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    raslindad got a reaction from Fletcher in Top 5 Athletes from Another Sport   
    Walter Payton
    I always thought Walter could have been an Olympic athlete at a half dozen or more sports including wrestling.

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    raslindad reacted to Mokoma in Spencer Lee No Show   
    Makes sense why he didn't tech Tomasello now....he's clearly not 100%.
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    raslindad reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Can Desanto be any more Unsportsmanlike?   
    I'm kinda hoping that DeSanto will hide a "foreign object" in his singlet and take it out and use it on his opponent when the ref isn't looking.
    The pros use this tactic and it really gets the crowd riled up!
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    raslindad reacted to Chet in Dake to compete in Spain before wrestle off with Dieringer   
    If Dake brings home a Spanish Grand Prix title he may finally get the nod in a fantasy matchup with DT. I support this decision.
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    raslindad reacted to potentiallydangerous in Last Chance Seniors looking for their first AA   
    Andrew Crone, Ricky Robertson, Wisconsin. Doubtful but hopeful.
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    raslindad reacted to Medicine_Man in Iowa big ten   
    They took the whole Iowa nation
    Put us on T n T's libation
    Took away Gable's way of life
    The chickenwing and the bar and half
    Took away our will to win
    And let that PD Three come in
    And all the trophies we won by hand
    Are now in Happy Valley land
    Hawkeye people
    Hawkeye tribe
    We beg for Perry
    He's the right guy
    They took the whole Iowa nation
    Put us on T n T's libation
    Mudflap warned about the schollie misuse
    Now we're sufferin' with the blues
    Hawkeye people
    Hawkeye tribe
    We beg for Perry
    He's the right guy
    But maybe someday when they learn
    Iowa nation will return, will return
    Will return, will return, will return
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    raslindad reacted to cangemi in All-time Favorite Wrestler   
    Randy Lewis
    Gene Mills
    Dylan Ness
    Dylan Palacio
    Darrion Caldwell
    Ben Askren
    Ian Miller
    Like the excitement , anything can happen.
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    raslindad reacted to maolsen in If Zain Retherford redshirted...   
    I dont refuse to acknowledge it. Results can change, but in hypotheticals, i like to hear reasoning. Most psu fans feel Zain would win, because his top games too solid. Thats a solid arguement. Pico fans can argue that he would likely score some takedowns in the first, and worse wrestlers then pico have been able to take zain the distance (not many times but still). I think the real reason the Pico fans are so adamant about it is for one, they are tired of hearing about how great psu is compared to everyone, but more importantly, they wish that they could see Pico and Zain battle it out in college. It could have trully been amazing.
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    raslindad got a reaction from brianj in Tonight's semi finals session thread   
    Sad ending for Ness. Hats off to one of the most exciting wrestlers in my memory.
    Could use more like him.
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