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  1. So Alton lost the match for PSU in the same way that DSJ lost the match for Iowa against Minnesota - by going to his back and counting lights. Keep your DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPION from counting lights in a big match then they would be sharing the B1G dual championship.
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    Got confirmation of my tickets today!! WoooHooo!!!!
  3. As long as Retherford's foot did not go behind his own knee, he technically locked up a legal body scissor; as soon as the foot goes behind the knee, it's a figure-4 and a 1 point penalty in HS or college. The rules about figure-4ing the head have changed several times in the last 10 years in both HS and college, but figure-4ing the body has not been allowed to my knowledge. FYI, I did not watch the match, i'm just a rules nerd. Way back in the dark ages when I wrestled, a figure 4 to the body was LEGAL and the body scissors was ILLEGAL if I remember correctly. That was in the late 70's, early 80's. Not sure when they swapped that around. You could really punish someone with a figure 4 to the body.
  4. Remember, in order to preserve their redshirt status according to the rules, the school cannot pay for anything related to their wrestling. The redshirt wrestler has to pay his own tourney entry fee, find and pay for his own transportation to/from the tourney and pay for all expenses (meals, hotel, transportation, etc.). The school can pay/do nothing for the redshirt. Not sure how many schools actually do this by the rules, though. Always wondered how some teams get all their redshirts to an open that is quite a ways away and still follow these rules. It can be quite expensive for the wrestler.
  5. Jim Wilson, RSFR 165 for Stanford is still undefeated (15-0) and has a few nice wins.
  6. For probably the exact same reason the Iowa fans were all upset about people questioning Brands motive on the lifting of MM's "permanent" ban from the team.
  7. Interesting they introduced Dylan Marriott at 174. Marriott is on the NW roster as a 149. Against Air Force, they sent out David Helmer at 174 who is also on the NW roster as a 149 (he got pinned by Connor Witt from AF). No other guys in the room close to 174 they aren't redshirting?
  8. I think Dake has been on both ends of this issue, he would be a good guy to ask. Early in his career he was cutting a lot of weight. In the interview immediately after winning the title at 149 he was asked, "What do you weigh right now?" Dake's reply, "170ish". Last year he obviously wasn't cutting as much as in his first couple of years.
  9. All the stuff I originally typed disappeared. Short version - Mat-side weigh-ins before every match not just the first one. You would have to maintain that extreme cut through an entire tourney, weighing in before every match. Don't see a very good performance happening if you do that. Not sure about college level but would love to see it at the youth level. On the fence for high school.
  10. http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/quiz/_/ ... -mlb-rules Quiz on baseball rules. I was listening to some sports talk this weekend and with hundreds of thousands having completed it the average score was somewhere around 3/10. One of the hosts of a show I was listening to was a minor league ump and and scored very low on it. I took that quiz real quick and without much thought scored a 7/10. If I had spent a little more time thinking about it I probably would have got 9/10 as two were just from reading question too fast. Was definitely wrong on one, though.
  11. If the article on themat.com is correct, I thought it was interesting that both guys are 21 years old but Mango will be a redshirt senior in college and Thielke will be a redshirt freshman.
  12. Yes but I think there are some additional rules to get a 6th hear of eligibility, including losing two seasons to injury (although I think this has been bypassed in certain other sports - namely football. Probably because that where the $$$$ are for the NCAA). Those above are just what is required to get a medical redshirt if you have not already used your regular redshirt.
  13. You could say the same thing about almost all of the top teams/coaches (Brands at Iowa, Smith of OkSt., etc.). They all get great talent in the room and recruiting is a huge part of their success.
  14. According to the KSHSAA site, Kansas held its first championship was in 1930.
  15. penn state cant be invincible if they just lost to a team head to head they may beat ohio state maybe they would be able to beat oklahoma state and probably would win a close one with minnesota but all of these teams could beat penn state and penn state is not that much better of them we all know penn state has ruth and taylor who will stack up bonus and the reality is taylor will probably lose to dake but score more team points than dake and aalton who is only ranked 8th will probably score as many points as the 3rd place finisher even if he only finishes 8th so where will these points come from even though they are taking losses? aalton will score more points against a lock haven kid than vonohlen even thouhg vonohlen will beat aalton and taylor will do better against caldwell than dake would even though dake will control a match with taylor and beat him again so yeah i stand by what i said i determine the best team by how they stack up to another team not by how they beat up on weak wrestlers on other teams not even in contention. how does penn state beat iowa and oklahoma state for a national title? they dont show up to the national duals and they have their wrestlers pound on chattanooga northern illinois princeton buffalo and drexel why dont they just beat up on iowa or oklahoma state one on one to win i thought wrestling was a mano y mano sport why hide a national championship in some convoluted team scoring mechanism against hundreds or random pairings or random teams and their athletes when penn state lines up their team and dominates another team head to head and is the undisputed best team capable of beating any team one on one they will be the best team but right now the best team is debatable much like it often is in baseball basketball football soccer and every other sport and there is nothing wrong with that it doesnt mean penn state is not a great program BRGuy -- So your premise is that Penn State isn’t worthy to be called National Champs this year if they win the NCAA Championships because they lost a dual. According to you, that loss proves they weren’t the best team and they are only winning NCAA because they have good individuals and not a good team and their individuals are just beating up on lesser opponents in the NCAA tourney and scoring more points. OK, let’s run with that premise using some team like…………………. Iowa. Iowa has won 23 NCAA titles. In 12 of those years, they had a dual loss (or multiple dual losses) during the year. In 4 additional championship years they had a tie in a dual. So, given your premise, we can say that in 16 of their 23 title years, Iowa didn’t deserve to be called National Champs as they didn’t win in the important head-to-head format that really proves who is the better team. In one championship year they had 3 dual losses and another year they had 4 dual losses so many teams were better than them in those years. But Iowa must have won because they had a few outstanding individuals that beat up on lesser opponents in the NCAA tourney to score more points than the teams that had proven they were better than Iowa head-to-head. So really Iowa really only deserves to have 7 NCAA titles (or maybe 11) not 23 according to you. And, to go further with the NCAA points thing, in 83, 86 and 97, Iowa set NCAA team scoring records. In each of those years, Iowa suffered a dual loss. That makes it painfully obvious, according to you, that Iowa wasn’t the best team but was really taking advantage of lesser opponents in the NCAA tourney to score more points than the teams that had proven they were better than Iowa in a head-to-head matchup. So, since you stand by what you said to “determine the best team by how they stack up to another team not by how they beat up on weak wrestlers on other teams not even in contention”, then we need to take away at least 12 of Iowa’s 23 NCAA titles since they lost duals during the year and possibly another 4 titles since they had ties during the year and the “best” team might not have been Iowa. I’m glad you cleared that up for all of us………
  16. I am a big proponent of mat-side weigh-ins at the youth level, not so sure about college but I wouldn't be against it at that level. It's crazy what some parents have their young kids do. As for Dake, two years ago in the post match interview after his win at 149 in the NCAA's, the interviewer asked him about his weight and he said he weighed 170ish for his finals match. And he looks much bigger now.
  17. DSJ is not innocent here. He punched the guy from Michigan and he punched the Michigan State kid in back to back matches, both of them when his opponent gave a little "Iowa-style" OOB shove. I really don't have a huge problem with it but don't act like this is a one-time thing for DSJ. He did it twice in 3 days.
  18. I haven't seen the Iowa/MSU match but I was watching the Iowa/Michigan dual on TV yesterday and DSJ definitely had the best punch of the night in that dual (unless there was a better one in the last 3 weights as I couldn't watch the whole dual).
  19. I saw a lot of stall calls at Maryland on Saturday but they were all on the bottom guy and it was ridiculous. Don't know how many times I saw bottom guy broken down and top guy with a high-thigh figure-4 right on top and just bumping bottom guys arms out when he tried to base up and the refs were hitting the bottom guy for stalling. If top guy just wants to sit there and do that, there is nothing the bottom guy can do about it but yet they were hitting bottom guy for stalling. I don't mind riding time, as it is very hard to ride a tough wrestler at the college level, let alone turn him. But, to get a dominating position (like a high-thigh figure-4) and to not even attempt to do anything with it is stalling on the top guy, not the bottom guy. But, in my opinion, the officiating at Maryland in the duals I watched was not very good overall so maybe that explains it.
  20. How many times had Hendricks beaten Perry prior to their finals match??? No dog in this fight, just saying. Especially when the matches have been as close as they have.
  21. I laughed at reading this from an Iowa fan calling out PSU fans to learn to lose with class after the way the Iowa fans booed Dake at NCAA's last year.
  22. I will be there with my family to watch my oldest son wrestle.
  23. 1, Use your hands, move your feet. 2. Use a tie or change it. That's what we tell the kids I coach and that's our "handfighting" philosophy.
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