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  1. I would really like to see some matches officiated with SHP's proposed step-out rule. It's simple but still allows for TDs at the edge if someone ends up there. The officiating of it would be simple and if you added the correct hand signals by the official, it would be fan friendly because you know a score is going to happen, you just don't know the point value until the action completes so it adds a little bit of anticipation - will it be 1 or 2. Would change some strategy at the end of close matches also. Fight for my 2 at the edge and burn up some time or get the 1 now and then attempt to get in deep again or play defense? Defensively, fight off the TD and give up 1, burning up time and having to go back to neutral or give up the TD and go on bottom with more time left?
  2. Kokesh and Gutches wrestled last year in the finals at Reno which was a 3-1 win for Kokesh.
  3. Couple of things: 1. For Stieber to get the opportunity to lose 3 matches in a row and finish 6th, didn't he first have to overperform? He made the semis as a 5 seed which is overperforming to his seed. He then lost in the consolation semis which is what would be expected of a 5 seed and then he lost the 5/6 match to finish 6th. So if you're really looking at perfomance to seed, he both overperformed (getting to semis) and underperformed (loss in 5/6 match) in the same tourney. Since he overperformed early and then had problems later, were there possibly physical problems that could have contributed to his "underperformance"? That we don't know and won't ever know. 2. Houdashelt seems to be a very big 149. Does the cut get to him later in the season? He is really a goer and seems to rely a LOT on that and being physical and strong and I don't see him as being particularly technical in his wrestling. Maybe the grind of a 3 day tourney, making weight, etc. takes away his physical advantages and he becomes susceptible to the really slick guys.
  4. Knowing what I know now, having been around the school and the wrestling program at Stanford for the past 6 years, Stanford would be my choice. And a Stanford degree would look very nice in my current profession as a software engineer.
  5. Don't think of wrestling as a bunch of moves but instead think in terms of positions. From this position I go to this position, from that position to this next position, etc., etc. If you think of it in terms of "moves" from start to finish, when you wrestle and your opponent stops your "move" then it's always a pause to think of another "move". If you think in terms of positions, then you react to the position you're in not where you started going. If that makes any sense at all. Hard to explain in print. Do motion matches with your partner, 50% speed/effort rolling around, moving from one position to the next. No right/wrong, no pressure to do something a certain way, just move.
  6. Great minds think alike. LOL That method also allows for a guy to step out a little but still wrestle back in without giving up a point for a small false step. Come back in and wrestle, no points, go OB and avoid wrestling, give up a point.
  7. I really like this idea. I have been to a couple of college duals where they did an exhibition match or two prior to the start of the dual. Would be nice to see them all the time. And would be a nice reward for some of those backup guys.
  8. I'm with SHP on this. I think you should be penalized for going OOB from neutral but would still like to see the action continue at the edge so that the attacker has the opportunity to get the 2 takedown points instead of just the 1. Or he could be countered for points. I don't think this would be complicated to call, either. You could do something like the obstruction call in baseball - when the umpire sees obstruction, he will hold out a fist straight to the side, no verbal call and let the play continue. After the play has ended is when the obstruction call will be enforced, depending upon the result of the play. A similar thing could be done in wrestling, red steps out, official makes a signal with his red hand (arm straight to side, open hand??) and holds that signal until OOB or a score. That way everyone there knows who went out of bounds and that some type of score is imminent. If the action continues to an OB call with no score, green awarded 1 point. If action continues to a score, that score has precedent. If action continues back to completely in bounds, the signal is dropped and no points awarded. I don't think that would be very hard for officials to do. Some additional mechanics but not very hard ones. And, everyone knows what is going to happen as the action continues. Also I like the idea of action that goes OB from referee's start stays on the mat and back to referee's start. No free escape just for going OB. It's much easier to get away than to ride someone, bottom guy doesn't need the extra help.
  9. That is great!!!! Nice hire. Was wondering who they would get for that opening.
  10. I went and saw BB King and Buddy Guy on that tour a couple years ago, also. BB really did show his age and played very little during his part. I wanted to see him while he was still around and while I was a little disappointed in his part of the concert, its not often you get to see a true legend perform. Buddy went second and just lit the place up. Great show. I will go see him again when he comes back my way. Again, if you guys are into blues/rock, go see Buddy Guy if he comes near you. He is a legend that puts on a GREAT show.
  11. You might be in the minority, but you're not alone. I also really appreciate how hard mat wrestling is at the D1 level and the skill it takes to be able to do that. Riding someone for an entire period at that level is VERY hard to do. And just getting an escape is very tough, also. Plus, mat wrestling can be an equalizer for the kid that isn't a great athlete. Most guys that are good in neutral are very quck, explosive athletes. If you can offset some of that by being a grinder on top, getting your ride time and escape point, a kid can close that athletic gap and possibly get into his opponents head a little along with wearing him out. Now maybe that good athlete isn't so quick and explosive anymore. And having the ride time does bring a different strategy to a match. Do you choose down to try and get the point or possibly give up a RT point? A good top guys wins the flip and defers, opponent takes down and gets ridden for 2 minutes using up a bunch of gas in the process. Besides, I don't see that neutral wrestling is any more exciting than mat wrestling much of the time. Lots of tieing up, banging on the head, fake shot, bang the head, half shot, tie up, get to the leg, stalemate or OB. Back up and repeat. Not a lot different than a standup, return, scramble, standup, OB. Repeat.
  12. Best one I've been to recently was Buddy Guy. Great showman and can play a little, too. And he is 78 years old. Would never know it from his show. If you like blues/rock, take the time to go see Buddy Guy if you get the chance. A legend that puts on a great show.
  13. Good one!! Fortunately I have managed to avoid ties at work for the most part.
  14. If shorts were an option and I was wrestling a legger, I would DEFINITELY be wearing the shorts, especially if he is a "long leg" kind of legger. Makes it much harder to get the leg in - shoes get caught up on/in the shorts trying to get the leg in, especially if you wear a little bigger shorts and let them hang a little low.
  15. I think Mango was awarded a scholarship to Stanford's Graduate School of Business. That would be hard to turn down to go to Minnesota.
  16. Potential Illinois Line-Up 125 Jesse Delgado 133 Zane Richards 141 Stephen Rodriguez 149 Caleb Ervin or Kyle Langenderfer 157 Isaiah Martinez or Zac Brunson 165 Jackson Morse or Zac Brunson 174 Nikko Reyes or Jeff Koepke 184 Jeff Koepke or Nikko Reyes 197 Michael Pixley HVY Brooks Black or Chris Lopez I thought Pixley did not qualify for D1 through the clearinghouse and signed with an NAIA school???
  17. For the record, I never said that there wasn't more than coaching that goes into winning a national championship. I try to stay away from those type of hypotheticals as much as possible. I want to deal with reality. In reality, Cael is not in that situation. In reality, Cael is the best coach in college wrestling. But, you have at least implied, if not outright stated that to be a great coach, you have to win a national championship. Then you agree that there is a lot more to winning a national championship than coaching. You can't have it both ways. If we transplant any of those 4 coaches to a school with minimal funding and support, they aren't winning a national championship. BUT, their coaching abilities haven't changed, they are still the same coach they are right now But according to your definition, they wouldn't be a great coach because they lack a national championship. My point is, if he was in a different situation without the resources and support he has now, and not winning NCs, then he would still be a great coach. And given that, I think there are other coaches out there that aren't winning NCs but still doing a great job. And I'm not knocking any of those coaches, especially Cael. I think he is a great coach and would be a great coach whether he is winning national championships or not.
  18. Superold - Let's pretend that Brands, Sanderson, JSmith and JRob have never won a team championship before and put them coaching new teams. Their new teams only have funding for two scholarships and two assistants - no S&C coach, no admin assts., no resident club, etc. Just the three guys doing everything for the whole program. Do they still win a national championship in that setting? If not, then I guess those guys wouldn't be great coaches. Point being, there is a lot more than just coaching that goes on to win a national championship.
  19. I don't like the first score as a criteria. If I score first, I now effectively have a 2 score lead as my opponent must score twice to get ahead (assuming equal scores). If he only scores once, I'm still ahead. Guys that know they have a two score lead will really be shutting down, blocking off, etc. knowing they can waste time, give up a score, waste the remaining time and win. I think first score criteria would lead to less action.
  20. ^^^^^ I see what you did there. Nice!!
  21. Echoing what others here have said: The posts are sarcastic, witty and funny. All things that I enjoy. Definitely a STAY from me.
  22. Conceptualize and germane in the same sentence???? That's really going to help people understand. :)
  23. AAAHHHHHHH!! Page monster keeps eating my posts............
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