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  1. Just call stalling correctly -- especially on top (lordy lordy drop to leg and hang on is so flippin' terrible) and you'll have more action without the bad push out rule.
  2. We'll try it out. Hiattb@mcburg.org Mechanicsburg Indians Purple and Gold Indians
  3. Glad JB won -- and he was going to win anyway, but being DQ'd for hands to the face is stupid.
  4. We as Americans love to talk of how we are the best conditioned. These quick turn around times should be in our favor.
  5. Crap -- same message I got. Good thing JB is about to wrestle.
  6. Mine just crashed. Is everybody's else's working?
  7. Me also. You could hear an official in the background say, "NO 3 blue. His action." I guess we were "wrong".
  8. Excellent endorsement of FILA. Read what Eric Akin had to say on mixedmartialarts.com. "The IOC said they were fed up with the controversies at FILA," explained Akin. "They’ve been warning FILA for 3 Olympics. In 2008, the Greco-Roman wrestler threw his bronze medal across the arena at the awards ceremony. It was because he took two raw calls, two Olympics in a row. He can’t come back." "I think (the IOC is) just fed up with what FILA is done. There have been a lot of bad reports after Olympics. Countries reporting FILA for different controversies. We kind of did it to ourselves because we let FILA control wrestling and everyone was afraid to step up. They just want to play the political game." "Wrestling is a sport that doesn’t have a lot of popularity in some countries. What they started to do brackets they would seed you by having you pull a keychain or a trinket with a number when you step off the scale. They say they do that to let other countries get to the medal matches. So the first weight class will happen and Russia or the US will get three golds. Then their next group of guys will come out and start competing and they’ll get screwed really bad. Their excuse will be 'you guys already have three golds, you don’t need another one.' Well that other guy doesn’t care how many his country has. He wants it for himself. They act like it’s something they delegate to countries." "What wrestling really needs is a brand new governing body. I wouldn’t be surprised if the IOC says 'FILA, you’re done.' Wrestling needs to appoint itself a new governing body because it’s not FILA."
  9. Reading Stan's posts remind me of a couple 8th grade students that are in my room every year. They think they are the smartest people in the room. They tell everybody they are the smartest in the room. They think everybody else is the cause of the problems and that they have all the answers to "solve" these problems. In reality, they aren't even close to being the smartest kid in the room and are the true cause of the problems. Only 3 mats, 1 pm start time, weight class must be started and completed in single day, reduction of weight classes, etc. all falls at the feet of FILA. Excellent resume. Hopefully expulsion from the Olympic games won't be the next bullet point on their resume.
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