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  1. Another thing to consider is that both are so elite they don't give up much position either. They are also both very good students of the sport with very technical and strategical coaches. A lot of people talk about world level matches being boring at times too. In march there is a reason matches get closer and closer as people move through the front side. The guys just get better. It is like a great defensive football team. They are able to keep the offense from scoring. Everyone talks about them being conservative or not taking shots. When you have wrestlers at that level opportunities aren't there as much. These guys probably know what the other is doing before anything ever opens up. Basically it is possible they are able to shut down their opponents offense before attacks can occur. So maybe it is less they are conservative with their offense and more that that each are able to shut the others offense down.
  2. ah!!! when i was looking it seemed like someone was missing. :-)
  3. Missouri looks like they had an excellent tournament. It just happen to catch my eye they were only 8 points behind OK State and didn't have Waters. Waters would have probably been at least 10 more points more than Boyd. It looks like an impressive tournament for them. Just curious if OK State was missing anyone. Virginia also seemed to do very well. While they may not be a top 10 they could possibly crack the top 15 at NCAA which would be great for their program.
  4. I agree I think Dake will win it if he wins the NCAA. He has been dominate except against Caldwell and DT. I don't think those matches will hurt his chances. The reason I think it will be someone other than them is because I think DT wins the NCAA. My reason as I have said is simply playing the odds. Again, if DT was 2-0 I would bet on Dake. While it could obviously happen I just have a hard time betting on either one of them winning 3 in a row. If I had to pick right now I would say Oliver then Ruth. I think Ruth has the potential but the difference is Oliver will try to run the score even against top opponents. Ruth could have scored more in the finals in my opinion, but didin't. That is the difference between the two. Oliver will always try to score more no matter what it seems. If Ruth were to chase the Hodge and really begin racking up points I would go with him.
  5. Playing the odds I think DT wins at the NCAA. If it were DT who were 2-0 (1-0 officially) I would be saying Dake. So who wins the Hodge? RUTH or OLIVER
  6. I like both wrestlers.... regardless of how the win ended up (including the All-Star), if I am Dake I do not want to be going into the National Finals 2-0 against DT with those close of matches. If I am DT I would not want to be 2-0 against Dake with those types of matches either going into the National Finals. These are perhaps two of the greatest wrestlers in one weight class in a very long time if ever. If I am a betting man in this situation I go with the guy who has zero wins. In this case I think it benefits DT. If this situation was reversed I would bet on Dake. As for people who say Dake is in DT's head. Neither of them is getting in the other guys head. I don't think on is any better than the other. They are both great wrestlings. Playing the odds...I go with DT at Nationals
  7. Dom may not score a lot of points, but you don't have to when you don't give up many either.
  8. I really like the current NCAA format. I am willing to see how the dual format goes. I don't think it will be as bad as some think. I also don't think it is going to change the goal of the individual athletes in the individual tournament. In any sport the only sponsored even is the championship. Weather it be a high school state championship or the NCAA championship. All other competitions are sponsored by some other entity. If I am hearing this right, the NCAA is still going to sponsor the individual crowning of a national champion. If that is the case then the importance of the championship to the athlete isn't going to change one bit. The only thing that it seems is being debated is that the Team title won't officially be awarded based on the points the individuals in that tournament compile. The Midlands, Southern Scuffle, Reno, etc. have all contained a significant amount of meaning at times. It only loses it's meaning some when the top teams go other places. At the NCAA individual tournament, all the top teams will be there. The only real change seems to be the "official" NCAA championship recognition. The NCAA individual tournament will still consist of amazing wrestling, which is what draws most of the fans. The only people who travel are going to be major fans. What ever town hosts it will still get a big draw from those in the area, and surrounding area. The groups that go for the wrestling will still go, the groups that go for the parties will still go, and the locals who go to see good wrestling will still go. I think it will still be a great tournament. one thing is for certain. "if you keep doing what you have always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got". Something has to change so they might as well give this a shot.
  9. I don't think you will have as many matches that are boring because of guys trying to block or keep a score low. While that may happen, in a dual format bonus points are HUGE for every team. So even though one wrestler my just be defending, I think the other will force the pace in many of those situations. For new people, or less knowledgable people in the any sport it is much easier to become supportive of a team than a particular individual as in a tournament. In other words It might be easier for someone to root for Missouri as a fan if they don't know who Alan Waters, or Dom Bradley are. Someone in Texas may be an OU fan but has never heard of any of the wrestlers. So it is easier to embrace OU when you see them as a team than following Kendrick Maple and trackwrestling.com Aso duals allow for a simpler format to follow for the less knowledgeable fan. If it gets more airtime it allows for more commentary about the individuals and even the rules. If ESPN is doing you will see well developed captions and bios. I could even see them doing prematch commentary with wrestlers. I am guessing it will allow for some depth. There are many teams out there who have very good backups that don't get to be involved in the NCAA tournament. This allows for guys like Brown at Penn State to wrestle even though they are backups. I think it was OSU that had Rosholt and Bailey (I think). Both could have been used. A couple years ago Mizzou had Ellis and Bradley. I am sure there are other teams out there that have evenly matched guys in the same weight. They may not be the same caliber or big name, but certainly teams like Boise, Wyoming, Etc, have a weight or two where it would be nice to get younger guys matches, if it is possible. Granted in some of the match ups it may be tough (IA vs. OSU), but it does allow for a little opportunity. The other thing is with duals it will allow for a little more balance. I agree the power schools will still be there, but as mentioned by another person, it only takes one upset to change the outcome. That is one thing that makes basketball, football, etc., national championships exciting. A fumble or interception can make the whole difference in the game. A defensive pin, or a scramble can turn the whole tide. When you look at it, Iowa, OSU, Minnesota, and now Penn State have dominated the national tournaments. Mizzou has only broke in the top 4 once in Smiths tenure (and they are a hell-of-a team), but they have beat OU and OSU in duals. Last year IA struggled in duals, but were still a force in the individual tournaments. Penn State lost last year too, but won the NCAA tournament fairly easy if I remember correct. The doors open for more schools which is great for the sport. I do like and will miss the significance of the individual NCAA tournament,but sometimes change is needed. If it doesn't work out after a couple years they can always go back, but what the heck. Give it a shot. If the NWCA is gonna give the trophy at the individual tournament I think it will still have significance. At least for us who are traditionalists. The NWCA has done a pretty good job at placing value on the national duals as evident by the backlash IA and Penn State got the last two years for not going. The individual tournament will still have value. It just won't be on the NCAA record book.
  10. I remember back when Cael was dominating like he was and so many people kept saying "his weight isn't that deep" and "If he were at such and such weight he wouldn't be as dominant". When really Cael was just that much better. I mean he came off a 7 year layoff and trumped World Silver medalist Hebert, and then went and placed 5th at the worlds. He was just a point away from medaling (After 7 years without competitive wrestling). Point is, people keep saying Taylor wouldn't be as dominant at this or that weight. Taylor hasn't ever wrestled the likes of Dake, or How, etc. Or they bring up his loss to Jenkins. Jenkins won when it counted, when it mattered, but I don't think anyone seriously thinks that Jenkins would pin him again, even if they went back in time. I am not saying Jenkins may not have won, but it wouldn't have been a fall. Done again that match could have gone the other way... we will never know. Still, maybe Taylor is just that good. I mean he just went through the Nationals with 4 falls (all in the first I believe), and then a tech fall with over a minute left in the finals. I don't care what weight you are at, there is no week weight. When you did what Taylor did you make a statement. Yes I like Taylor, but I like Dake too. Both are great wrestlers, but there is nothing to say that Taylor wouldn't be just as dominant at any weight. No, he would not dominate Dake at all. Maybe he would beat him and maybe he wouldn't. Nevertheless you don't win in the fashion Taylor did at any weight unless you are just that much better.
  11. One alternative, for the good of the sport, could be to have a meeting in the middle during the all-star classic. Even if it meant having an extra match. Have Dake go up a couple pounds and Taylor go down a couple pounds. Granted it wouldn't count on record, but it would be great for the sport with a lot to talk about it. It would keep everything in tact in terms of collegiate goals as well. I know it would be early season and neither may be at full strength, but I have a hard time believing those two wouldn't take it serious and train pretty hard as competitive as they are. Plus with both planning on getting into the Olympic trials and pushing for their 2013 collegiate goals they would probably be in pretty good form, even early on.
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