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  1. I think it will be Dom Bradley who ends up with the 2016 spot. He too is young and be Trevel at the world team trials. He had been steadily closing the gap prior to that. Now that he is FS full time I think he will end up in the top spot
  2. As it relates to the football player and weed issue for Mizzou. I think the issue has to do with Missouri law. Media in the Springfield area has said that it's highly unlikely he will be charged because deniability. The weed that was found (1-pound) was in someone else's vehicle, I think in the trunk. He was in that vehicle, and in Missouri you can't presume that anyone in the vehicle knew it was there if they don't own the vehicle. Therefore you can't charge them. So my guess is what may make it different is that even though he was arrested, and it was found in the car he is in, he will not be charged because it was not his vehicle. However, if this individual keeps putting himself in this situation he may more likely find himself in jail instead of the NFL.
  3. He's redshirting this season, but will be at the Midlands. He will come back to compete in his final season next year, and try to help Mizzou make a push as a top 4 team in March 2015.
  4. MadMardigain, Sorry I misread your post. I thought it said they were required to. You are correct in that they can start in first grade to keep them with their age group. Also I agree that most kids do start at age 5. As I mentioned I was speaking more to the group of kids primarily born in the summer months. That is probably a better way to address the topic. I think its more common with kids that have summer birthdays, in particular boys. When looking at that population I think the percentages would quite a bit higher, but it would still probably lean heavier to kids starting at age 5. As you probably know (you obviously have a strong grasp on the school system), there are a lot of variables. I for one would never keep a kid back for athletic purposes, although I know there are those out there who do (I am not implying this is the case with Bo Jordan, as I have zero knowledge of that). With this being a topic on Bo Jordan to bring it back around, I would definitely say that his circumstance of age, while definitely possible, does fall into a small percentage of 20 year old college freshman coming straight out of high school.
  5. MadMardigain, Sorry I misread your post. I thought it said they were required to. You are correct in that they can start in first grade to keep them with their age group. Also I agree that most kids do start at age 5. As I mentioned I was speaking more to the group of kids primarily born in the summer months. That is probably a better way to address the topic. I think its more common with kids that have summer birthdays, in particular boys. When looking at that population I think the percentages would quite a bit higher, but it would still probably lean heavier to kids starting at age 5. As you probably know (you obviously have a strong grasp on the school system), there are a lot of variables. I for one would never keep a kid back for athletic purposes, although I know there are those out there who do (I am not implying this is the case with Bo Jordan, as I have zero knowledge of that). With this being a topic on Bo Jordan to bring it back around, I would definitely say that his circumstance of age, while definitely possible, does fall into a small percentage of 20 year old college freshman coming straight out of high school.
  6. It's not all that uncommon for kids to start kindergarten at the age of 6, and they don't automatically jump into the first grade. Often it depends on when birthdays fall. Generally, you see this with kids who have summer birthdays. A parent who has a child turning 5 in June, July, or August sometimes wait till the following year if the kid isn't ready. You see it some even with April or May children. It's more common with males than females. There is up to a 6 month maturity and intellectual gap between the two until about 12 or 13 years old. So in theory a boy who starts right when he is 5 and a girl who starts at age 6 can create an 18 month gap, particularly in reading and comprehension. If kids start their school careers struggling it can follow them for many years before getting them to their academic grade level. For boys in particular because they're more active and have a shorter attention span in early elementary years. However, research also shows that their is a higher dropout rate among those who are older because they reach the age of 18 earlier in their HS career. That study does include children who are retained as well. In other words a kid starting at age 6 and a kid starting at 5 and retained would end up the same age. With that said there is also a much higher retaining rate for those who start at 5 as to those who start at 6. Particularly with boys. Unlike in the past, retaining kids in a grade is not at all favorable and generally a last resort because of the stigma that comes with being held back. However, not holding them back creates a scenario where students may continue to struggle. It can be a catch 22. Schools today are much more challenging than they use to be. The content is at a higher level at a younger age challenging students more and more. Most kids are being introduced to algebraic concepts at the 5th grade level. Over the next couple years most states will be moving to "common core" which will be even more difficult. 7th graders (12 & 13 year olds) will be getting tested over Algebra I concepts, and reading comprehension will be what's currently expected of 9th graders. Fourth grade students will be performing assessments almost at the current 6th grade expectations. It isn't like it use to be. Heck when I started school 35 years ago I was only 4 starting kindergarten, 17 when I started college. However, I started my son at the age of 6. He had a late june birthday and I didn't feel he was ready. It was the right choice too, because he is just now reaching grade level in reading comprehension (5th grade). Technically he is still 2.5 months behind. Two years ago he was almost 2 grade levels behind, and I am very involved in his learning. Had I started him at 5 he would really be struggling at this point. As a teacher, and administrator I can tell you that this is not that uncommon. With that said, it isn't uncommon for children with late spring or summer birthdays, but it is for early birthdays, such as in the fall. In that scenario a child would not turn 19 until the 4th quarter of their senior year, at least. Most states actually require you to start your child by the age of 6, and they do not have skip kindergarten. In the case of Bo Jordan, he would have had to of had a birthday somewhere September and November to already be 20, and started kindergarten at age 6. That is the only way he could have still started school when he was 6 and have turned 7 during the early part of kindergarten making him 20 now. If he was retained in his early school years that could easily create this scenario also (i.e. kindergarten or 1st grade). As for eligibility, most states require you to be no older than the age of 19 by the completion of the school year in which you are competing. So if a kids going to turn 20 during that particular school year they are not eligible at any point in that year. Which is another reason I say he probably has a birthday between September and November making him 20 now. I don't see how it really matters though when it comes to Division I wrestling. A 5th year senior can easily be 23 and, their are many who aren't at his level at age 20.
  7. I think Steiber is our guy in the very near future. Possibly by the next Olympics, if he can maintain the lower weight. Oliver I also think will take the reigns over Metcalf. If not next year, within the next two. I Like Metcalf and think he is a great competitor. While he keeps inching closer and closer it is probably going to take just the right circumstances for him to grab a medal. I hope that he does, but I don't think there are a lot of chances left. Wright I believe is our best shot leading up to the Olympics. Him or Ruth. Ruth has the Jordan like athleticism, while Wright has the freestyle skills and pedigree. One of them two I would like to see in there. I know Dlagnev is right there and a favorite of many, but I really believe that Dom Bradley will take this spot by the next Olympic cycle. I actually think he could take it as soon as the next worlds. JMO
  8. In my opinion there was not real good solution to it. It is unfortunate that it turned out how it did, but I don't think it was done with ill intentions. I think difficult scenarios like these are things that top programs encounter from time to time. I think it is unfortunate that it had to go down like it did, but I also don't think it is or will be the common practice for Cael. I know some will point to the Bubba situations but I think that is a different scenario entirely. The two of them seemed to have friction, and Cael has just taken over. You cant start a new program with friction. I remember Mizzou doing a similar thing to Scott Barker as Cael did to Bubba. B. Smith caught a lot of crap for that too, but as a new coach you can't have resistance. As the the Haines situation. While it sucks big time D-1 athletics is a business. Even with the best businesses tough decisions have to be made and good leaders make those tough decision. I don't think Cael liked having to do it, but felt he needed to (right or wrong). As for him backing out, if you are looking from a business standpoint, it would be the equivalent of having a very good investment in front of you, and then being presented with one that may bring a little more return. Yet you only have the money for one. Does it suck, Yes. Does it come across as a little wrong? Yes, but again I don't think his whole character can be called into question because I don't think it is something that is or will be normal practice. It was a unique situation that not everyone is faced with. As for what he said "not a good fit", there probably could have been a better word choice, and it probably wasn't meant as hard as it sounded. But truth be told, there is really no good way to say or do it. Even if he would have worded it differently it would sound wrong. That is just how it is. for Haines, I know if felt personal as it would have for me or my kid. I would expect that Cael understands that. From Cael's perspective I don't think it was personal and I am sure he didn't like doing it. I think he probably made the best effort he could and did what he felt was the right was, as best as it could be. The truth is there is no right or good way for something like this, and could he have seen in advance that it would go this way I am sure it would have went different all together. It isn't like they are a top 10-20 team trying to break the top 5. They are consistently competing for a national title year in and year out with OSU, tOSU, Iowa, and Minnesota, in a tournament where one match is the difference between a national title and a potential 5th place. Completely different circumstances than for the rest of the field outside of that five team. Haines will land on his feet, and I sure he will be on a mission against PSU, as I don't blame him. For him I am sure it is personal. For Cael, I would assume that is was a decision that wasn't enjoyable. To be honest, in my opinion, it would have been more unfair to give him the illusion that he may start and him burn his years if that wasn't likely to happen. Just my opinion.
  9. I don't have a dog in this fight as I prefer to see my midwest teams (particularly Mizzou). However, to question his ability to coach is ridiculous. There are plenty of postings on what he as done at PSU, but even when at ISU he did an outstanding job, and I rooted against them because of my tigers. 2007 Big 12 Champs ; 2nd NCAA ; Big 12 Coach of the Year ; NCAA Coach of the Year ; 4 All-Americans 2008 Big 12 Champs ; 5th NCAA ; 7 AA's 2009 Big 12 Champs -- 3rd NCAA ; 4 AA's If I am not mistaking he qualified all 10 wrestlers all three years. I know people will say they were Douglas recruits, but now that he is at PSU people only credit his coaching. Even though some of those guys came in under Douglas they performed well under Cael, and he was brand new then. I don't even know that Douglas strung together three consecutive seasons like that, and certainly not with the guys Cael took over. That isn't a knock on Bobby. It is a statement of Cael because I think Douglas was an amazing coach. When Cael left Iowa State everyone said "wait and see", Know that he is more seasoned and has posted 3 back to back titles people still find reasons to knock him. It's just dumb. I haven't run the numbers but I would venture to guess he has sent more wrestlers to the NCAA than any other coach over that same time frame. MAYBE the first year at PSU dings that mark, but he has sent almost his entire team every year he has coached. Regardless if you are a fan or not, how can you not be impressed. Even if he does get great recruits. How many times do people read about great recruits not panning out for teams. His recruits seem to pan out for the most part.
  10. I am curious if Dake could get down to 66kg. JB presents a pretty big obstacle for anyone in that weight at this time. He has yet to even be beat, even by those doping. I know he just competed at 165 but it doesn't sound like he cut much. It would obviously take quite a bit of reduction in muscle, but I would think he could maybe lean himself down if he changed his workout routine. Also on the international level there wouldn't be as many weigh-ins. Would it be possible for him to get his walk around weight down to 155 or so allowing for the cut to 66kg. As good as Dake is, JB probably isn't going to get knocked off any time soon. It would be great for the U.S. team if he could go down.
  11. where can i get the live feed for the finals?
  12. I am a huge Alan Waters' and Mizzou fan, but I have to say this is one of the funniest active threads on the board. Made me cry laughing :cry:
  13. I am not a PSU homer, but I mean seriously. When he wrestles he looks like somebody who types without looking at the screen. I know that it was only 4-1 but it was probably because that is how he decided to make it. I think he is the most dominant wrestler in college when he chooses to be. He beat the defending national champ while dancing like Muhammed Ali. I know Dake and Tayler get the attention, but honestly I think Ruth could be the most impressive wrestler in the country. I hope he goes on after college because he would be a great replacement for Hebert on the National team. We could have a very strong international team with Stieber (I think is the future), Burroughs, Ruth Varner, and Delaganov (or Dom Bradley). Ruth would add dramatically to our US team.
  14. It really doesn't matter to me as a fan why he didn't. While I am sure it will eat at him for a bit, as a fan, Hats off McD. Amazing career! All the young grapplers out there will be honored if they can accomplish what you have over the course of a career. Best wishes to McD in his future endeavors.
  15. Hendricks: Hendricks thought he had a broke hand. Weather it is or isn't it is obviously affecting his punching. Condit can take a hit. Hendricks landed some strong shots. Condit landed some good needs which Hendricks will need to work on. Still Hendricks showed he could take some good shots. Condit had no answer for Johny's takedowns, and was not able to work into his submissions despite the many attempts. Good awareness on Hendricks part. Hopefully he will get a shot at GSP. GSP controlled the ground game and was very strong from Gaurd. Diaz could not do much to stop GSP's takedowns, but he did stop a few. GSP definitely showed his experience and ability to maintain a fight strategy. He also had excellent accuracy on his striking. Hendricks vs GSP Hendricks: Has the more power in his punches than GSP. If he can rock GSP with that double left GSP could be in serious trouble. I don't know that he will be able to take those punches like Condit did. GSP: He is a much more accurate puncher than Johny and crisp. If he lands one of those super man punches when Hendricks drops his hands or pops Johny as he comes in with one of his bombs the fight may come to a quick end. So in terms of striking it will be power vs accuracy. Their reach is pretty much identical and so is their height. While I think Hendricks can go toe to toe with GSP in striking for short bursts I don't think he want to spend a majority of any round up there. Especially late in the fight. Hendricks: His takedown success ratio is ridiculous. It was something like 12/12 against Condit. Nobody in this weight can match him on takedowns. GSP: He showed strong takedown ability against Diaz. More so was what he was able to do once he got there. He is so good from guard. He is very comfortable there, accurate, and successful with his elbows. He is great at dropping down with his shots as he stands up out of guard. Still in terms of takedowns, as good as GSP is he will not be able to match Hendricks in this area. Hendricks will control the takedown game fairly easily. Weather it is getting the takedown or defending it. The problem becomes after the takedown. GSP is far superior in Guard. Hendricks will get plenty of takedowns, but better be extremely careful with the experience GSP has there. Both Fighters: Both fighters showed some weakness late in the fight with fatigue. Both will have to improve on the conditioning. Especially Hendricks. His fight was only three rounds. If he is going go five rounds with GSP he better improve his shape. I think Hendricks has a real shot. I thought he fought a better fighter in Condit than what GSP did in Diaz. Condit was in the fight in terms of some very good knees, a few kicks, and a few good strikes. All in all though Hendricks landed just as many strong shots with striking and completely controlled the ground. As good as GSP looked for just coming back he did look a little more vulnerable than in the past. If the fight goes the distance I think it will be Hendricks. Hendricks will control the takedowns and the ground. From the ground it will take GSP to pull off a submission from guard, which is very possible. Without a submission Hendricks wins this position. On their feet GSP will get the most strikes but Hendricks will get the harder strikes. I think they will be fairly even here, with GSP getting a slight edge. Still I think it is more likely that Hendricks gets a knock out with one of his blows than what GSP gets with his multiple strikes. The majority of the minutes will be spent on the ground where Hendricks will have the edge if he can avoid a submission. This will be a great fight!
  16. I don't know what their deal is. But there are a bunch of dangerous wrestlers on that team. If they could put together a "best case scenario" performance at NCAAs they could easily finish in the top 4 or 5. Maybe 5th, but which of PSU, Iowa, Oklahoma State and Minnesota do you seem them beating in that best case scenario? Mizzou, with a best case scenario, could finish above Iowa and Minnesota. I don't think they will finish above both but they could very realistically finish 4th while Iowa and Minni finish 3rd and 5th in no particular order. Mizzou has a very realistic shot at two finalist, and a potential two champs. Dom doesn't get talked about as much as Nelson but he is a serious threat to win the NCAA and I really believe he will. Waters gets pushed back in line behind McD, Mega, and Del, but when you look at commons he has won equally convincing, and beat McD. I think what else gets overlooked is the fact that Sammie Henson is now at Mizzou. That does make a difference. Most people are picking Delgado, but Waters could realistically win it. If you then look at McKormick and Haynes there are two more strong cannidates for AA with McKormick top 4. Throw in Houdashelt, Toal, Bradley, and Porter and you have 4 more possible AA. It is extremely unlikely all will AA, but it will only take one of them to AA for Mizzou to be a potential top 4. So in a best case scenario, and very possible, Mizzou could end up with 2 finalist plus 3 more AA. If Iowa or Minni fail two put two into the finals they could find themselves in 5th. The same could be said for OSU, but they are probably going to string together several All Americans.
  17. One thing not being mentioned, which I didn't think about till reading the Ed Ruth comment is the way the finals will start. While the hype is on the last match of the night, by happens chance it starts out with one of the most exciting wrestles. Ed Ruth could put up some serious points potentially and can be exciting to watch. This could potentially be the highest scoring bout of the night. So not a bad weight to start out at. Then shortly after a potential "Q" and Kilgore. If that happens there is always the potential for excitement with "Q". Nevertheless starting the night with Ruth should be a win for fans.
  18. Thorn over Waters? I don't think so. Waters doesn't get enough credit I don't think, but is VERY capable of winning it. He has the same level of common wins a Delgado, McD, and Mega. I also think people over look the fact that Henson is now on staff at Mizzou. Sammie does make a difference. As for my prediction, and hope for the big upset I pick Porter over Brown in the first round. Largely because Brown had a great Big 10 tourney. He is the most likely top guy to get picked off I think if he doesn't have a repeat performance, and Porter has a few big wins.
  19. 125) Waters 133) Stieber 141) Maple 149) Oliver 157) St. John 165) Tayler (Only because Dake won the other two. Playing the odds. These two are to closely matched). 174) Perry 184) Ruth 197) Kilgore 285) Bradley
  20. Virginia I believe Virginia has at least 8, maybe 9. Nice job Garland is doing. Virginia Tech and ODU seem to get a lot of the Virginia attention, but if I'm not mistaken the conference championship was decided by heavy. Garland and company are doing a very nice job.
  21. This is a ridiculous statement about a guy who has one AA finish in his career when currently there is one guy shooting for his 4th title, several returning National champs, a returning Hodge Trophy winner, a guy going for his 4th FInals appearance and third National Title...I mean, I understand being a fan, but sweet lord. And 4 AA's is not going to get you to 4th in the team tournament unless maybe all 4 were champs/finalists. I didn't say, nor do I think he is the BEST wrestler overall. IF that was the impression that is not what I meant. What I am saying is that he has won on every big stage he has been on at some point in his career for his age. As for him being a 1 time A.A. He was behind the defending national champ. There was quite a bit of debate about who should have been starting when he was behind Ellis. Ellis ended up being the right move but even when behind Ellis he was beating the top 5 guys in the country at that time. Including guys Ellis lost to. So his one time A.A. is very deceiving. How many guys have currently won the number of different tournaments he has won? He has been right there with Mocco, Rowlands, Delaganov. He wrestles with the best HWTS the U.S. has to offer and will be a serious threat for the 2016 Olympics. He may have the best shot of any current wrestlers to make the Olympic team. Yes their is Steiber, but other than that is Dake (JB presents a problem for him though). So to say that Dom is one of the best big stage wrestlers isn't bottom dwelling. I don't even know the guy personally, but he has always been at the top. He was the number one HWT coming out of H.S. He is very accomplished. If here were about anywhere in the country he would be a 4X A.A. So are there others pound for pound that may be better. Sure! Dake, Taylor, Steiber, but Dom is right there with accomplishments. He is probably the least talked about heavies of the top guys as well,
  22. Does anyone give Mizzou a shot to slip into the top 4. We all know that it generally doesn't end up 1-2-3-4 wit the top 4 teams. While Mizzou hasn't found themselves in the top 4 all year, they have been staying pretty balanced between 5-7. They also seem to be wrestling very consistently in most weights. With the exception of Haynes most of their guys are consistently wrestling where expected or above expectations. Several of their guys are hot right now. They are in the MAC where they have a real shot to bring 9 if not 10 guys into the nationals. Yes last year they imploded at the nationals with 10 qualifiers, but they also had some horrible seeds through and through which played into that. I think they may be the team wrestling most consistent. You probably aren't going to see them wrestle much below expectations and will probably wrestle above in some areas. 125-Waters and HWT-Bradley are serious threats to win the national title. Bradley had won every major event at his level since High School (FILA Cadet, FILA Juniors, Fargo Cadet, Fargo Junior, Universities, Junior Worlds, and also high placing at the US Nationals and Olympic Trials). It is hard to believe he will walk away with the NCAA being the first major event he has never won. Waters will have a tough road at 125 but he has proven that he can beat anyone and will probably be the only one heading into the NCAA without a loss. Both of them are very likely to have at least a top 4 finish. 125- possible champ 133-McCormick strong A.A. candidate 141- Hucke - He tends to wrestle a little better at big events. Could qualify and win 2 or 3 matches 149 Houdashelt - Possible AA, and will for sure score points through a couple rounds 157- Bradley - He could slip into A.A. is best wrestling has come against top opponents. Low chances but will win a couple matches. 165-Toal- Possible AA, but will need a good tournament because of the depth. He still should win at least 3 at the tournament. 174- Porter - I think he is a very likely A.A. He may be the hottest guy in the country right now in terms of wrestling above expectations. 184- - Larson - Should A.A. and will for sure win at least 3 matches 197- Haynes -- Who knows! He could A.A. around 5th or 6th, or he could only win 2 HWT- Bradly -- Dom WILL WIN the national title. He is the best big tournament wrestler in the country! IMO. So while MIZZOU could have as few as 4 A.A. I think they will have at least 9 guys win 2 or more matches. That could slip them into the top 4 if any of the other teams have a bad day or a bad tournament. Missouri seems to be wrestling very consistently right now.
  23. A scary thought for WVU is that with its entering of the Big XII they are entering a conference with a depleted number of wrestling programs. Is it possible they drop wrestling all together? I don't see WVU competing with OU, OSU, or even Iowa State (as down as they are) any time soon. Even even some of their wrestlers earn a slot there is a good chance at the conference they get picked off by a non-qualifying from one of the other tree schools. So unless they earn four spots at a weight in that conference there could be a big dry spell where only one or non of their kids make the NCAA tournament. It could be a long time before WVU get to the likes of competing with those schools. Missouri did do it over 10 years ago, but that is probably one of the most transformed program in the last two decades. At least in terms of year in and year out rather than just a good year here or there. If WVU doesn't become competitive soon it will be a prime situation to drop the program which would be terrible. Even if their is a clause in the contract for them joining the conference by keeping the program, two or three years after conference entry I don't see having to stick to that part of the deal. Hopefully they will keep the program, but If it doesn't turn in a hurry they could drop it all together. Their commitment to the next hire will probably tell a lot.
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