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  1. I know the Sunshine State take a lot of heat on this board because we can never be as good as your precious PAs, NJs, and OHs, and just when I think things are getting better, our state body effs up big time. Reclassification of districts has been a nightmare because the powers that be worry more about travel than competition. A district on the east coast was created with 4 teams-congrats district participant, you're going to regionals! A district in Tallahassee had 1 kid show up for 220-congrats "district champion"', and hello 3 byes in regionals. The worst, however, happened yesterday and we may see a similar situation again today-A St. Pete/Clearwater area district had 10 teams on a 16 man bracket...sounds harmless...until a kid who loses early wrestles back to the consi final...only having to FFT due to wrestling 5 matches already (1 day tournament). Now this kid opens regionals against a district champ because he didn't have the chance to earn his 3rd place. Has anything this asinine happened anywhere else recently?!?
  2. Anyone realize today is the anniversary of Title IX, the single greatest enemy of college wrestling???
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