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    Delgado not seeded.
    Milkus and Mlellon in a tough spot, Milkus being a little better off.
    Other than that from just a quick glance mizzou just needs to wrestle because seeds and draws aren't bad.
    England with a pig tail and a decent spot on the bracket
    Levalee with the 9 seed and Mayes with 3.
    England and Levalle being potential point scorers for 2-3 matches could be huge.
    I am probably missing something. It was a quick scroll but at first glance it looks like they faired well
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    I think the clear message from the committee is that you can't sit out a majority of the season and expect to be rewarded for results from prior years.
    Delgado, Schopp, H. Stieber, J. Kindig, and (to a lesser degree) Brewer got dinged.
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    Joe Johnston
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