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  1. I hate to say it but I see Russia as the favorites right now. Shiraz is spot on, after Iran took it in 2013 Russia bounced back with a dominating performance in '14. I see that happening again and no chance of them getting shut out in the gold medal department this year. At 61, I fully expect Rashidov to win the spot and win gold. 61 has cleared out a bit with Aliyev and Khinchegashvilli moving up. He beat one of those guys last year and honestly I don't see anyone having much of a chance. I also expect Bekbulatov to finally get his chance this year too. Lets not forget last year at Euro's he teched eventual world champ from Georgia 10-0. The weight is tougher this year with the two guys I just mentioned moving up, but he is going to be right there with those guys as well. 70 & 79 I see Russia as pretty big favorites for gold too. Then of course there is Sadualev, who looked mortal on day 1 but dominated a guy he barely beat last year on day 2. He and Snyder as as close as it can get and obviously that match could go either way. Of course we absolutely can win it again this year and I hope we do. Unfortunately I just think Russia has a better team than some realize, and a few of our guys aren't trending in the right direction IMO. Green has not looked great domestically, at the World Cup and just took a loss to Turkey's 3rd string guy. Steiber can beat Aliyev and lose to some unknown or Joe McKenna. Nashon is completely unproven and didn't do anything at Dogu to give us hope. Cox has a lot of close matches and has taken some tough losses (although I feel the best about him given that he is 2 for 2 at winning medals). Our two best guys, Burroughs and Snyder, both have to go through amazing wrestlers to win again in Chamizo and Sadualev, and even tho I would predict both of them to do it, a loss for either would not be totally shocking. Taylor and Dake look amazing, but Taylor has Yazdani (who I think he beats, but also wont be shocked if he doesn't) and Dake got smashed by the Russian (hoping he closes that gap and gets gold tho!). Like JH said, Azerbijian has a great lineup, and I think it's just as likely they beat us out for 2nd as it is for us to beat Russia. Clearly a 3 horse race in my eyes with minimal separation. If Azerbijian sends the right guy at every weight, do not sleep on them.
  2. This topic always drives me nuts, and I realize I'm trying to be rationale with un-rational people, but I'll give it a try anyway. Cael has raised the bar for all coaches and his current run of dominance is truly remarkable. However, if we are comparing every coach to him, every coach currently comes up short. Only one team can win a title in a season, but that doesn't mean he is the only good/great/elite coach in the game. Iowa is held to a different standard than any other program, even Penn St. Anything less than a national title is a failure. John Smith has gone on a longer title draught than Brands, does that mean he cant get it done anymore or is no longer an elite coach? Not hardly. Oklahoma St has had far worse seasons than Iowa in the last 10 years, finishing outside the top 5 a couple times. Nobody calls for Smith's head when this happens. Comparing Zalesky and Brands, most people on here only look at the national titles. How about consistency? Iowa had the longest streak of podium finishes, 8 straight years from '08-'15, not even Penn St could say that. As I said before, it's Iowa, so if you aint first youre last, but being top 3 or 4 every single year is pretty damn hard to do. Minnesota couldn't do it, Oklahoma St, Missouri, Cornell, all the programs that don't win a title but still get a ton of love and credit, don't actually perform as well as consistently as Iowa. The one year they miss the top 4, they are 5, and miss by what, 1 point? Next season they are back in the top 4. Look at the dual results. I know, "duals don't matter" but during Penn St first 4-peat, Iowa beat them in the dual 2 of the 4 years. Iowa has regular success against Oklahoma St, remember the time Iowa won 8 of 10 matches at Gallagher-Iba? Can you imagine what people would say on here if Okie St took 8 of 10 from Iowa at Carver? How many guys was the HWC and the Zalesky staff putting on world and Olympic teams? Oh yea, let's not forget about "the sideline antics." Give me a break, I've watched matches or read about matches with coaches walking half way out on the mat, jumping around, doing all the things the Iowa guys do and nobody cares. When Iowa coaches do it, it's different. Some like to say Iowa doesn't develop their guys. I find that laughable. Where was a Brandon Sorenson in recruit rankings? I know he wasn't a top 10 kid, probably not top 20. If I remember correctly I think McDonigh was ranked in the 60's or so? I know he started his freshmen season ranked 18th or 19th with very little expectation of even being an AA. I think they develop mid-tier recruits incredibly well, and if I had to criticize them it would be that they aren't getting enough top tier bluest of blue chip recruits, the top 10-15ish types. Recently they have landed a few with guys like Lee, Kemmerer and Marinelli, and those guys have performed like top tier recruits would be expected to. If any program other than Iowa had the kind of consistent top 4 NCAA finishes, dual wins and freestyle success Iowa has had, the praise would be thru the roof. But since it's Iowa, and fans either love them or hate them, more so hate them, anything less than a national title is failure
  3. How much did it hurt all-world, greatest recruit for the program ever, Mark Hall when he lost his first match out of redshirt to Alex Meyer? Did his unattached loss to Christian Brucki earlier in the year matter? How about his loss in his last match right before NCAA's, preventing him from ever becoming a 4x Big 10 champion? Last I knew he is still an NCAA champion and nobody has a problem with Cael's decision to pull him last year. Lee could very well lose these matches. Not uncommon for true freshmen to take some lumps early, maybe even more possible considering this one is coming off injury and is still getting back into things. Schlatter, Dake, obviously Hall, plenty of true freshmen national champs took regular season or even post season losses before figuring it all out and peaking for NCAA's. Not predicting Lee wins a title this year, but these next two matches are the definitive proof he will win a title or proof he can't.
  4. The best part about this dual is that it is being streamed live on ESPN3! Great matchup on paper, two top 10 programs and two of the programs I respect and root for the most. I said Lehigh/Michigan could be the best dual of the early season and that ended up being pretty one sided, dont think this one will be tho. 125: Norstrem vs McGhee: McGhee just doesnt seem to be the guy he was two years ago for whatever reason, Norstrem is very young and still improving. McGhee probably slight favorite but I wouldnt be at all surprised if Norstrem wins here. 133: Gustafson vs Erneste: One of the best matchups of the dual, a senior who seems to have turned a corner and wrestling his best right now vs another non big name recruit that Missouri turns into a top 10 wrestler. Erneste favored on paper but again wouldnt be shocked by a Gustafson win. Both guys wrestling well right now. 141: Moore vs Eierman: One of the bigger mismatches of the dual, Eierman is a stud fresh off winning a tournament with a tough field and Moore is a freshmen taking some early career lumps. Bonus points definitely feel possible here for Missouri. 149: Chishko vs ?: Not exactly sure who Missouri will roll out but probably doesnt matter. Chishko is solid and wont lose but he probably wont light up the scoreboard either. Dont think this one is ever in doubt but also dont see bonus for VT. 157: LaPrade vs Lavalle: LaPrade is coming off a very nice win over a top 10ish opponent, which is impressive and probably helps his confidence, but Lavalle is on another level. He really turned a corner last year and hasnt looked back since, bonus possible here for Missouri. 165: McFadden vs Flynn: As others have said, Flynn is tough but again not on McFadden's level. Maybe bonus here? 174: Bolen vs Lewis: Bolen is being thrown to the wolves a bit here, true freshmen vs the 2x AA Lewis, he will have his work cut out for him just trying to stay out of that cradle. Bonus possible and maybe probable here for Missouri 184: Zavatsky vs ?: Again not positive who Missouri uses here, but dont think it matters. "ZZ Top" has that nickname for a reason, his top game is great and I could see a chance for VT to make up some bonus points in this one. 197: Haught vs Miklus: Match of the dual, #2 vs #3 in the country, doesnt get much better than that. Miklus maybe a little rusty in his first year back from injury, and I'm sure he's got a bad taste in his mouth after being majored by a true freshmen. Haught is solid but not spectacular. Preseason I would have picked Miklus, but based on recent performance I'm not so sure. 285: Dunn vs Myers: A battled of unranked heavyweights, both had stellar high school careers but neither really broken thru yet in college but both still young too. Could see this one going either way but leaning toward Dunn. I have Missouri favored but certainly not a lock. Should be a great dual.
  5. I don't think I did too bad on their lineup. Admittedly I did forget about Wolf at 65, but I stand by the rest of the lineup and that's my prediction for what it will look like. Certainly didn't except this outcom. No Micic or Beazley for Michigan, but doesn't look like that would have mattered. They do pull Mattin's shirt, which makes sense to me, this is their year to go all in. Panteleo having a terrible start to his season. I will pat myself on the back for 74 and 84, but that wasn't going out on a huge limb either. Cornell already exceeding expectations early this season with a young team, Lehigh has their best team in a long time, EIWA race looks like it may be more fun than we thought!
  6. This dual, in my opinion, is the best dual of the weekend and the best dual of the early season. A fw other duals seem to be getting talked about more for this weekend, but this looks like the best to me. 125: Cruz, Lehigh vs ?, Michigan. Doubtful Michigan pulls Mattin's shirt this early for a Novemeber dual, even if he does look like their best option right now. Assume it's Assad, win for Cruz with bonus a possability 133: Parker, Lehigh vs Micic, Michigan. #2 vs #3 in the country, thats a pretty good lower weight match up. Parker must be feeling pretty good after that win over Brock, he's wrestling great and this is probably a close match but I still think Micic takes it. 141: Karam, Lehigh vs Profaci, Michigan. Definitely a toss up match here, both guys unranked, could see this one going either way. 149: Schuyler, Lehigh vs Amine, Michigan. Identical to 141 IMO, a pair of unranked guys in a toss up match. Both matches could be big for the dual. 157: Brown, Lehigh vs Pantaleo, Michigan. Pantaleo is a clear favorite here, an All-American and junior world team member, but he has taken a couple tough early season losses. Maybe a slight chance at an upset here but hard not to pick Pantaleo. 165: Walter, Lehigh vs Massa, Michigan. Walter is pretty good but Massa is elite and on another level, Massa wins. 174: Kutler, Lehigh vs Amine, Michigan. These next two matches are where it gets really interesting. Kutler was ranked near the top of 157 last year before having weight issues, now hes up two weights to 174. We keep hearing he's going to be great this year and this is his first chance to show he's on that level at 74. Amine was 4th last year at NCAA's, thats where he's ranked while Kutler is ranked 6th. Obvious toss up match, Amine favored on paper but I'm taking Kutler. 184: Preisch, Lehigh vs Abounader, Michigan. Two of the best who are yet to AA, Big 10 champ Abounader and Preisch similiar to Kutler had a great year last year and is now up a weight after a disappointing NCAA's. Aboundader ranked slightly higher, another big test at the new weight for Preisch who took out Zavatsky last week and I think he does it again this week, give me Preisch. 197: Weiler, Lehigh vs Beazley, Michigan. The 6th year senior vs the freshmen. Beazley a returning AA clearly the favorite, Weiler another one for Lehigh moving up a weight. Will be interesting to see if the freshmen can hang with the senior or pull the upset, but for now safe bet is Beazley. 285: Wood, Lehigh vs Coon, Michigan. ANother Michigan seniuor vs Lehigh freshmen, but unlike 197 I dont see any chance the freshmen can pull an upset here. Wood is tough and is a ranked wrestler right now, but like Massa at 65 Coon is just on a different level. So, depending how you view it, there could be between 4-6 tossup matches in this dual. I have Michigan as the favorite, they are probably favored on paper in more individual matches, but a win by Lehigh wouldnt be a complete shocker either.
  7. Maybe today's announcement on the merger with Flo has something to do with the delayed release of the TV schedule? Anyway, hopefully now they'll release the televised schedule soon. If anyone sees it and can post it or provide a link it would be appreciated!
  8. Thats all I could find too. Seems really stupid. If the dates are out why not put out a release, why just the individual teams TV schedule? Really annoying.
  9. Does anyone know where the schedule of televised matches can be found? There have been articles on different team sites saying the TV schdule is out but I cant find the full schedule anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. The question was best year ever for USA Wrestling, not just mens freestyle senior level. When you take into consideration all 3 styles and all 3 age groups, its hard to say this wasnt the best ever. We had at least 1 world champ in 7 of the 9 world championships. We won our first in a very long time and maybe most impressive team title in men's senior freestyle, the most prominent and popular style and age division. Our seniors womens team took 2nd, a tremendous accomplishment. Our senior greco team was extremely disappointing, however the age level groups showed promise. Winning a junior team title in freestlye is a very significant, major accomplishment. We had a junior world champ in greco for the first time in almost 20 years. We had a junior world champ in women's, giving us a world champ in all 3 styles for the first time ever. In cadets, we finished a close and impressive 2nd for men's freestyle, while leading the field with an incredible 4 gold medals. We also had a world champ in greco, again for the first time in about 20 years. When you combine all 3 styles and all 3 age groups, the team titles, the medal hauls, and the incredible number of total world champions, how can you say anything other than this being our best year? Arguments can be made, but in this era under this current international landscape, this year was damn impressive.
  11. Unfortunatly Russia put 1 in the finals so far and winning big in the other semis at 76, could be Brooks vs Russia tomorrow
  12. Wow, Brooks killing it, crushes the Iranian 12-1 1st period tech!
  13. Tough loss for Teemer. Howard gets pulled back in for tomorrow, so hopefully he can come out firing tomorrow and help us out big in the team race.
  14. Huge win for McHenry, beats the Russian 5-4!
  15. In 2013, right after the Olympics, first year of a new quad, Russia sent 6 new guys and 1 veteran (last year of 7 weights). They finished 2nd in the team race to Iran, first time in a very long time and after some incredibly dominating performances at World Championships. The next two years they pretty well dominated, including 5 gold's in 2014. I expect they will put an even stronger team on the mat next year. Kind of crazy that a team that took 2nd place by 1 point and still beat teams like Turkey and Georgia who were putting out the best teams they have every had, is considered a down year. They will return the silver medalist at 61 in Rashidov. At 65 Bekubaltov teched this years world champ at Euro's, so if he gets healthy and finally gets to be their rep, he has to be one of the favorites. I think I heard Ramanov will move to 70, if he stays 65 he is a huge favorite, and if he is the guy at 70 he and Chamizo would probably be the top 2 contenders there. Kurbanaliev at 70 would be a strong title contender as well. I think Tsabolov is pretty clearly the 2nd best guy at 74 in the world. 79 seems like a perfect weight for Geduev who has definitely outgrown 74 but may not be big enough for 86. We know they have a ton of depth in the upperweights, so whatever they do with Sadualev and whoever the other guys are at 86, 92, 97 they will all be among the best. 120 seems like the only real question (I'll believe Mahkov is back when I see it). Obviously we will be bringing a pretty salty lineup ourselves. We won 6 medals this year, have a world champ who didnt place, and in theory could be adding Dake and Taylor to our lineup and we all believe they are both capable of winning medals if not titles. It should be one hell of a fight that will probably come down to the wire again. I'm already excited for next year's worlds!
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