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  1. JB said he is chasing John smith's record of 6 golds (4 world and 2 Olympic) if he wins 2016 that gives him 2 and 2. I don't think he will now out the year before the Olympics but I don't think he competes for 4 straight either. The wouldn't surprise me if he takes 1 of the next 2 years off. At the very least he won't travel overseas much. He mayhit one or two tournaments heading into the trials, but I think that is about it. I believe you will only see him pop up for the trials and the world's the next couple years and probably only one if the next two. Then3 world championships from now he comes back training prepping for 2020. If he tries to go full bore the next 4 years it will be very difficult for him to hold up. He has had a tire ACL, broken foot, and the leg injury in the last world's over the last 6 years (going back to college). Two of those have happened in the last 2 years. He has to be thinking about preserving his body at this point.
  2. I know there is a lot of discussion about a guy getting a bye into the finals. I personally don't think it will have as much impact as people think. In fact it could have an adverse affect. 1) Depending on how weigh-ins are, it is an extra weigh in for the guy wrestling if you wait a day. If you wait a week then they have to hold the weight. If you have one weigh-in then the "bye to the finals" wrestler gets another day to replenish (not sure if that would make much difference) 2) the "bye to the finals" wrestler does not know who they will face for sure coming out of the challenge tournament. Therefore they have to prepare for a bigger pool of wrestlers. The challenge tournament wrestler may have to train for others, but there is zero guessing of one person they have to prepare for, which is the guy waiting for them in the finals. So in all theyour are training and prep they are scouting and training for that one opponent, while training for the others. Take Burroughs or Ramos for example. If they have a week to wait for the "finals match" they will know exactly who to train for and have very fresh scouting info. Whatever element of surprise there may have been coming right out of the challenge tournament is greatly diminished. 3) if you wait another day the element of surprise is somewhat diminished and you have had 24 hours for stiffness and soreness, or excess inflammation from any minor injury to build up. So in theory the guy waiting has a fatigue advantage, and probably does, but prolonging it just produces different advantages. JMO
  3. Dont know how it would be possible because he would he would be HUUUUGGGGEEE...., but I have it from a pretty reliable source that Brewer may attempt this weight for the trials. Don't rip me because I personally don't know how he would make the weight, but if he does he will be a serious threat. His freestyle skills surpass his folkstyle ones.
  4. If it isn't Dlahnev due to injury, then it will be Bradley. If I'm not mistaking he is the only person to beat Dlahnev from the US in quite some time. I think it is those two in the finals at the trials.
  5. Probably not in 2016, but by 2020 I think Brewer will be a contender as well at 65k. He has a strong freestyle background and won a title in Fargo I believe.
  6. No not necessarily. If I were picking for money I would say Snyder. I'm just saying that if anyone has a shot to beat him it will be Varner. It seems that there is always a favired wrestler who gets knocked off at a world / Olympic trial. Varner or Scott are the two most likely to knock off the current number one. I'm not putting Green in there because from my perspective him and Metcalf are number one guys. There isn't space for bother so only one #1 can go.
  7. 57kg: Ramos. I would say Scott if he can get down to weight, but his head coaching gig is gonna be very time consuming. 65kg: Metcalf till he is knocked off, but if Green gets down I say he goes. He will be HUGE, and only have one weigh-in. Plus he is new to the scene so his rate of progression should be large. Metcalf is awesome and i would do love him to medal. Gotta respect his love and drive. However, he has been around a bit and is probably well scouted at this point. Everything would have to go right. Green is prob our best shot. 74kg:JB. I dont think the coaching is/will be an issue. Manning and Nebraska will give him what he needs. His presence increases their recruiting. 84kg: if he goes up I think it is DT. If he is gonna go up he will have the resources for weight increase. I don't think it is a huge issue. I love Ruth but you are not a medalist if you aren't 100% committed. Go with DT. At the very least you are putting a guy in who will improve and stick around. Better he doesn't place than Ruth not placing only to be done. It is the best thing for the organization. 197kg: if he train with commitment I see Varner. In happy with Snyder also. Either way strong medal contender. 125kg: Dlagenav most likely. If not I say Don Bradley. He won the US open before the suspension. The trials we're his first time back that I know of so was probably still rusty. I think he wins the challenge tournament if not the US Open. Him and Dlagenav face off imo. If Trevel isn't healthy I say Bradley goes.
  8. Cox, got nailed with a nice pick with Snyder and then wasn't able to regain from that. Mclintosh had had several close matches with cox. You could argue it was a matter of times. Also got nailed with a pic again. It happens. It is hard to when 4! Obviously. Waters.... Didn't have a bad match. Tomasello was the worst possible match up and that was the wrestler of most concern... And that is not an assumption. So he didn't have a bad tournament. Mayes lost to heil, who was poorly seed and coached by the best strategist in the country (john smith). His other loss came to dance. So it isn't like he wrestled a terrible tournent. If dance doesn't get upset Mayes is probably wrestling for 3rd. It was a bad cross for him. Synon wasn't expected to do much. Lavalee was a little off but probably wasn't gonna AA Mellon wrestled great. Lost two close matches to guys he had never beat. England had a phenomenal tournament despite falling short. Milkus has a fantastic tournament. The only guy who really wrestled poorly was Eblen. However, when you have 10 guys there is usually someone who will fall short of expectation. Even tOSU did with Demas and Dijulious. The difference is there other guys wrestled lights out! Especially courts. He was huge and essentially is axing performance clinched it for them. Endiboro wrestled great and was able to get third in light of losing emblems points. So saying mizzou underperformed was not accurate. They had a shot to win it but they would have had to have had the tournament ohio state had. Especially in light if how the semis landed. With this match ups there was no way those teams were finishing 1 & 2. It was almost impossible. At best they were gonna be 1 & 3 because they were gonna knock each other off in the semis. That is about how it went with tOSU being the 1. The point deduction cost mizzou the third
  9. I think ow should have went in this order Brewer (number 13. Destroyed Dardanes, and bonused almost everyone else I think) Gwiz (heavyweight that scored around 30 points!!!! Wow) Deringer (#1 walked through the field) Steiner (could make am argument like you could for Deringer) Gasson (big finals match but not donating otherwise)
  10. I like the Jacks story. The kids has been impressive. The other would be Moisey. We will see how they end up. Jacks unfortunately has Logie. That win would be a bigger upset than Caldwell over Metcalf or Jenkins of Taylor. It would be more along the lines of Gable and Owings. Moisey over Gilman, and either Waters or Tomasello is plausible in terms of upsets. Brewer is was my pre-tournament pick to win the title. He is the 13 seed but seriously under rated. For the most part it is going to take a minimum of 6 points to beat him. If you track his history he puts up serious points. Rarely does he score less than five points a match, win or lose. yes there are a few situation, but not many. In this tournament 6 points in a match can be hard to come by. Nevertheless awesome job by all of those guys and excellent post.
  11. Best wrestlers... Not bed wrestler... Ha ha
  12. Rooting against Iowa because I am for mizzou but it blows my mind how anyone can find the negative in a multiple D-1 qualifier (ie kelly), or a sopmore either (i.e.synon). It's crazy how people grow up dreaming of competing in this tournament yet mindless individuals find a way to somehow the outstanding accomplient. Unfortunately there will always be those people becuase you can't fix stupid! And in Vaks defense I don't think he was belittling Synon. I think he was simply drawing a comparison that weather you are expected to get to the championship or not, place or not, is really a moot point. Neither of them should have their accomplishment minimized. For fk sake.... They are the 33 bed wrestlers Im their weight in the greates country on earth at this level.
  13. so much for Kilmar.... lol What a great Job by Sammie
  14. How is it that every time a team or wrestler has a bad round people start talking about implosion. There are so many dynamics that go into the biggest tournament at any level. Weather it be college, high school, the worlds, or the olympics. First off, technology is a huge factor. The top "favored" probably have a little more disadvantage simply because everyone is preparing for them and they have to prepare for everyone. It probably isn't a huge difference but it is an inch. Then you have anxiety, 3 days versus 1-2 days, and so on. All little things, but like Cael Sanderson says "inches add up". It also isn't like almost all of these guys in the tournament getting beat haven't been beat throughout the year, and many having a "bad match" for whatever reason. Maybe a technical error, injury, or simply an off day. The difference is during the season the impact of the loss isn't as great because there is another match down the road to improve on. Then take into account it is the only tournament where the 33 best guys in the country are in the same place. That means everyone is good. Whether it is Vegas, the Midlands, or the Scuffle the top guys have matches that don't include some of the top D-1 matches. So if they are off if doesn't show as much. As for Mayes and Missouri the fact that the losses are "destructive coaching" is just ludicrous. First, it is only one of their matches. Second, every team will have matches they lose they "should have won". Eblens, was a surprise, but lets not forget he also had 5 loses coming into the tournament so it isn't like he was unbeatable. Yes that is an upset, but what I would really consider the only one. Synon lost in SV to Sabatello who is no slouch. I could be wrong but I think he lost to him earlier in the year too. Mayes lost to Heil, from OSU. I have always said that John Smith is the BEST coach in the country at preparing his guys for this tournament. Before season got going I predicted OSU to finish top for, despite the hype around everyone else, simply for that reason. Nobody prepared his guys for this tournament better than John Smith. If it weren't for Kindig being hurt they would possibly be in first right now. So the last team you want to wrestle at the nationals when you are 2-0 is someone from OSU. So while Mayes may have been favored and had two wins over Heil, it wasn't out of the realm that he could lose that match in this tournament. I think it is less of a reflection on Mayes, and more so on Heil's preparation for that match. Everyone else for Missouri has wrestled as well or better than expected. Lavalee could easily be done by now, and England could have been at the end of the first round. They are wrestling well. Miklus looks very good and so does Mellon. Again Eblen was a shock, but so was Matt Pell's first round loss when he came back through and got the award for most pins in the least time in route to Missouri's third place finish a few years ago. Missouri is by no means even close to being out of it. They are like 5 points behind. In my opinion Ohio State, despite being in first right now, has a tough hill to climb. They have 5 in the quarters, and may end up with 4 in the semi's, but very realistically could only have 1 in the finals. Logie, will win it, but Jordan had to wrestle Deringer in the semi's. Then Tomasello will have to beat waters, and Snyder has to get trough Shiller and Cox. If Ohio State is going to win it they will have to get to the finals at 125 and 197. I think they could fall to 4th or 5th if they lose all of those semi matches. Missouri has Houdashelt who has a decent shot to make the finals, but I think is the least likely of the three. Iowa is by no means out of it and will be right there, but the scary team right now is OSU. I think they get Deringer and Kilmara into the finals. Kilmara is sitting nice the way that side played out. If Heil, Crutchmer, and Mardsen make the semi's OSU will be in it big time. Mardsen and Cruthmer are very possible.
  15. A lot of people keep mentioning waters wrestling on his knees. I can understand the thought in that if a person has only seen a few of his matches and that is all they saw. However, if you have watched Waters wrestle much you would know that he does not wrestle on his knees nearly as much as people mention. That dynamic of his wrestling is over exaggerated. He may have done it against Garret more so because of Garret's explosiveness but anyone who thinks that is his primary position in is incorrect. He wrestles up on his feet much more. He did do it in the national duals a little but Gilman was generally dropping to a knee prior. Just FYI
  16. 1) Steiber and Kokesh are the most likely and should end up undefeated. 2) Gwiz and imart. I too think Green is the one most likely to beat him if anyone. He is the most probable to be able to go tow to toe on his feet and the mat work isn't as much if a threat for Green in this match. 3) Cox and Deringer. The probably have the scariest semi. They both face 2/3 toughest freshman in the country who are both going to be great. (The third freshman being Imar) 4) Waters and dardanes. I would love to see waters win it, but I think in the end Garret will beat him in the finals. I think dardanes gets picked off by Brewer. I think Brewer is the worst possible poorly seeded draw a person could have. He has a one bad match on the year. Outside if that he has beaten everyone and on many cases with a bigger win margin on commons the the top seeded guys. I think he his a spoiler for dardanes
  17. In my opinion I think the bulk of the national title comes down to two weights. 125 & 197. Consider all teams have a consistent tournament, here is why. MO and tOSU potentially meet in the semi's in both of those weights. Delgado is the only likely one who disrupts that. Even if the two teams meet, both teams need to punch both of their wrestlers into the finals. Whichever team If MO gets two in the finals and they should have enough points from everyone else to where that puts them over the edge. I think they have five solid All-American shots. If they get those two weight and Houdashelt they win. If tOSU gets both of the semifinal winds it is probably over. Logie is going to win it and rack up bonus. You put those three in there, combined with AA Bo Jordan (possible finalist at that) and others points then nobody beats them. If they split those weights I think it is Iowa's. Iowa likely will have the most AA's. If either Iowa or Missouri does not get at least two in the finals then I think Iowa takes. Obviously you can't count out Minnesota but quite a bit has to happen. MO and tOSU need to have no more than one in the finals an Iowa needs to be off a little. All scenarios which are very possible. If that happens Minnesota steals it. The point spread is going to be close and 125 and 197 are the weights where the two potential NCAA team champs need guys to make the finals to win. They meet each other in the semi's no less. JMO
  18. I agree with the Delgado situations. I do like that if guys sit to much they aren't awarded with high seeds. Lower seeds should be considered, and I think Delgado is a unique situation as well hard to not seed a 2x qualifier. I was surprised by brewer as well. I'm not sure how many matches he missed with injury but missing a few shouldn't be a big deal. Maybe he missed several, I didn't really pay attention. I do agree with the kindig one. From an objective standpoint, if a guy is so banged up he can't wrestle one match in a 4 man bracket, let alone two matches then nothing about that should make a person think that individual is health enough to run the table at the ncaa. If he can then he was probably healthy enough to wrestle one. I don't thin he was even the original entry was he? For that reason I agree with the kindig seeding situation. I still wouldn't want him against my guy though.
  19. Actually, if missing a lot of the season is the reason for the seeds I think it is a good move by the seeding committee. Yes the high seeds may be at a disadvantage somewhat if they are healthy but so are the guys with the no seeds. They don't want the top seeds any more than the top seeds want them. This could help with the current situation of holding people out. Another thing. I haven't looked closely at it yet bit from a quick glance it seems the guys missing the matches from injury are the upper level wrestlers from the top teams. Does this seem to be more of a pattern with the top teams? Iran you look at the guys in the discussion and the teams. Coincidence or pattern? I'm not saying one way or the other it was just a thought.
  20. Thanks for the thought on that Vak. I actually thought he would land about 6 or 7. As for his loss to the Walters kid. He is tougher than what I think people realized. He looked very good at the MAC. He is pretty active and his defense is tough. Like I mentioned in the early post. I think he lands on the podium. He isn't flashy, his skill is just very balanced all the way around.
  21. I am surprised that Walters kid from Ohio is 9th. I think he is extremely overlooked. Saw him for the first time at the MAC and he is solid. He only has 1 loss and he beat Eblen. He has a lot of matches too. The 9 seed at 30-1. I will be very surprised of he doesn't AA
  22. Vak, I like and respect your posts. Just curious why you feel Storely over Eblen is so far off base? Not saying your wrong just curious?
  23. Delgado not seeded. Milkus and Mlellon in a tough spot, Milkus being a little better off. Other than that from just a quick glance mizzou just needs to wrestle because seeds and draws aren't bad. England with a pig tail and a decent spot on the bracket Levalee with the 9 seed and Mayes with 3. England and Levalle being potential point scorers for 2-3 matches could be huge. I am probably missing something. It was a quick scroll but at first glance it looks like they faired well
  24. England earned an automatic bid. He finished fifth but got to challenge for the fourth qualifying spot an won, since he hadn't wrestle the NIU kid.
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