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  1. Didn't Smith win 3 titles and THEN take a redshirt year? If that is correct, do you really think that there was a good chance he wouldn't have won as a Senior, 3 time defending champ???
  2. Just let the action finish. If the attacking wrestler finishes the TD, he gets 2. If not he gets the 1 steipout point.
  3. I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that 2-time AA Ryan Mango from Stanford would be ranked if he weren't redshirting.
  4. Agreed. And when typing that, I considered putting quotations around injury.
  5. I think the 30% is only if you wrestle and then have an injury. If there is no injury, then a single match representing the school will disqualify them from taking a reshirt. At least that's how I understand it.
  6. Wonder why Compton didn't wrestle here and only had one match in the intrasquad. Did he get hurt?
  7. So if it changed so that the NCAA Championship is attached to the Duals, would ESPN cover the individual tourney or would they just switch one for the other? Pretty much a rhetorical question as I don't think anyone here REALLY knows that answer.
  8. A couple points/observations: [*:2f46qhwi]There are hard costs associated with scholarships. If scholarships were "free" to the school and cost no money then every program would be fully funded. Remember a full ride scholarship includes tuition, room, board, books, fees, etc. There are a lot of hard costs there (food, fees) and a lot of soft costs (loss of room rental to provide a room for free to scholarship athlete for example). Scholarships are not "free" to the school. [*:2f46qhwi]I think you have to separate the 9.9 (or whatever number) from the dollars. The 9.9 is NCAA reg - the dollars are what coaches have to spend and then stay within the 9.9. The schools that I am familiar with have X amount of dollars to spend on scholarships not X amount of scholarships. They can split up the X amount of dollars however they want but must be careful to stay within the 9.9. For example, let's say a school has $100K in their budget to spend for scholarships and tuition is $10K for in-state (IS) and $20K for out of state (OOS). They could sign 5 OOS kids to full rides or could get more bang for their buck and sign some IS kids. But if they sign all IS kids they won't be able to use ALL their 100K budget as that would put them over the 9.9 limit on scholarships. And coaches are allowed to split the scholarship funds up so they are very aware of trying to make the best use of the funds they have available. I think it probably depends upon the program, but it may be possible to spend unused but budgeted scholarship dollars on other things meaning they get more bang for their buck by signing in state kids. [*:2f46qhwi]Therein also lies the difference between schools that are "fully funded" with 9.9 scholarships. Some schools say they are fully funded but the level of dollars available is based upon in-state tuition. Another school may be fully funded based upon out of state tuition. In the example above, that difference would be $99K of funds available between the two schools. One school would be able to offer more money to kids if they were recruiting out of state. [*:2f46qhwi]I'm pretty sure you can't mix athletic aid with other aid and call it a partial scholarship. If you offer athletic aid of any amount, then the total of all aid they receive counts against the scholarship limit. That's the way I understand it but I could be wrong.
  9. My phone kills me. I think I tried 4 different times to get that right and I still messed it up.
  10. Casey Jones, you better... watch your speed! NICE!!!!! How often do you get to reference the Greatful Dead on a wrestling site?????
  11. Give me an 'F' for reading comprehension. :oops: I read American and stopped.
  12. That's interesting. Stanford's schedule has them at American on Jan. 13th.
  13. Man, if they started doubling up the wrestling count for T9 proportionality testing then you could probably say goodbye to a bunch more wrestling programs. If a team had 35 wrestlers that counted twice in a school with 55/45 female/male ratio then you would need 85 women athletes to offset those 35 wrestlers (the way I understand the proportionality test to work). That would be the death of wrestling at many places I think. It's already bad enough that if you have females on your wrestling team, they count as male athletes in the headcount. To double the team member count would be horrible.
  14. Last year was Renfro's second title as head coach at Labette. In his 10 years as the head coach at Labette, his teams have the following finishes at Nationals: 2003 - 7th 2004 - 6th 2005 - National Champs 2006 - 3rd 2007 - 2nd 2008 - 3rd 2009 - 5th 2010 - 2nd 2011 - 5th 2012 - National Champs That's a pretty successful run in your first 10 years as a head coach. NEO will be getting a good coach and a good guy.
  15. Up to 20 teams can score points for the school (10 men, 10 women). They use the 10 highest scoring sports and anything after that is not counted. You can see the standings and scoring at http://www.nacda.com/directorscup/nacda-directorscup-current-scoring.html Stanford does have an incredible athletic department. Here are their teams that had a ranking/placing and how they finished (from the Director's Cup scoring tables at the above link): Men (Sport - Place/Rank) Swimming - 3rd Cross Country - 5th Gymnastics - 5th Tennis - 5th Football - 7th Baseball - 9th Track & Field (indoor) - 11th Wrestling - 16th Track & Field - 18th Golf - 19th Women (Sport - Place/Rank) Soccer - National Champs Water Polo - National Champs Basketball - 3rd Gymnastics - 4th Swimming - 4th Tennis - 5th Track & Field - 6th Rowing - 9th Field Hockey - 9th Fencing - 10th Cross Country - 10th Track & Field (indoor) - 13th Softball - 17th Volleyball - 17th Golf - 24th
  16. Iowa Western is VERY competitive in all their sports.
  17. Not to be picking nits but I think Houdashelt was 0-2 at NCAA last year, which was a bit of a surprise. Loss to St. John, loss to Corey Mock. I agree he will be better after a year of experience.
  18. The way I envision it - if it is continuous action of a TD that is initiated in bounds but the TD is finished OB (toes in or whatever would get you a TD awarded under current rules - no finishing completely OB for safety reasons), it is 2 points. If a TD is not completed and they went OB, it is 1 point. Not sure how back points comes into this but it would be like it is now. If you're OB, no back points. Also, if this were to come into play in folkstyle, I think having the zone like in FS/GR would be nice as it is easier for the competitors to know where they are at on the mat. But, that wouldn't HAVE to happen.
  19. Wrestlers will not just push a guy out in that situation. They will go for the takedown because it is worth 2 points compared to the 1 point for a pushout. In freestyle the pushout equals the takedown so they would rather just take the guy out of bounds. Plus in freestyle even if you get the takedown the bottom guy can get out of bounds to put them back neutral. This also does not happen in folkstyle as you will be on top until you give up an escape or reversal. I agree with you 100% there, I was just making a comment on something someone had said earlier that we wouldn't see any takedowns, they would just run them OB for the pushout point.
  20. I think the scores against Sanders in the finals were 1-0, 1-0
  21. Personally, I like the push out rule or some similar version of it. It keeps the majority of the action in the center of the mat. Puts a premium on good handfighting and controlling ties, standing in front of your opponent and fighting. I would really like to see it done somewhere as a trial. Obviously the athletes wouldn't be used to it so it wouldn't look like it would after being in place for awhile but would be interesting. Some thoughts on other stuff I've read in this thread: We will miss out on all that great action that happens at the edge of the mat when someone is in on a shot and tryin to finish the takedown. - I think you will still have a lot of that action, just not at the edge but before the edge. Someone is in on a shot and the other guy is trying to avoid the TD and also avoid the OB (push out). I can see some great scrambles happening in the center of the mat because there isn't that bailout of OB that actually limits the movement to only a couple directions because if you go one way, it's OB. Guys will just get a single, stand up with it and run the other guy OB for pushout. - For the fans of funk, the pushout rule could be great. Someone gets the single in the air and goes for the pushout point and you'll see some funk happening. If that was happening to me, I would probably be diving between the legs and looking to funk out of the single and create my own action. You don't see that in freestyle because it's a lot better to give up the 1 than to take a chance on giving up an exposure by creating an odd position. Don't have to worry about the exposure in folkstyle so I doubt you see guys just getting run OB in that manner. Could be pretty exciting and I'm guessing that after a while, the offensive guy won't be just trying to run a guy out if he's in that good of position but trying to create a solid finish in the middle to avoid the funk. It will just become a sumo match. - You can't just bullrush a guy and push him OB. He's going to use your momentum against you and launch you or slide by so you go OB. Like someone said, check out the one situation in Varner's match. This is something we work on with even our 8-10 year old kids. If a kid tries to just push you OB without using good technique, then take that opportunity to log him some frequent flyer miles and launch him. We work on a couple of specific throws from that situation. And the converse is also true. If you're close to OB and can't just push your way back to the center of the mat or face the possibility of your opponent throwing you. I could see some real exciting throws happening near the OB line. You already see some nice stuff in freestyle but without the threat of exposure, maybe more in folkstyle.
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