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    DROP reacted to fadzaev2 in Most Physically Gifted Wrestlers of All Time   
    As long as were on the subject of Greg Gibson, he also wrestled freestyle, and in 1987 wrestled Bill Scherr in the US Open/National Championship....it went overtime, and there was no time limit then...this video doesn't show exactly how long the match lasted, but the video is about 18 minutes long....I think that's about how long the match lasted .....I do have it in my video library and have watched it a few times, but it's been awhile.....enjoy.  Fadz                                       https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5098670-1987-us-nationals-bill-scherr-vs-greg-gibson
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    DROP got a reaction from Buckxell in Flo Technique videos   
    Got a response from Flo, they will have special pages made for techniques and training soon
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    DROP reacted to tec87 in If you could win a state title, which state would it be??   
    or the Jamil Kelly and not win state, not place at ncaas but make the Olympic final and come home with hardware
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    DROP reacted to BigApple in Melvin Douglas & Nate Carr & Les Gutches   
    It is a type of Metzger. Andre says he has 5 versions. I was coaching a stocky 220 pounder at Midwest City who I was trying to get to do duckunders without much success. One day I asked the two paid coaches why they didn't have kids practice a front head chancer. It was one of the first moves I teach beginning wrestlers for two reasons.
    1 they get a lot of pins against opponents who are inexperienced.
    2. Kids in my room learn to shoot with their elbows in and heads up, or a teammate will plant them with the front head chancer.
    So they had me demonstrate, as I pointed out you want the opponent's head under your chest. Then I showed them what happens when you don't get the head under your chest. I had Kory hookup up the front head chancer with my head outside. I hit a duckunder, while pulling down his arm/shoulder, and going through his crotch with my arm that wasn't underhooked. Then did a backarch and turn taking him to his back. Kory picked it up immediately and has been using it since then. He said at the cadet duals he pinned 5 guys with it, they had no idea of what he was doing. You could also hit a fireman's carry as a counter to an i properly done front headcatcher.
    Melvin is an excellent teacher of technique. Email me at wapplegate@cox.net and I'll give you Melvin's cell number.
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    DROP reacted to BigApple in Melvin Douglas & Nate Carr & Les Gutches   
    In 1996 I had a HS freestyle club at ASU. Sunkist Kids practice was right before mine. Had a kid who was trying to do duckunders. I taught him what I'd learned from Wayne Wells. The kid good pretty good with what I'd taught him. One day I went over to Melvin a fellow native Kansan and OU guy like me. I asked him if he could spend 30 minutes with this kid on a duckunder, since his was the best in the world. He spent about an hour and I watched all of Melvin's instruction. I still teach what I learned that day. About a week later the kid comes in and said my HS coach isn't real happy, he said you are setting up your setups. His coach had been 2nd in D2.
    Nate Carr came out of retirement and was in the room working out. This kid and a freshman walkon at ASU were rotating in on Nate, who was just playing with them. The kid comes over and asks me how to take Nate down. I told him in your dreams you can't take him down! I said that's Nate Carr, he said whose that. I said Kenny Monday couldn't win the NCAA until Nate graduated. I gave him a quick history lesson on Nate. About 15 minutes later Nate stopped taking it easy, and worked them over. The kid comes over and said I've never been worked like that in my entire career. I replied now you know how he won all those medals.
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    DROP reacted to qlayer in The duckunder as a skill   
    Les Gutches Duck under:

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    DROP got a reaction from scribe in Melvin Douglas & Nate Carr & Les Gutches   
    Can you guy's PLEASE collaborate or individually make a Duck under Video dvd instruction with your set ups, philosophy ,and mindset ? I bet you would definitely sell a ton. I'm a huge fan just venting..lol now I coach and would like to break it down more methodically for the youth. Sorry for the rant. And please guys I have enough YouTube clips ,I wanna hear from the masters opinions.
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    DROP got a reaction from scribe in Melvin Douglas & Nate Carr & Les Gutches   
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    DROP reacted to scribe in Melvin Douglas & Nate Carr & Les Gutches   
    Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?
    (Sorry drop. Couldn't resist)
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