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  1. If I am Brian Smith and I don't think I can get a 2 or 3 seed I am siting back hoping for the 6 seed. I think Mayes can make the finals if opposite Logie
  2. I have said since before the 2012 Olympics I think Bradley will be our 2016 representative. I have watched him since he was a Cadet. He has pretty much won every major freestyle tournament he has ever wrestled. I believe he was a multiple Cadet and Junior National Champion, he was a Junior World Champ, and I believe he won Universities. As good as he was in folkstyle he is better in freestyle. I think he will be our guy starting this year and all the way into the 2016 Olympics. If I remember correctly it seems most of his losses have come to Trevel, and I think Mocco, for about the last 4 or 5 years. However, I think he has now past Trevel and will win both the U.S. open and the WTT. My 2 cents and prediction.
  3. That was a good thing Cael did talking about English. Especially in his admitting he had written him off due to injuries and such. Very inspirational and at great example for kids to see that all that matters is if you believe in yourself. Congrats to James English
  4. I think you also have to consider who Taylor's losses were too. His first loss came as a freshman in the finals to a multiple NCAA all-American and finalist. The other two came to maybe one of the three best college wrestler of all time in Kyle Dake. Putting him right next to Sanderson and Gable. So it is hard to hold last years two losses and second place finishes against him when considering just how good he was . He was one Kyle Dake away from bein a three time champ with only one loss. Both him and Ruth are great, but I would give a very small edge to Taylor
  5. Hats off to both of them.
  6. Are you kidding about 125! That was amazing wrestling by both guys. If you are going to call either of them for stalling once then you should be DQ'ing the other 9 weights! 125 is what is always griped about that doesn't in wrestling. Regardless of who you wanted to win that was amazing wrestling.
  7. I don't think Cox will get tossed. He doesn't go out looking to throw (primarily because he's got such a good shot), but he was a Greco national champ at Fargo. If it's close late in the match, or if it goes OT, I'd go with Cox. He's extremely difficult to score on, and he's got a motor. Plus, he's the best rider on the bracket. KCMO2 I was typing pretty much the same thing
  8. I am more concerned about Cox losing from being to conservative than him getting thrown. I know Cox is known for his pace and ability to attack, but he is no stranger to upper body. He has a very strong freestyle and greco pedigree. He has beat Snyder, unless I am mistaken. Hopefully he is more relaxed tonight than he has been thus far in the tournament. He has appeared to be wrestling a little tight, but maybe some of the pressure of an early upset is off.
  9. 125-Petrov (Buck) over Dance (VT) 133-Manley (Mizz) over McGuire (KSU) 141-Dziewa (IA) over Dutton (Mich) 149-England (PSU) over Cottrell (APST) 157-Gantt (NCST) over Brunson (ILL) 165-Toal (MIZZ) over Harger (NW) 174-Dessino (Blo) over Zillmer (NDSU) 184-Stauffer (ASU) over Abounader (MICH) 197-Scherer(STAN) over Alex Polizzi (NW) HWT-Smith (Rut) over Fager (UVU)
  10. I posted my email earlier, but I did not see an invitation emailed. Could I please receive one. bolivera02@gmail.com Thanks Brian
  11. Whippet, I thought I sent you an email but I must have sent it wrong. Any chance you can send the spreadsheet to bolivera02@gmail.com I have it ready to put in. Thanks
  12. Could you please post where it will be streamed to. Thanks
  13. I think Zeeb meant throughout the season, and until now I never really felt it was an issue. I think he does have a point though. We know that there are times in duals where coaches are holding out starters when it appears to affect NCAA seeding. I really didn't think much of it before, and felt it would work itself out. I mean, okay, at 197 you have the scenario with Gadsen. Then you look at the fact that Steiber and Retherford are on the same side! Holy Cow! I mean that I think is crazier than this. I know Port is tough, but to think that if Retherford would have just lost another match on the season he would have had a better shot for the finals. Heck, if he wouldn't have beat Steiber he would have had a better shot to make the finals. It would have worked better for him if to have lost the first time around too. At some point I think you have to consider if the number one and two are the ones that beat each other. I mean should the undefeated guy get the #1 when the top two are the ones whe beat each other? Strength of schedule and quality wins have to come in at some point. Otherwise coaches will protect seeds from time to time. I honestly think the Retherford and Steiber match would have been a great final match for ESPN JMO
  14. I have to admit. I was shocked to see Gadsen 5! In the end it worked out though. Gadson and Cox are on opposite sides. However, I am not as anxious for Cox to see MM as most. Yes he beat him twice, but it was in the same tournament. That doesn't leave a lot of time of scouting and adjustments. MM has Sanderson and Varner, two olympic gold medalist to train with and make adjustments. He will be ready for the match and Cox will have to bring something different. I still think J'Den will pull it off, but I would much rather have Gadsen the #1 seed, and Heflin on the same side. While a 5th seed does seem like a kick to Gadsen he pretty much ends up with the same path as if he were number 1, with the exception of having Heflin instead of MM in the semi-finals, and I think Heflin is a better match for Gadsen. In the finals I take Cox. He had about three or four shots and was inches from finishing at the scuffle, only to lose in OT. He's shown he can get to Gadssen's legs, but I think at the NCAA he will finish one or two of them and win the title. The match with MM is the match I am most worried about for Cox. I think Gadsen gets to the finals.
  15. Will there be any way to view this event on the internet?
  16. will there be any way to view this event on the internet?
  17. will there be any way to view this event on the internet?
  18. I wonder if the plan for J'Den to go to HWT will still be in play next year?
  19. Question There were a few weights that had backups step in, somewhat at the last minute. In particular scenarios where allocations were removed due to the replacement. Because they were not the initial entry, how does that affect there chances for an at large bid? In a case where someone is one spot out of a qualifying spot can there RPI now come into play, where it didn't in regards to maintaining the allocation for the weight? For Example: Gillman was listed and the Allocation was given to the big 10. Clark wrestled and the allocation was removed. I know in this circumstance Clark automatically qualified from one of the spots. However, say he landed one spot out of an automatic bid instead. Would his RPI be considered at that point, and how would the coaches poll come into play since he would not have been in that one initially due to no being the listed wrestler in the beginning?
  20. While I am glad the tigers won the conference title my vote still goes to Schwab for conference coach of the year. I would also argue the should get the NCAA coach of the year. What he has done with Northern Iowa is nothing short of amazing. It reminds me of what Brian Smith did at Mizzou in his first few years, or Mark Cody at American. Schwab has done an outstanding job with his team.
  21. who stalled their way to a win?
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