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  1. Recently, Derek Moore was pretty good with legs, getting the tech in the NCAA championship match with a bunch of leg turns.
  2. That's what happens when you hold an event like that at a high school.
  3. If he's getting a full ride offer from Iowa, he's getting full ride offers from many other programs also and would have many choices.
  4. You see it a LOT more in high school than college but it's still present in college. Top guy gets legs in, bottom guy goes flat, turtles up and doesn't even attempt to do anything. Official calls stalemate. A stalemate is when neither wrestler is able to improve his position not when one wrestler chooses to do nothing. That should be stalling on bottom guy. It's really hard to turn a good guy and almost impossible if he chooses to not wrestle. Leg riding has got such a bad rep somehow that the bottom guy is almost always given a free pass to stall and get the stalemate call. Someone mentioned it earlier, you can get out of a leg ride. It's not easy but is possible and the better leg riders seem to be able to defense legs.
  5. Top 33 don't all earn a bid. It usually cuts off around 26 - 28 to leave room for the at-large bids.
  6. I don't know if it's still that way but Flo used to do the stories on the schools that paid them to do it. If you weren't willing to pay, you didn't get the pub. At least that's what I was told by a couple sources but that's been a couple years ago.
  7. "harry checkbook" . That's a classic.
  8. I don't see anything left out??? I watched both that vid and the one someone else posted that included that entire period. There were no "kicks" left out. Or, are you re-watching and it doesn't look as bad as you initially thought and therefore you think the MAJOR kicks were left out?
  9. I'm obviously very biased by looking at my photo to the left, but as a program I think Stanford is moving in the right direction. Getting more and better recruits and the team as a whole is stronger. In the past they had some good individuals but some real holes in the lineup. Last year they were pretty good all the way through the lineup and have kept it up this year even though they lost some good seniors off last year's team. The starting lineup in the win against ASU yesterday was 1 senior, 1 junior, 3 sophomores and 5 freshman. Almost everyone coming back along with the addition of Joey McKenna bodes well for the future.
  10. In watching the NCAA rules video for this year, they state that once the you drop the lock below the butt and the official starts his count, the only way to stop the count is to get as least one hand above the butt or to initiate on offensive move. By this definition, Telford should have been hit for stalling at approximately the 15-16 second time as he never moved above the butt nor attempted an offensive move. In that video, dropping to a leg and standing up with it does not stop the count. Actually he stayed at the knee or below for the entire 17-18 seconds before he was finally called for stalling. Based on the interpretation I saw in the NCAA video, he could have been hit multiple times for stalling during that time period.
  11. So I read this entire thread and then watched the video of it. Wow, was I disappointed. I expected to see some vicious kicks and that was really nothing. There was only one that I would really even call a kick, the rest were more of a hard push off in my opinion. I don't see anything that I would have penalized McMullen for in that sequence.
  12. I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree. I don't see what happened there as a stall call at all. He stood up, took ONE step and started to turn to face and got hit with a double. It's not like he walked all the way to the edge of the mat. It was ONE step that was in the motion of his stand-up. If there was a 10' circle on the mat they would have still easily been inside it when Pfarr shot that double. Don't see that as delaying the match. By the way, that was a neutral start? Possibly and alternative start but couldn't even see that from where the linked video started.
  13. My opinion and I'm right there with BigRedMachine on this. Under current rules, I think the first one is a TD. Once the whizzer was released it was a TD under the no reaction time rules. The second one is not a TD and I think the official jumped the gun a little bit on that one. It's hard to tell for sure from the video angle but it appears that Abounader had the leg with 2 hands and then went to one to elevate the leg. It appears the official saiw him release the one and called the TD but I don't think that was a transition like in the first example above because he never released the leg and actually improved his position. No TD at the time it was given in my opinion. Also in my opinion that was not an escape, they were not truly "neutral". Official jumped the gun on that one a little also.
  14. Thanks. I wasn't sure how the NCAA did it. The seeding criteria in our high school tourneys does take into account win type. So if two wrestlers are 1-1 against each other with a pin and decision, the one with the win by pin would have criteria over the one with a win by decision.
  15. No, I was referencing your ability to tell by looking at a match if someone was injured or not. You said Peters was not injured at all. I was pointing out the fact that someone can wrestle with a season ending injury. Could you tell if Stieber was injured or not during those matches? Not with hindsight, at that moment in time? If I remember correctly, it sure wasn't obvious he had a season ending injury. Also, I'm not sure how NCAA seeding works for sure but in most seed criteria a pin holds more weight then any other type of win. So unless Peters got decked in the rematch, he would still have criteria even if he lost.
  16. So Peters obviously wasn't injured? Is that anything like Stieber taking 3 losses out there his freshman year, finishing every match, but after that he is medically done for the year? How do you have such a bad injury that you are done for the year yet finish every match? Would you say that maybe sometimes things aren't always as they appear?
  17. He lost to Collica and also lost 5-1 to Missouri's Trevor Wiest who is their #2 or #3 at 157.
  18. The setting for this outdoor dual was great. Saturday was the last home football game and Senior day for Stanford and they had a big Fan Fest event going on before the game with vendors, tailgating, etc. outside the football stadium. They set up the mat right in the middle of the Fan Fest so there were a lot of people around. And I would guess many of them got to see a wrestling match live for the first time. Hopefully they got a few new fans that liked what they saw.
  19. CornerCoach has a personal beef against a particular PAC12 coach and takes every chance he gets to throw in a shot at him.
  20. I think he went to West Virginia with Henson.
  21. It's definitely not fair but it wasn't that long ago there was a big discussion on here about him and at least one person said he would have been a high AA as a high school sophomore, listing some AA's they knew he would beat (I think Molinaro was one). Almost impossible to live up to hype like that. And it has nothing to do with the kid, just how people were talking about him. Knocking the hype is not knocking the kid or his abilities, just other people's unrealistic expectations.
  22. All the lists I looked at said 5 years old for every state. Didn't see any that specified 6. But the most current list I saw was from 2013.
  23. You're right, I forgot that Silver redshirted already. Then he came back and Mango redshirted then they were at 25 & 33 last year. Must be getting old and senile.
  24. Saw that also. Not sure if he dinged up a little or is going to redshirt. I could possibly see him redshirting this year as the team is really young and then coming back for his final 2 years with what has the possibility to be a pretty decent team.
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