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  1. kosher products are on the list of banned PED's
  2. How come no one is asking what will happen to the wrestler's, they get off free because some of them were top recruits for the university?
  3. Do you know anything about cupping? It must not work if people have been doing it for thousands of years. I heard a gymnast say of all the treatments he has ever used, this 18.00 dollar device works the best. But since you think it doesnt work, it must not then.
  4. it doesn't really matter who DT can beat domestically. He will still need to figure out a way to handle Sadulaev, which isnt happening!
  5. did Mckenna blow weight for world team trials?
  6. i dont get the ref uniforms, are these exclusive to the European games?
  7. Yes, the main difference is the age. Thats why college kids are able to wrestle in UWW Juniors.
  8. this username has posted most of them Арип Ибрагимов
  9. this is just the link to tsargush match but if you look to the right you can find most matches
  10. I believe Jeff McGinnes was undefeated in high school, and Eric Jeurgens
  11. age wise this is one of the first athletes we have that can take a run at multiple cycles. Sucks hes limiting himself to 2016. I always thought wrestling was the top priority, meaning he would wrestle as long as he wants then go into MMA.
  12. did you also know he is the godfather of the modern day triathlon
  13. cant believe stieber is bigger than molinaro
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