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  1. Somebody put their schedules up. Who put it on the line? SEM,Blair,Graham,OPRF.
  2. so for clarification Blair beat Ws at Ironman. (no PG/5th used by WS) Blair beat Ws at national Preps (2 Pg/5th used by WS)
  3. With the economy and travel expenses,Which states sent the most kids this year.? Anybody have the numbers? Thanks
  4. Second down year in a row. I talk when things are good but recognized things are down. I see only three all americans Turt. Luvsandorj- newark nj St. Benedicts. prep. HS A. Perotti - West Essex HS J. Green - Willingboro High School A shout out to Minn. and Illinois wrestlers -great job.Ohio great group the last few years ,way to step up Heflin
  5. Tough to get the job done without Dempsey (any info on how bad injury is?)McKenna,shownumi,coover(no clearance) good season for bucs, should still end #1 beating sem. At Ironman,Beast,and head to head. I tip my hat to Sem. Kids and coaches. They will be very strong the next few years.
  6. Timing of the shoulder injury didn't help. Between senior yr. in high school and frosh college year. Nickerson and acevedo after the shoulder weren't the same. Cv never got going.
  7. You must be a rookie here. After the Dake/Sylvestri match read if you can LIMARTY and his predictions while Taylor was to be the next wrestling Jesus christ. LI called Dake to be great and He is. Face it you jumped on the bandwagon to late Which time was LIMartin correct? When he said Dake was good or when he said he wasn't that good? Marty? Is that you? Odd that you say Marty "spoke the truth"...anyone remember Marty's prediction about Dake 4 faithful years ago? "He will lose, he is a freshman. Freshman lose." How about his spot-on prediction about Taylor? "He will not be bog/strong enough to AA until at least his Junior year." Marty was "On the money"..."Spoke the truth"??? Laughable.
  8. Again get over it. Your wonderboy lost to a better wrestler time and time again. LI spoke the truth for once and you lost. Move on most have already Which time was LIMartin correct? When he said Dake was good or when he said he wasn't that good?
  9. The only time I will say it... LI MARTY WAS ON THE MONEY. Its over OH people. Dake is better,time to move on :?
  10. Dake can now cut down another weight since Bloomberg stopped New Yorkers from buying big gulps at 7/11
  11. Who started this post li Marty or hall,oldman. The jersey haters stirring the pot. :o
  12. TECH is a fraud. He and HAll ,SR,Oldfart, must have got their heart broken by some Jersey girl. Get over it already. All you do is continue to validate the negative stereotypes associated with NJ some true some not. Your ignorance and just plain brash argumentative nature with no desire to add anything of value to this forum or society but simply to beat your own chest is why so many people do not like NJ. I have lived in NJ for a few years due to work and now live in NY. I also have family that live in NJ today and travel there often to visit. I am actually going to south NJ this weekend to visit friends. That being said of the 49 states I have spent any amount of time in some more than others NJ has been IMO the worst. Just like great wrestlers come out of the state so do great people but in its entirety the peoples attitudes and how they treat one another created a culture of "dbags" to use your choice of words.
  13. Give Nj philly and while your at it give us your disgraced state university and state capital (which went bankrupt) and we will clean them up also :lol:
  14. This is Ohio s year. They are loaded. They have I see at least 2 champs but could be four if Hunter and Taylor win.
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