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  1. My short list would include Mike Poeta, Thomas Gilman, and Eric Tannenbaum but there are quite a few other who fit the bill
  2. Do you count the extra offseason he got with the 7th grade redshirt? He got to train at the OTC recently also. I would say that is equal or better than the standard "redshirt" experience.
  3. This is why you don't poke the bear. White Collar Willie does his homework and backs up his rankings with facts and results. You would have better luck questioning CP's rankings where there are more holes than a brick of swiss cheese.
  4. Suriano's win against Spencer Lee was in 2012 when Lee wasn't even in high school yet. If you are going to use that as a barometer for his ability level, you should at least be transparent with the facts.
  5. Is there any correlation between what you said and the fact that the state of PA currently has 11 Division 1 programs available to offer in state tuition to PA high school kids? I have to imagine that if there were 11 D1 programs in OH, IL, CA, NJ, etc...that they would have a lot more D1 signees, qualifiers, and AA's. More opportunities = more success
  6. Just subscribed and listening now. So far very well done. Keep them coming!
  7. I have been keeping an eye on I-Mart this season since the beginning. I love the way he wrestles. He is out there to light up the scoreboard and I think the sport needs more of that. I'm looking forward to watching him at NCAA's in March.
  8. Synon has a nice body of work from before college and was very underrated in high school. He was always overshadowed in weight classes featuring kids like Eddie Klimara (OK State 125), Danny Sabatello (Purdue 133), and Mech Spraggins (ASU 141). He DNP'd at state as a Junior losing the the 3rd and 4th placers and took 3rd place at state senior year losing to Spraggins in the Championship bracket and then beating him in the 3rd/4th place match. Synon had quite a few accolades in Freestyle and Greco as well. I really like his upside going forward at Missouri. There is something to be said about a kid who has always been very close to standing on that top step of the podium but not yet achieved it. Those kids stay hungry and motivated in my opinion longer than the kid who has won a ton of titles. They still have something to prove. An interesting side note: Spraggins is the only person this season who has scored a takedown on Logan Stieber. Those who haven't seen him wrestle throughout his career don't see his patented "lull them to sleep and then BOOM blast double" coming. Spraggins used that strategy to defeat his opponent in the Team USA vs IL All Star dual after his senior year. I think it was Mitch Bengston (NDSU) he beat in that dual 8-5 scoring 3 or 4 takedowns. One of the most explosive athletes I've personally ever witnessed step foot on a wrestling mat.
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