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  1. I am not there to see it, but I am surprised the score was what it was. Still another one to go, but If Cox and handle Dake again like that he may be better than even I thought. We will see though because Koll is a master of adjusting.
  2. potdangerous, I agree that we have seen Dake internationally at 86kg. However, a lot of those matches he was just coming back from being out a long time from injury. He also had just made the decision to go up so there is a learning curve strategically. He was also just starting to grow into the weight, if he can grow anymore. So there were a lot of 1 inch variables that can add up to a 100 yard difference. The one thing Dake has that I don't think anyone else in the weight does is the ability to rattle off a series of points in a hurry when he is behind, due to his explosiveness and scrambling. I think that is something that can be adjusted for when you know that ability, but since he is virtually a nobody internationally, and absolutely WILL NOT be respected internationally because of his size, it makes him deceptively dangerous and overlooked. JMO. I am a HUGE J'Den fan, due to connections with his high school and college coach, but I try to look at it objectively. USA first, personal preference second.
  3. While I think Dake is our best shot to qualify the weight and the extreme outside shot for a medal, Cox poses some real problems. Since J'Den's true freshman year, I think the only takedowns he has given up are to single legs and ankle picks. His Freshman year he had a couple loses getting scored on with singles, but since then his only loses were to a DQ and ankle picks. The loses to McIntosh and Snyder were both to ankle picks his sophomore year. That is his weakness. So Taylor would have been a horrible matchup for J'Den. Dake COULD have a hard time with his Hi-C causing him to rely on the single. I don't see Cox getting over zealous and allowing for scrambles either. I think stylistically J'Den is the absolute worst possible matchup for Dake. So I am going with Cox, if forced to bet. As a Mizzou fan I would love to see J'Den. However, as a USA fan I have to hope for Dake from an objective standpoint. If anyone is capable of pulling enough upsets to medal in Rio it is him. If we qualify. With that said. J'Den isn't a folkstlyle wrestler having a fluke tournament. He is a 4 time fargo all-american, and actually beat Snyder to win Fargo. I believe he has wrestled on the Cadet world teams, has won University nationals, and was either number 1 or 2 on the Junior world team ladder. His high school coach has been on international coaching staffs, and was also Dom Bradley's coach. In addition he trained for years with one of the coaches who have trained the cadet and junior world greco teams in the past. So he is hardly green in the international styles. He has also wrestled internationally at the cadet and junior level. So he is well versed in freestyle. Maybe even more so than folkstyle.
  4. I meant out* of the running. And for* not dormant. Dam auto correct
  5. Wow! Metcalf and Green outea of the running already. It will be Youngblood dormant sure. Metcalf has been a true warrior.
  6. I think Dake is our best shot to medal, though a very long shot. Truth be told I'm a fan of Taylor, but to give credit where credit is due, Dake is just flat great. Dates ability to scramble and capitalike on mistake is incredible. He is Dangerous enough to take one person's mistake and scramble his way to a flurry of points. I wouldn't bet on him placing l, but he is probably the only one in the US that could pull it off.
  7. I think while Hebert has the talen, his durability is not there when so much risk is at stake. I'm nit sure Hebert can even beat Dake. I would say Ruth but the mma direction may have him distracted.
  8. At 84kg I think they need to send Dake. I also think he is the only one who has any kindication of remote chance to grab an Olympic Medal. Although a long shot. This coming from someone who would really like to see Taylor climb to the top. The advantage Dake has is his insane ability to scramble, and readily score off of his opponents mistakes. It gives him a shot even being small for the weight
  9. Mizzou will return 7 (8 technically). McGehee Synon (technically, but Clayton will probably fill this weight. RSF who has finished ahead of Synon all year) Manley Mayes LeValle Lewis Milkus Cox
  10. I wasn't at the tournament, but following on track dashboard I thought Miller was actually losing at the time of the inj. def? I know there is a lag between real time and what is reflected on the dashboard, but there wasn't a guarantee Miller was going to win.
  11. PSU is gonna be hard to beat. The big race may be for runner-up. Who will it be? I think Mizzou is in the hunt for the spot. They have 8 for sure qualifiers all with AA potential, including Cox who I think wins then championship.
  12. Nevils would not get an at large bid. However, if he finishes top 7 then one of the wrestlers who earned that spot for the conference could possibly get an at large bid. That is the same scenario for Snyder. Snyder will most definitely grab one of the top seven placements, and if Nevils does the same then two of the wrestlers at heavyweight in that conference whom earned conference slots would need at large bids. That posees quite the problem since they would also need to finish eighth and ninth most likely. Talk about throwing a monkey wrench into things.
  13. Didn't Matt Pell do that the year he won for the most falls, or was that not a pigtail round?
  14. I would say Brian Smith turned Mizzou around relatively quick as well. I also think they finished top 4 at NCAA. Likely AA's Mayes Lewis Milkus Cox (champ) R12 probable AA's Barlow Manley Butler Barlow or Manley one should AA'S 2-2 Guys Synon That is quite a few points and should put them top 4. Especially if Cox wins it
  15. Just to clarify What I mean by Nevils snagging one of the automatics wasn't that he would earn one for the conference, although somewhat possible. What I meant was he has a good chance to place in one of the qualifying spots earned by conference members at the tournament. With him and Snyder both probable (Snyder for certain) guys to finish in an automatic spot at the conference tournament, it will likely chew up 2 at large bids going to wrestlers who earned automatic slots, but do not place in the conference slots earned.
  16. So is Cody gonna be the heavyweight rep for Mizzou? I don't know that he has a shot to qualify, but he is a hard working young man without a spot. So I am all for them giving the Senior a shot. The MAC is weak at heavy, with I believe only the Northern Iowa kid even in the top 25. So you never know.
  17. A few at large bids are definitely gonna get chewed up with this weight since Snyder and Nevils won't have enough matches to earn a spot for the conference, but will most likely snag one of the automatics.
  18. Didn't Cox beat Snyder in Fargo finals 2 or 3 years ago? He may not be polished at the senior level due to current focus on folkstyle, but until he hit college 2-1/2 years ago he was the top HS freestyle wrestler if I am not mistaking. He was also the #1 recruit coming out of HS
  19. I know this is a Haines thread, but since the move is a result if Snyder coming back after the Olympicshow I figured I woild state it here. While Snyder is a stud and the future, it isn't a sure thing he even makes the Olympics. Snyder is amazing and a world gold medalist, but he still has to be the returning Olympic gold medalist, Varner. Just because he beat him before the last world's doesn't mean he will this Olympic year. Varner will almost for sure be in his last year. The US is in a good spotime with those two guys.
  20. I hope he turns up somewhere else. I too think it is just a bad fit. He has the skills, but probably needs to be at 165. Programs I think would be good for him 1) Nebraska comes to mind first 2) Virginia..... Steve Garland is a very personable and good coach. 3) Oregon State..... Zalesky would probably like to have him 4) West Virginia. ... not sure he would be released to a big 12 school, but Henson and Marble would do well with him I think 5) Central Michigan 6) Edinboro 7) South Dakota..... Possibly I think any of those programs would be able to rebuild his confidence. The first four especially, since all consistantly have coaches that push out multiple All-Americans. Edinboro could be in there too. For the freestyle aspect I would say that Nebraska or West Virginia would be the best option. I have zero doubt he can still All-American a couple years and maybe even win an NCAA title. He just needs the right program. Someone also mentioned that he would ride the bench at PSU. I'm not so sure. Given the right mental situation he is plenty capable of starting for PSU. Jmo
  21. Yes, 3 world's and anot Olympic. Thanks for the correction.
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