of the athletes. Jordan had no power in this situation relative to others. Yeah, let's attack THAT GUY. Sorry, that doesn't pass the sniff test, especially from the political machine at Perkins Coei. 
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    Paul158 reacted to tbert in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I will patiently await the ABC  story on this.  Havent heard much from them , so a Clinton may be  involved.
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    Paul158 reacted to Sstern in Kerkvliet has entered the transfer portal...   
    This is just goofy, as are many of your comments in this thread.  In others you have made much better arguments.
    Two things on the religion issue:  from a Constitutional standpoint, you don’t understand that it doesn’t preclude religion in state sponsored activities.  I will stop there because I don’t have time to explain it all.  Second, maybe a lot of wrestlers have religion as their priority and until Liberty or Notre Dame come back as powerhouses Ryan’s personal story, a great one if you ever listen, is appealing.
    You must not be a TOSU fan as you also fail to recognize history.  TOSU was in no mans land before Ryan.  He WAS the top up and coming coach.  He did great things at Hofstra.  He has created a fantastic winning culture at TOSU.  J has also been very important.  Ryan has repeatedly shown gratitude for what he and Stieber have meant to the success.
    Another sign of a good coach is creating good opportunities for assistants, as was done with Lou.  I would love to have Lou back but it isn’t like he was the only good coach because he surely hasn’t turned OK around like Ryan did at TOSU.
    It will be interesting to see what Kyle does after being at NLWC.  I was impressed at what Nickel did at U23 and he is wrestling a style different than what he did in college.  Very Cael like now.  Can that coaching translate to Kyle?  Tervel was great for Kyle per Kyle.  I think this will actually backfire on him but hope it doesn’t.
    TOSU is in a great spot with Ryan.  Other than Cael, I wouldn’t want any other coach.
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    Paul158 reacted to Konquest in Are athletes at world championships tested for drugs   
    Yeah, they're tested, but it's what they do in the rest of the year that matters.
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