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  1. Thanks for that info. I have never bet in this fashion before but I might in this instance. If anyone can help me out with some guidance on how to go about it and doesn't mind me PM-ing them it would be appreciated.
  2. Sorry. I meant Garrett not Stieber. And I meant Stieber not Steiner. Dang autocorrect.
  3. Are there minimum odds on these bets. For example. Does it have to be $100. Example. Steiner at a +1000. A $25 or $50 bet might be worth th longshot.
  4. I have to agree that just the resume can pull kids in with freestyle ambitions. If not to the college team at first I can see top names not from the PSU,OSU,tOSU, and IA making their way there. Those name at the RTC could play a big role in future recruiting. HS kids may not know him, but they know Smith, JB, Snyder, Talor, AMD Dake and he trumps all of their success. He has as many world level golds as Snyder and JB combined. It doesn't take much to see that when you read th bio. So I think in the immediate short term it may not be a big draw, but it definitely could in the next 2-3 years. In all seriousness I could see Ramos making the move. It is a lightweight coach that can coach at the level of his rival competitors coaches. I.e. PSU, IA, tOSU. Molinaro would. Make since too and maybe even Gomez.
  5. I was most impressed with the O'Toole kid out of Wisconsin. He has some outstanding defense and I think he was only a sophomore (going to be junior) winning the junior division pretty decisively. I thought I hear them say he was planning on attending Missouri. After watching him I could see why with his style. With Eireman doing a lot of the work with their freestyle program they would be a good coach / athlete combination for the international level. When you look at wrestlers like Askren, Eireman, and Cox who have all had success, the O'Toole kid seems to be a good fit for that program. Plus Missouri doesn't really get a lot of attention for their regional program, but they have been represented quite a bit and done well. In the last several years they have had Askren and Cox (both Olympians), and also Eirman (currently 3rd on the ladder), Dom Bradley, Marable (JB's first loss), and Alan Waters. Coach Johnston also trained there some, but was more of a Hawkeye product.
  6. I wouldn't be willing to give a kidney, but I would pay the $14 per day.
  7. Does anyone know how much tickets are to the world championships?
  8. I don't know what the reason was for why they don't, but I do think it would be good to mix it in. Especially if they stay with three separate final x events. However, even if they don't and go to two days it could be good. If they are concerned about letting guys have the opportunity for both, they could do opposite weights. i.e. the upper weights of freestyle mixed with the lighter weight of greco. I think those who would consider both will do so regardless, as long they were different competition dates. Who probably wouldn't have changed the outcome, but I am sure Coon would have liked to have had his two tournaments on separate weeks.
  9. Spladle, I don't disagree with you. I will say, I was very shocked and impressed with the series of guts he hit on Colon. That was a dynamic I did not expect from Garrett, and really what took Colon out of the match. The difference I felt between match 1 & 2, and his third match was confidence. It seems like after he won match 2 he had this level of confidence and belief in himself that I hadn't seen before. He about blew it in match 2 but if he can learn to strategize a little better and not implode with a lead he could do it. I do think he will get overlooked and that his insane speed gives him a sleepers chance. That ankle pick and his last re-attack with the double was sick. I don't think people will be ready for that speed. It is like hitting balls off a pitcher with a consistent 99 mph fast ball, and then a pitcher steps up and throws a few pitches right after at 102mph. That small difference in speed takes a few pitches to adjust to. If he can blast a shot an follow with 1 or 2 of those guts, he could create enough separation to hold opponents off. If he doesn't give up passivity from avoiding contact or take a crazy shot that costs him.
  10. I definitely don't think it should have been a 4-2 in favor of Colon. Maybe a 2-2. Yes Colon changed the direction, but he did not stop the momentum, and he did not lift. (i.e. Dake). He used Nashon's momentum, change his direction and exposed him. Nashan attacked from his feet (obviously), but colon was closer to being on his butt than on his feet with his chest wrap initiation. If you watch Dake (amazing with the chest wrap) he gets his feet planted and firmly lifts his opponent off the mat. Colon simply changed Nashan's direction exposing him beyond 90 degrees. I don't know that I would have given Nashan 4 points either. I would have gone 2-2.
  11. For me personally, I am not really considering NCAA performances. Green never even won an NCAA title. For me personally, I am considering patterns and consistently. I truly believe that if you took draws out (in a hypothetical), and could hypothetically wrestle everyone in an order to where everyone wrestled everyone (not possible), that all 10 of our guys would land top 10 in the world. You can't account for one country (including the USA) having 2 or more top 10 guys in a weight. Each country can only wrestle one of them. So it doesn't matter if Russia has a number 1,2, and 3 in a weight. Only one wrestles the tournament. So in the tournament. The #4 guys theoretically is the silver competitor. So with that said. If you consider draws then you look at the bell curve. 3 of our guys will get close to a perfectly average draw, one guy will get a great draw, one guy will get a terrible draw and someone. Of the other five wrestler, 2 or 3 will get a little better than a perfectly average draw and 2 or 3 will get a less than perfectly average draw. Therefore, with all ten of our guys being a top 10 (IMO), 5 of them have a very realistic shot at medaling. When I consider that I think 7 of them are a legit top 5 contender I am putting my bet on us pulling of at least 6 medals. As for my opinions on Taylor, I would place a bet on him medaling and feel confident in that bet. However, from my perspective when he is grouped with Green, Burroughs, Dake, Cox, and Snyder, he is the one who has had a momentary lapse that cost him a match. I will admit, I am one of the guys who thought he would beat Dake every time they wrestled. I thought, this has to be his one. Even noted it on forums. He never did. I predicted him to beat Cox, both times. He never did. I thought he would finally pick off Burroughs.... and he never did. So while I still think his is as elite as all the above mentioned, he seems to be the one who misses by an inch IF compared to the other. I in no way mean that as a knock. I will jump up and scream "F' Yes!" in my living room when he medals. Taylor deserves his world medal.
  12. Ohio, I don't necessarily disagree. Particularly with Japan. I have them 5th, but was on the fence with them being top 4 and Cuba being just outside of Top 4. I also think Georgia is solid so them busting the top 4 wouldn't surprise me. I would be surprised though if Iran is not in that top 4 mix, but then again, it is the world championships.
  13. I love watching Taylor and have been a fan since his freshman year. I have been rooting for him from the beginning.... but Dake, Steiber, Cox, and Snyder all have more NCAA title than Taylor. Gwiz and Burroughs have the same number of NCAA titles as Taylor. Gwiz, Gilman and Steiber all have world medals Green and Cox have multiple world medals. Burroughs and Snyder have multiple gold medals. Taylor has also lost to Burroughs, Dake, and Cox multiple times So while I respect everyones opinion, I am not sure the logic behind Taylor coming away with potential gold only to be accompanied by JB and with the exception of Snyder everyone else is Bronze or no medal. Personally, in the spirit of giving Taylor credit where credit is due, I think he is probably the key to bringing home the team gold again this year. JB, Snyder, Dake, and Cox I think are our very likely medalists with Green maybe just behind them. One more medal and I think we lock in the team title. I think Taylor is the key to that. Gwiz is right there with Taylor but when you have 2 other opponents who have separated themselves in the case of 125KG, it leave very little if any room for error. Team wise, I don't think AZE finishes top 4. Russia, Iran, USA, and Cuba should land top 4. I am really interested to see what happens with Russia. While they have always been a wrestling power, as a country they seem to be struggling in about every sport compared to the past since they have been cracked down on for doping. I am curious to see how this impacts even their elite wrestlers. Even some of their best wrestlers may not have been nailed for PEDS, it makes me question how it affects their depth, and their ability to reload year after year. It also makes me wonder if some of their elite wrestlers in the past, even recent past, may have not been clean at one time, but are now and is impacted by it. I am sure this would all be kept pretty hush by Russia, and has that been the reason they have gone with some wrestlers over others. Are some of the wrestlers that have kept out or replaced in some tournaments because they will come pop up in the testing? I am not saying I think that is what has happened, but those are variables I do wonder about. So I will be curious to see if Russia is the same Russia we are use to seeing. I hope the 4 months comes quick!
  14. That is actually a pretty good way to look at it.
  15. I know the world stage is a different level, but I think we will have to implode to not get 5 medals. My logic is this... JB: 6 medals in 7 competition, and what, a combined 3 loses to international wrestlers in his career. Snyder: 3 for 3 Gold. +2 very likely medalist with those two, and probably Gold. Cox: Olympic and Bronze Medalist Green: 2X World Medalist At least +1 medalist between time 3 Potentials, but not highly probable Gilman, Logie, Garrett: Gilman and Logie both made the finals in their first world team trip. We seem to always pop someone into the medals who isn't really expected. So I feel one out of this group of 3 will sneak through. I am going to go with Garrett. I said it in another part of the forum. He has world class speed that is hard to train for. He is unknown and will be less scouted. Logie medaled his first time through, Gilman did, Zain was right there. I think Garrett will be the one that pops. Even if not, someone in this group will likely get a favorable draw. So +1 medals from this group. Taylor and Dake: Both on their first world team, but I don't think anyone in the world doesn't think they are a threat. I know it is the worlds and there are a lot of variables, but it is hard to imagine both of them not placing. At least one should get their world medal So +1 medal Gwiz: Returning world medalist. I know heavy weight is tough. I put Gwiz by himself and not with Logie, Giman, and Nashan, despite Gilman taking Silver last year. I don't know where I really stand with his chances. He just seems to be improving at such a fast rate. He looks even better than he did at the last worlds. So I say he is a 50/50 chance. So like I said, I think we have to implode big time to not get 5-medals. Realistically I think we walk away with at least 6-medals.
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