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  1. Can we talk about Mekhi Lewis winning a world title in his third freestyle tournament ever? I was on the fence with this kid before but am now a believer. He’s a legit title threat at NCAA’s.
  2. T-Row and Funky was awesome because it was a candid look into the minds of two world class athletes who were both obviously still huge fans of the sport. We've seen "superstars" become talking heads on ESPN and other networks, but they're still usually sticking to a script. Even as cocky (maybe "confident" is a better word) as Ben can be, both guys show a lot of humility and respect on the show. I also enjoyed their views on youth wrestling and hearing about Tommy's strategies for helping his kids grow in the sport.
  3. Darmstadt is a stud. Hope he recovers and gets a medical shirt for the year.
  4. Should read “it’s a lifestyle choice that most adult humans aren’t willing to make.”
  5. One of the best! Pretty amazing what he was able to do in such a tiny town. I wonder who takes over.
  6. I don’t know, Singletary is pretty good too. Kind of the same issue he was running into in Minnesota. Thought it would be Nebraska. Glad he is not a Nittany Lion.
  7. I bet we see Krone at 174 or 184. He stepped in at multiple weight classes last year and was solid.
  8. Assad has made big weight jumps from year to year, going from 120 to 145 to 170. He won a big school state title this year in Illinois after not placing the two years before. The IHSA 3A state tournament is one of the top 5 state tourneys in the country (PA big schools, OH big schools, Cali single class, NJ single classs). If you can win that, you are legit in folkstyle. Additionally, his growth trajectory suggests he is still not physically mature and has lots of gains to be made. Guys like this usually end up doing well. Not an Iowa fan, but I'll predict that he's solid for them. Good article from Illinois Matmen... http://illinoismatmen.com/2018/02/18/abe-assad-continues-the-streak-for-glenbard-north/
  9. Cadet World medalist commits to Iowa. He projects as a 184. Same high school as Tony Ramos. Thought he would end up at Michigan.
  10. What’s the story with him leaving Graham?
  11. Since people like to split hairs, this is what I was basing #1 pound for pound off of: https://www.flowrestling.org/rankings/6213990-2018-19-high-school-wrestling-rankings/28430-fargo-results-set-up-wno
  12. #1 pound for pound wrestler in the class of 2019 commits to Arizona State. Honestly, I kind of expected him to go the Greco route. Glad he will be wrestling in college.
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