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  1. Most tourney seeding criteria starts with: 1. Head-to-head results 2. Common opponents then things become more subjective if you still can't break a tie. Stieber and Retherford neither have head-to-head matches with Port so I'm guess it might come down to common opponents. But then again I have no idea what seeding criteria the NCAA uses.
  2. Was not in criteria for near fall. If I remember correctly, there are 4 criteria for near fall: 1. One shoulder on the mat, back at less than 45 degree angle 2. Both pinning area within 4 inches of the mat 3. Supported on both elbows 4. Supported in a high bridge. Someone correct me if I have not remembered NF criteria properly.
  3. I don't see any way Johnston is getting in. 9 matches at 184 with a record of 4-5. I don't see a wildcard going to someone with a losing record.
  4. I agree that they were OB prior to the escape being awarded. Not exactly sure either how the review works and if you have to specifically specify what you are challenging. If you do not have to specifically specify what you are challenging, then that escape call should have been overturned.
  5. There appeared to be a valid argument for a review. I think they went OB before the escape occurred and the call should have been overturned and had a restart with approximately 3 seconds on the clock. Not sure how the challenges work, if you have to exactly specify what you are challenging and if they see something different, then that is not part of the challenge. I think Manning was challenging that time had run out but they were OB before the escape occurred.
  6. Also remember that technically, those 'greyshirts' can NOT be in the room during team practice times, can NOT lift with the team or do any other team activities. They are on their own for any training they might get as they are not an athlete on that team. They could train with FLWC but they can NOT be in with the Cornell team during regular practices, lifts, etc.
  7. So you're asking if one anecdote disproves an entire line of thought? I don't know. Does it? I guess that would depend upon the facts that the entire line of thought is based upon.
  8. I would guess all the other media types will fall under the same contact rules as texts, etc. but not sure on that. Recruits can initiate as many contacts as they want but coaches are limited in the number of and timeframe in which they can initiate a contact. Funny story regarding contacts. A few years ago my son was being recruited by a few schools and at that time, coaches were allowed to initiate one phone call with a recruit during a week's time (if I remember correctly). I was with my son on a recruiting visit and eating lunch with the head coach of one school. The coaches cell phone rings, he looks at it and then hands his cell to my son and tells him to answer it, which he does. Obviously the caller was a little confused, thought he had the wrong number, asks who it was and my son tells him and then hands the phone back to the coach. Coach takes the phone back, tells the caller, "That's your one contact for the week, you can't call him back until next week" and starts laughing. Turns out the caller was a coach at another school that was also recruiting my son. The two coaches were good friends and I thought that was a pretty funny prank. Needless to say, the other coach did get his allotted call in for that week.
  9. You are correct that there have been 4 duals since the Minnesota dual. Clark wrestled in 3, all of which were B10 duals (Northwestern, Michigan, Wisconsin), and Gilman in 1 (Lehigh). Therefore it is obvious that Gilman is/was the starter since the Minnesota dual. It's common practice for most coaches to wrestle their backup in the conference duals and the starter in the non-con duals.
  10. Generally, in tournament scoring, the bonus points for a pin is 2 points (1 point for major, 1.5 for tech, 2 for pin).
  11. I'll be there with our little group. Will be sitting with either the Minnesota fans or the USA Wrestling dignitaries depending upon which source got us our tickets.
  12. Here is a pretty good article about this season's Stanford team from the school newspaper, the Stanford Daily. http://www.stanforddaily.com/2014/03/04/life-on-the-mat-a-historic-season-for-stanford-wrestling/
  13. That is legal and is actually how we teach our wrestlers to finish a power-half with legs in. Pull the same side wrist back and grab it with the half hand. Particularly with legs this will lock the shoulder in and give you more leverage while at the same time not allowing the shoulder to get into a bad position and possibly causing a PD call.
  14. Or the bottom guy just does nothing except keep from getting turned knowing that he will get back to his feet without the threat of giving up a ride time point. Will look a lot like freestyle. You can lock hands and do a gut in freestyle and how many turns from par terre to you see there? I think people underestimate how hard it is to turn a good opponent. It doesn't just happen and when it does, many times it happens late in a period/match after the top guy has had time to grind on his opponent to get him to a point where he can be turned.
  15. Actually, there are MANY posts on this site where the claim is made that duals show which TEAM is better vs. tourneys which can be won by a few very good individuals winning with bonus points. If you go further back to last year when the proposal was made to crown the team champion with a National Duals tourney, there are MANY, MANY posts that state this "fact". I was providing a counterpoint to that "fact", which is only obliquely related to the CURRENT National Duals debate.
  16. You read all that I wrote and THAT is what you got out of it???? Wow.......... (shaking head sadly)
  17. After reading most of the stuff on here regarding duals vs. tourney as to which is the way to determine the best team, it seems most people in favor of duals say that a tourney can be won with a few 'superstars' achieving bonus points but duals require a complete team effort and reveal the best team. Given this premise, let's examine the results of the UNI-ODU dual. ODU lost the dual despite winning 6 of the 10 matches. UNI was the winner by 3 of their 'stars' achieving bonus points. Does this invalidate the argument that the best 'team' wins duals? Or is the relationship between dual scoring and tourney scoring closer than really thought? Or possibly are duals scores even MORE influenced by 'superstars' than tourney scores? Consider the fact that in a dual there are a total of 60 points available to be split between each team. If 3 guys get pins, that is 9 bonus points or 15% of the total available points. If 3 guys get pins, then they have garnered 30% of all the points possibly available to either team. In the NCAA tourney, if you win the championship you would wrestle 5 matches. If I remember correctly, a pin is worth 2 bonus points so if someone pins their way to a championship, they would earn 10 bonus points or 30 points for 3 wrestlers. I don't know how many total points are available in the NCAA tourney but to compare the percentage of dual bonus points to tourney bonus points, if 30 tourney bonus points represented 15% of all points available at the tourney, then only 200 total points are available at the NCAA tourney and we know that is not true. Therefore, it appears that 'superstars' that achieve bonus points are more valuable in the dual format than in a tourney scoring format. Discuss among yourselves.......... (No I'm not a Penn State fan, in case you're wondering)
  18. Then let's take an example from another sport that doesn't have the size requirements of basketball or football - baseball. My son is currently a freshman in high school and since we're nearing the end of wrestling season, they had a baseball meeting earlier this week. Our team may be cancelling their freshman schedule because at this point, they aren't sure they will have enough freshman boys go out for baseball to field a team. Just a couple years ago, there were enough kids at his age to field 4 or 5 teams (12 kids per team) in our town's summer league. So in a couple years, baseball has gone from 48-60 participants to possibly less than 9. Our summer league usually had a 12 - 14 game season and played 2 nights a week so the whole season, including the pre-season practices only lasted about 2 months. Are all those kids 'burnt out' from playing those 12-14 game seasons over the summer? Why are they no longer playing? I don't think it's a wrestling specific thing. Kids don't participate at older ages in the same numbers as they do when they are younger in any sport. For full disclosure, I have two sons who both started wrestling at an early age. One is now a senior in college and the other is the above-mentioned high school freshman. Both kids also played football and baseball in addition to wrestling. I do think playing multiple sports should be encouraged.
  19. That's an automatic PD in high school but not in college. In college the position will continue.
  20. How would you define a top-tier coach? In your opinion, what makes a guy a top-tier coach and what are the current coaches in those programs missing that keeps them from being top-tier coaches?
  21. +100 for this. This is especially true at the high school level. Guy gets legs in, bottom guy clams up like a turtle, ref calls stalemate. Guy gets legs in again, bottom guy does turtle impression, top guy gets hit for stalling.
  22. Stanford, currently 17-4 in duals, has set a new school record for dual wins in a season, eclipsing the mark of 15 wins set by the 74-75 team. They have one dual left on the schedule against Northwestern. On a related note, Jim Wilson has become only the 3rd Cardinal wrestler to have 30 wins in a season as a freshman. Wilson is currently 30-5 on the season. The other two Stanford wrestlers to have at least 30 wins as freshman are David Lee (37) and Matt Gentry (35). http://www.gostanford.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=30600&ATCLID=209402399 See, not a National Duals or PSU topic. :shock:
  23. You apparently didn't wrestle when figure four was legal. A four locked behind the knee is like closing a cam lock or a chain binder--no effort needed to keep it tight and the only defense is trying to stand and tumble/slam the top guy (who knows this only works if he panics and losens it himself), or crawl OB. Also not easy to pin from unless bottom kinda gives up. Basically a punishment, almost submission hold. Truth right here. I also wrestled back in the dark ages when the figure 4 was legal and body scissors were illegal. You could absolutely punish a guy with the figure 4 with almost no effort when you got it locked behind the knee. If not at the knee it's not nowhere near as tight and much harder to keep the other guy where you want him. I'm amazed that Retherford controls guys as well as he does with that scissor lock, that's not an easy thing to do.
  24. So Alton lost the match for PSU in the same way that DSJ lost the match for Iowa against Minnesota - by going to his back and counting lights. Keep your DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPION from counting lights in a big match then they would be sharing the B1G dual championship. Iowa may well still. If they beat Wisconsin in two weeks, they'd share it as well. If they had beaten Minnesota in that dual, they'd have locked up their share already and would be going for the title outright against the Badgers. Oops. Knew they had a loss to Minn and PSU but didn't realize the PSU match was not a conference match. I guess DSJ kept them from winning an outright conference championship. ;)
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