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  1. There is no such thing as alternates. It is all at-large after AQ.
  2. They wrestled to 9 for these weights: 125 - 10 AQs - makes sense 141 - 8 AQs - doesn't make sense 149 - 9 AQs - makes sense 157 - 8 AQs - doesn't make sense 165 - 10 AQs - makes sense 184 - 8 AQs - doesn't make sense
  3. They are not the same. It allows a guy that placed 1 place below (9 vs 8) to wrestle each other if they had not previously wrestled. The ACC does it. Not sure if other conferences do it. If they don't do it they why wrestle the 9th place mini tournament with only 8 guys that AQ?
  4. They did wrestle to all the places, correct. They have not wrestled any true placement matches (if they are going to do so), which can't come until the mini tournaments were complete.
  5. They did not. If they did the Langenderfer (9th) would have wrestled Van Brill (8th) for the true 8th place since they didn't wrestle earlier.
  6. Does anyone know for sure if they are doing true placement matches for NCAA spots? It would appear that they are because they wrestled 157 to 9 places despite only 8 AQs.
  7. List of qualifiers so far - https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6117513-2018-ncaa-tournament-automatic-qualifier-hub There was a thread that started a list of people who had the AQ stolen from them. Doesn't seem to be an updated list though.
  8. It's now started to do it about every 5 minutes. I've made sure I'm not logged in anywhere else. I know no one has my login in info to be kicking me off. I've emailed them but I'm sure they will never get back and if they do it won't be in time to fix it this weekend. Looks like more and more people are starting to have issues. Another topic was posted about it.
  9. Tried that as well. Doesn't work either. I've tried Chrome and Firefox.
  10. I posted it's own thread but never got a response so I'll post here. I am trying to watch all 4 mats on FLO of the B10 and every time I open up a new browser window so that I can have 2 mats in each browser FLO pauses the original open window and tells me I am already logged in and now using multiple devices. I also tried to open multiple events (B10 and EWL) with the same issue. I have never ran into this until yesterday and have always been able to stream as many matches as my computer could handle. Any one else with this issue or have any solutions?
  11. I am trying to watch the Cali state tournament. Cali is using 10 mats and FLO is streaming them all. However, I am now running into FLO telling me I am using multiple devices whenever I try to use 5 browsers to stream all the mats on the same computer. I don't understand why FLO would be thinking I'd be on different devices. It has never been a problem before and could stream all the mats offered. If this is an issue going forward I don't understand the point of having a FLO subscription. I was hoping to watch all 4 mats of Big Tens tomorrow but it doesn't look like that is possible and will probably have to pay to use BTN plus. Has anyone else ran into this issue? Edit: I know I mentioned HS tournament but that is just an example and not necessarily pertain to HS wrestling vs. college wrestling.
  12. He had the most classification points of anyone not in a medal match.
  13. Either win clinches. Now tied after Gogeav's win. Saduleav has to win and Green has to lose for Russia to win. Ti score would go to US.
  14. One more US win clinches. Either Snyder or Green.
  15. UWW rules seem to go with this ranking but not 100% sure.
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