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  1. He seems more worried about how he and his brother look more than developing and building a team. The bash brother style has passed, you have to generate offense or you do not win. Iowa is great banging on the head and driving out of bounce. I would like to know how many legit shots they really took. Their fans tell you they shoot all day. Look how many shots PSU, Okie State and Minn took
  2. Minn. did sign a 125/133 who was a multiple state placer and winner from Minn. I believe his name is Nate Thompson
  3. Wow, it looks like its time for Minkel to retire. Looks like Simmons and LeBlanc were no help at Indiana
  4. Please lose the punk attitudes on your predictions. This is not the WWE
  5. They need to appeal to the ones who will grow the sport. Their childish comments and actions do nothing for the purist or the educated who are deciding to add wrestling or keep programs alive. Do they really think the coaches take them seriously?
  6. The question is, is this lack of professionalism hurting the growth of our sport. We all must remember that we are trying to build college wrestling. The only way we do that is with the backing of the AD and the trustees. Is this type of communication the type that sells our sport to these professionals
  7. The question is what fire will Simmons and Leblanc bring to the team and how them being there help with recruiting
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