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  1. Bumping this up for sheer irony, nothing more.
  2. http://www.thewrestlinggreats.com/media ... nds8_1.jpg http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... portal.jpg
  3. Just noticed that he isn't on NC State's website. Did he transfer?
  4. In addition, Virginia Tech has posted the Assistant Coach Position as TBA (was Nate Yetzer) and there is word on the boards of a huge addition for VT at that position. I have no info on it & its driving me crazy not knowing. For the life of me I'm not sure why Hoffman is considered such an amazing and splashy hire, but I'll take a wait and see approach. "Splashy" isn't the word I'd used, but it is always a plus to have a lower-weight coach, who's actually a lower-weight guy. Plus he's a VT grad, so that says a lot about the direction that the program is headed. It's a solid, if not splashy, hire. They've needed a lower-weight coach for some time and now they have one. The squad is currently raising money for the Regional Training center, so there will be additional hires. I think all that news should break in the next few days.
  5. I don't doubt it, but , Dresser hasn't posted all the names that are in the room yet. Always a lot of walk-ons this time of year. A couple will stick like Strube and Meade did last year.
  6. I think the reticence centers around that VT is currently raising funds for a couple new positions and they are probably waiting until those pieces are in place. I think there's going to be quite a bit of VT news over the next two weeks.
  7. Pretty sure Horner's in the room. Right now the roster is at 27....my guess is Borlie is #28. Lot's of other guys in the room though. Mike Jones is in the mix at 285, i think. That's 8 guys at 285.
  8. I wouldn't read too much into Meade not being on the roster. Seems like this year they are listing the 28 man roster (27 listed.....Borlie 28?), rather than the expanded roster with the club guys. So it's possible Meade is in the room working with the NRV club (who works with the team). Tom Reynolds (133) might be there, too. I'd add Mears, to the gone list. The depth at 285 is intriguing. There's been talk about Lavelle cutting back to 197. With Garwood there as a fill-in, they could redshirt Penny, Walz and Peck. Plus, they've got walk-ons in two Roanoke area guys: Mike Jones and Taylor Horner. Wouldn't be shocked if Jones beats Garwood. Marone will be getting coaching experience with so many young workout partners. I'm sure Dresser will rest Marone from time to time and sit him during some of the tourneys. Could be a real battle at 174 between Scheffel, Evans and Gabel. Hard to imagine either Evans and Gabel staying at 174 if they lose the wrestloff.....my guess is that they bump up to 184.
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