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  1. Russia already has anywhere from 3-5 entries per weight class....in a manner of speaking.
  2. Turkey had Adem Bereket at the 2000 Olympics. He is an import from Ingushetia, Russia
  3. Saw Team India at the Walmart in Norman, Ok last night. They were buying a bunch of clothes and shoes. Nice butch of guys. I spoke to Parveen Rana (74kg) for a little bit.
  4. I never said that training in huts with little gurus is their only method. I only pointed out that their tradition/base was there but that they needed to adjust to the international style. Adjusting means with wrestling shoes and singlet's on, using mats, FILA rules, wrestling with other nations and coaches etc.
  5. I don't think B Satiev ever moved to 84kg because there was no reason to. A) he was dominating 74kg and B) he isn't big enough for 84kg. The truth is A Satiev wasn't big enough for 84kg either or should I say he was a natural 74kg but since his older brother occupied that spot tradition in that part of the world dictates Adam compete at another weight class since Buvaisar is older.
  6. India has a very old and rich wrestling tradition. Not only I'm I not surprised that they're doing so well I have been wondering for some time when they would start making an impact. They're traditional folkstyle Pehalwani has deep roots. It is similar to Iranian Pahlvani and Turkish Pehlivan (all from Persian root Pahlavan meaning champion or hero) folkstlyes. Pehalwani is practiced in a sand ring. Basically the Indians needed to adjust their techniques and rules to the international style (as all nations have had to at some point). I think for the most part the international style had been ignored and Indians mostly only cared about domestic competition. I believe Sushil Kumar can be given a lot of credit with changing that. Below is a link to a documentary about Pehalwani if anyone wants further information.
  7. Iran through to finals. This is the 3rd straight year for a US-Iran final at 74
  8. I actually think Americans generally are in better condition than Iranians on the whole. However when your opponent is forcing the action/has you in a defensive position, in fatigues you much faster both physically and mentally. Iranians historically like to get a lead early and then go into defensive mode (otherwise known as stalling). They will do things such as shooting on a leg and just holding on (not attempting to finish) just to waste time until a stalemate is call. They will even give up take downs so they can kill time so long as their lead isn't in danger (examples being Dabir, Talaei, or Mohammadi). However in the last 10 years or so they do seem to be in better condition than they once were.
  9. Just to be clear the Iranian Government's stance against the Israeli Government is one of politics and ideology (in this case Zionism). It is not religiously motivated. As another poster pointed out, Jews in addition to Christians and Zoroastrians have permanent seats in parliament. An Iranian Jew could compete for Iran if he/she should choose to do so. Conversely if a Israeli athlete was for example was black, white, yellow, green, or purple the Iranian athlete would not be about to compete against him or her. If the Israeli athlete is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or Hindu the Iranian athlete could not complete. All that matters is this athlete is representing Israel which is a country that Iran refuses to recognize (officially anyways). I am not defending Iran's position merely stating the facts. I am not naïve enough to believe that no Iranians whether in politics or not do not have prejudice against Jews (speaking of religion now) I just want to be clear on the official reason the Iranian athletes cannot compete against Israeli athlete. We need to be sure to differentiate between a) nationality, b) ethnicity, and c) religion. Example Iranian Jew: nationality - Iranian, ethnicity - Hebrew (assuming they were not converts at anytime and just part of Iran's ancient Jewish community that has been there since Babylonian times), religion - Judaism
  10. Really? Just read what you wrote back to yourself very slowly and think about it...... Btw, when was the last time you were in Iran to speak to ALL IRANIANS???
  11. Just for the record Iranians are not Semitic, they are Indo-European. Arabs (and their ancient counterparts Assyrians, Babylonians, Akkadians, Phoenicans, Canaanites) and Hebrews (I did not say Jews since in the strict sense Judaism is a religion not an ethnicity) are Semitic.
  12. You are clearly ignorant and uneducated. I'm not even going to bother to rebuttal to this stupid comment...
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